Must-Have Calming Products for Dogs

Must-Have Calming Products for Dogs

Key Points

  • There are various products for every type of anxiety in dogs.

  • You may use most of these must-have calming products for dogs in conjunction with one another.

  • Products for anxiety relief work best when paired with behavior modification.

If you have a dog with anxiety, these are the best stress-reducing products to buy. They come in all different forms, so there's sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

Is your dog's anxiety triggered when separated from their owner? Are they afraid of car rides, loud noises, or encounters with strangers? There's a calming product for every situation.


The first product on the list is one you may already be familiar with. The ThunderShirt is a type of calming wrap that's very popular for dogs experiencing anxiety. A calming wrap fits snugly around your dog to give them a sense of security. How does it do that?

The gentle pressure releases hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones make your dog feel better and calmer. Since they're wearing the vest, this feeling goes with them wherever your dog goes. It's great for separation anxiety, vet visits, traveling, or during frightening noises like fireworks or thunderstorms (hence the name).

The wrap comes in different sizes but has velcro straps for adjustments. The company provides a video on how to fit your dog with the vest.

This special calming wrap clears away their clouds of doubt and gives them a brighter day.

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Adaptil Calming Pheromone Diffuser

Adaptil is a well-known name in the category of dog relaxants. Besides diffusers, their product line includes collars and sprays. The Adaptil Pheromone DIffuser releases a synthetic pheromone emitted by a mother dog when nursing her young. It plugs into an outlet, and the vial lasts for up to a month.

When you bring home a new puppy, the initial separation from their mother and littermates may be daunting. The Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser provides the familiarity that they're used to. Even in a new environment, they're calmer and more at ease.

If your dog has anxiety, use this to diffuse the situation.

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Calming Dog Bed

Everybody wants a comfortable bed to lie on; this includes your dog. The Calming Cuddle Bed isn't like any old bed though. It keeps your petrified pooch in mind. A similar idea to a calming wrap, the bed conforms to your dog's body. Rather than taking it with them like the vest, they choose when they want it.

Its soft center allows your dog to sink into it, surrounded by a soft, faux fur lining. The bolstered sides support your dog's head and neck for maximum comfort. Whether your dog experiences separation anxiety at night or needs a place to retreat when scared, a calming dog bed provides a safe haven.

Give your dog a place to rest and put their dread to bed.

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CBD Oil for Dogs

There's not much scientific research to prove the effectiveness of CBD oil for dogs. There are, however, countless dog owners' testimonials about the results after their dog uses this "miracle" product. It works differently for every dog, but there's no reason to believe it's harmful if you follow the directions.

The belief is that CBD works in the body to bring balance. If a dog is under high stress or anxiety, CBD oil for dogs brings them to a more relaxed state of being. You may put the oil directly in the dog's mouth to have the fastest effect, in water or on their food or treats. There are also treats containing the oil, though these take a bit longer to have an effect.

Most of these calming products are safe to use in combination with one another. If you're using this oil, it's best not to use it along with other ingestible supplements. At the very least, consult your vet to see if it's safe to give them other supplements in addition to CBD oil.

Give your dog some TLC ASAP with CBD.


The LickiMat is in the "Slow Feeders" category, which is good for dogs that tend to overeat. This product is more for licking, but use it for either function. It's a good distraction for a dog with separation anxiety and during events like nail trimming.

Spread food on it like yogurt, peanut butter, spreadable treats, wet food, or dry kibbles. It takes your dog more time to lick up all the goodies, and licking makes them feel better.

The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA says, "Licking releases pleasure-causing endorphins resulting in a sense of comfort or self-soothing."

Give your dog a LickiMat and watch them lick away their load of worry!

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Calming Chews

These NaturVet Calming Chews contain natural ingredients like melatonin, L-tryptophan, and thiamin, which all have calming properties. Give them one of these calming chews 15 minutes before a stress-inducing event. They feel more relaxed and able to endure the frightening trigger.

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Calming Zen Chews have chamomile, L-tryptophan, and L-theanine to calm your dog. They're peanut butter flavored, so they provide anxiety relief and are tasty too! If your dog has car anxiety, give them a treat before the trip to ease their nerves.

Calming treats contain all different kinds of natural ingredients, depending on the brand or type of treat. Check with your vet to ensure your dog has no issues with the ingredients.

Otherwise, treat your dog and let them chew away their disquietude.

White Noise Machine

From the loud, sudden pop of a firecracker to the booming rumble of a thunderstorm, a dog with noise aversion gets frightened at certain sounds. A white noise machine masks those sounds to provide some anxiety relief. Fitting your dog with a ThunderShirt helps during this time as well.

A white noise machine also replaces the silence that may be unnerving for your dog at night. Play soothing sounds or classical music while they lie in their calming dog bed to give them a peaceful night's sleep.

The white noise machine is music to their ears and gently quiets their anxiety.

Weighted Blanket for Dogs

Besides a calming dog bed, give your dog a weighted blanket for dogs. Many dogs like to burrow under a blanket and have that warm comfort surrounding them. A weighted blanket uses glass or metal beads to create pressure, producing the same endorphins as the ThunderShirt.

Weighted blankets made for humans aren't appropriate for dogs because they're too large and heavy. They may end up causing more stress than relieving it if the dog feels trapped. A child's blanket may work if you have a large breed dog. Check the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations on size/weight.

Try the Calming Cuddle Blanket Plus if you have a very small breed dog or the blanket is too heavy. It's made from soft faux fur, and it's great for dogs that like to cuddle or burrow.

A blanket's great for traveling too. Pack it up and take it with your dog on a trip so they have something familiar to quell their anxiety in an unfamiliar place.

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Extra Help

All these products are great, but they work best if paired with other methods for reducing anxiety. For instance, if your dog experiences separation anxiety, take them on a long walk before you leave. Then leave them with the LickiMat. If they're not tired enough from their walk, the mat keeps them busy until they're ready for a much-needed nap.

For anxiety at night, plug in the diffuser, turn on the white noise, and let your dog settle into their bed. Before a thunderstorm, fit them with a calming wrap, give them a treat, and use white noise for this situation too.

Don't rely on just one product to get rid of your dog's anxiety. Give your dog plenty of exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation in addition to these products for anxiety relief.

Collect Your Canine's Calming Cures

If you're looking for one product that cures your dog's anxiety, you probably aren't going to find it. Use a combination of two or more of these stress-reducing products to ensure your dog feels better. These must-have calming products prove effective and work for dogs everywhere.

Several of these stress-reducing products go well with one another. There may be a bit of trial and error to find the right combination, but the best calming products are the ones that work for your dog.

Visit CalmingDog's website for more great products to relieve your dog's anxiety.

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