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How Stress and Anxiety Decrease the Goldendoodle Lifespan

goldendoodle puppy looking at camera

Owning a pet is one of the greatest joys we can have. As humans, it is in our nature to care for another person, animal or life along with our own. When we are children, our parents will typically purchase or adopt a dog, cat or other animal in an attempt to teach us responsibility and other life skills. Recently our granddaughter turned ten years old and we decided that we would get her a dog. We went to the adoption agency in our area and she just fell in love with the goldendoodles.

There was one goldendoodle that seemed to be more outgoing and eager to be adopted.  Clenching it in her arms she looked up at me and said, "Grandpa, this is the one that I want."  I looked back at her, smiled, and told her that it was going to be a lot of responsibility and she agreed to take are of it.

Turning to the woman behind the counter, I asked her what the expected goldendoodle lifespan was, as well as a few other questions that we would need to know. She handed me a list of different things to look for and what to expect.  

Goldendoodle Lifespan

When getting goldendoodles or any other type of pet, you first want to understand how long they will live. This will give you some peace of mind and can find a pet that will grow up with your child. For  goldendoodles you can expect them to live quite a long time. The typical goldendoodle lifespan can be ten to fifteen years. Quite a long time to build a bond and be part of the family.

Preparing for Your New Pet

Now that she had her goldendoodle, it was time to go and get some supplies that she would need. A few days earlier we had gone online to a website called Calming Dog. There we found some of the main supplies that we needed. The first item was a calming bed. This calming bed was pink in color and had tall sides. When it arrived at our house my granddaughter was so excited that she ripped it out of the box and set it up in the corner of her bedroom.

Naming Your Goldendoodles

For many people, it is important that we name our animals something that we can all relate to. Since the goldendoodle lifespan is almost two decades, I wanted my granddaughter to name her something simple but would fit her personality. On the ride home from getting her new pet, we started to come up with some interesting names.

Goldie was one of the names that she came up with for her dog. It was a cute name and seemed to fit since she had golden hair and she was going to be a princess in the family after all. From her pocket she pulled out a small pink bow and put it into her goldendoodles hair. As I gazed over as we pulled into the driveway I couldn't help but smile at such a cute addition to our family.

Happy Goldendoodle Dog

How To Ensure Your Goldendoodle Lifespan Is the Best It Can Be

Before investing in a pet, be it financially or emotionally, you need to understand that your goldendoodles aren't going to live forever. At some point in your life the dog will possibly pass away which will be hard on the entire family. Preparing everyone in the family early on for this to occur is typically not thought of. Those that get a new pet are simply excited and are unconcerned about the future.

However, the future is the primary thing you need to be thinking of when you get your pet. The goldendoodle lifespan for your particular pet will be determined from the moment you get them. If you plan early for a good life, then they will live as long as possible.


The first thing to consider with your goldendoodles is going to be their diet. From day one you want to refrain from giving them human food or foods not specifically conditioned for their stomach. Many pet owners, myself included are guilty of giving their pets scraps from the table or giving them a special meal on Thanksgiving or Christmas. And don't get me started on birthdays, you know how many times my wife gave that dog cupcakes? Sure it is cute to have a picture with their little faces covered in icing, but what it does to their stomach's isn't pretty.

If you are interested in giving your goldendoodles a treat you may want to consider something that tastes good and will calm their stomach. Calming Zen Chews are a popular choice for many pet owners. These chews will help calm their stomach and if your pet is anxious or stressed out calm their nerves.


When getting a pet, it is also very important that you give them some exercise. The more exercise you give your goldendoodles, the greater your goldendoodle lifespan will be. One way that you can give them some exercise is to  have them go for a walk after eating or even before eating.  If your dog has a lot of energy or suffers from stress, getting out of the house and doing something will take their mind off the situation and focused on positive activities.

Training Your Pet Will Ensure That They Are Safe

it is important that your goldendoodle lifespan be safe and happy. It is important to train them early making them aware of the dangers and pitfalls that can occur. One trait that comes from goldendoodles is their fondness for chewing.  This is a nervous or stress-related activity found in the breed. If you find your goldendoodle chewing on furniture or clothing, you will want to train them out of that as quickly as possible.

Train Them To Avoid the Heat and Cars

Cars can be very dangerous to your pet.  In the summer your goldendoodle lifespan can be affected by the heat. If you leave them outside they will tend to seek out shade. One location could be under the car. Also, if you take your dog for a walk, make sure that they are on a leash and not allowed to run free. If you are in a busy location, getting hit by a car can be very serious.

Train Them How To Be Around Children

Throughout the goldendoodle lifespan they will come in contact with a lot of kids. Due to their small size and active behaviors, kids will want to play with them. In many situations, this won't be an issue, however, some children may become rough with your goldendoodle and cause them harm. If you train your goldendoodle to work well with children then they will be loyal companions and protectors.

Always Be Positive With Your Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are small animals that need extra care.  Goldendoodles are a hybrid between a gold retriever and a poodle. This makes your goldendoodle a very loyal pet as well as intelligent. When looking at the Golden Retriever they are dogs that have a lot of energy.  They are loyal dogs and they do well with children. This is where the goldendoodles get these traits from.

When looking at the poodle side of the breed, you are looking at very intelligent animals that wants attention. This leads your goldendoodle perceptible to separation anxiety and elevated levels of stress. Keeping them active and focused throughout the day will go a long way in calming these conditions.

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus or GDV

One condition that you want to look for when looking to prolong your goldendoodle lifespan is GDV.  This is a condition that can cause gas to develop in your goldendoodles bowels. Earlier I stated that it was vital that you create a standard diet for your pet. This is the main reason why.

If your goldendoodles start to experience this condition it is going to be vital that you have them taken to the vet and examined. It will also be very important that you continue to monitor this condition, for it goes unchecked your goldendoodle lifespan could be seriously affected.

Cardio and Respiratory Issues

The next thing that could adversely affect your goldendoodle lifespan would be heart and breathing problems. If your goldendoodles were to become overweight then it would put excess stress and strain on their hearts as well as cause them to breathe hard when running or engaging in physical activities. The typical goldendoodle will weigh between thirty and forty pounds. With a small frame of about two feet at the shoulders, that much weight can be devastating to such a little dog.

Cancer Can Also Affect Your Goldendoodle Lifespan

In humans cancer can be a very hard thing to deal with. When it comes to our pets, it is ten times as devastating. One of the last things we want to have happen is the goldendoodle lifespan to be cut short due to cancer. This disease can be hard enough for humans, but for a creature that can't talk back it can just tear you apart.

As your goldendoodle lifespan increases in age, you will want to go and have your goldendoodles tested regularly for cancer and other illnesses. The sooner you go to the vet and have them checked out, the more likely you can find any problems and address them.


Epilepsy is another health condition that could have an adverse affect on your goldendoodle lifespan. Epilepsy is a condition that can't be detected in dogs as well as it can in humans. As a result, if your goldendoodle suffers from epilepsy it will need to be closely monitored.  

When suffering from this condition you can have some medications that could help with the symptoms but there is no cure. Over time if the symptoms get worse, your goldendoodle lifespan could be severely affected.  

Retinal Atrophy

Another health condition that could have an adverse affect on your goldendoodle lifespan is a condition known as Retinal Atrophy. This condition affects your goldendoodles vision. As a result you will need to start taking more hands on care of your dog.  

In many situations this condition will increase the stress and anxiety levels of your dog. If this occurs, it could have an increased affect on their heart, breathing and other health issues. To ensure that your goldendoodle lifespan is the best it can be with this condition, consult with your local vet to come up with a plan to make their environment safe and secure.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety in Their Lives

Removing stress and anxiety will help increase your goldendoodle lifespan. Stress can be caused by a number of different things. As your goldendoodles get older and are in greater need of your care, separation anxiety will increase.

Stay Within Earshot of Your Goldendoodles

As your goldendoodles get older you will want to keep them within earshot. You will want to make sure that they are not getting into anything that could cause them injuries. In many situations their eyesight will start to go as well as start forming walking issues such as Hip Dysplasia.

Finding Unique Ways To Exercise

If your goldendoodles find themselves having issues walking or doing physical activities, it will become increasingly difficult for them to get exercise and lose weight. Finding yourself in this situation you will want to consult with your local vet as to other things you can do with them to help prolong their lifespan.  

Mental Stimulation

To improve your goldendoodle's lifespan you will want to look at and increase mental stimulation. This will mean different things to different people, however, spending more time with your dog and giving them more things to focus on will go a long way.

Hide the Treat Game

One mental stimulating activity you can give them is the hide the treat game. This game will allow you to hide a treat or place a treat in a location that your dog will have to go to. This will force them to move and will allow them to seek out a prize. The treat can be one of the Zen Calming chews we mentioned earlier or maybe a toy that you fill with cheese or peanut butter. When filling a toy with food make sure that it is on their diet.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This is a another great way to increase your goldendoodle lifespan. If you sit with your dog and talk to them, show them pictures and engage with them, it will help their mental stimulation. If your dog is also able to move and does well physically, having them do tricks or other small physical activates will help them lose weight and feel better.

Make Them Work for Their Food

Another way to increase mental stimulation is to put the food they eat in a dispensing bowl. These bowls will force your pet to push a lever, or perform another activity to have their food fall. Typically we will place the food on the floor where they will eat it. With these machines you can keep their food out all day and allow them to eat when they are hungry.

Preparing for Your Goldendoodle Lifespan To Come to an End

The last thing that we want to think about is our goldendoodle lifespan coming to an end. As time passes and we see that our beloved pet is getting older and slower, we need to come to grips that they will no lover be with us. Looking back at your goldendoodle lifespan you will start to relive memories of good times you all had together.

Looking back at the first day you took your friend home was possibly one of the best days of your life. Having your goldendoodle enter the house and start sniffing around for the first time made you laugh. Walking behind them as they explored their new home made you and the kids smile from ear to ear.

Throughout your goldendoodle lifespan you may have taken a lot of family trips together. The first time they found themselves in the car going to a national park or maybe even to a distant relative for a week was such an adventure. Sniffing around every new tree, rock and blade of grass just reminded you of good times.

As you look back, you hope that their life was just as fun and rewarding for them that it was for you.  As your goldendoodle lifespan comes to an end you don't want to be sad or heartbroken, but rather happy and fulfilled that you have given such a wonderful time to them as well as to your family.

It is going to be hard to see your goldendoodle lifespan come to an end but know that everything will be okay. In their final days just make them warm, comfortable and loved. Do everything you can for your goldendoodle lifespan that you would for any other member of your family. Remember the good times and everything will be okay.