11 Places You Can Take Your Toy Poodle to Reduce Stress

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 Toy poodle puppies naturally experience stress more than some other dog breeds do. Any pet parent owner who notices signs of stress and anxiety in their puppy will want to help calm them down, and for a good reason. This article can help you discover your dog's anxiety trigger and help you figure out how to help them calm down and reduce their stress.

Toy Poodle Breed Overview


Toy poodle puppies are fun, intelligent, and adorable little dogs. These popular pups are great with families and other dogs as long as they're well socialized. Toy poodle puppies have become very popular in the United States and worldwide. Even though initially bred as waterfowl hunters, these dogs are fantastic companion animals. It's been a long time since poodle dogs have worked as hunters, and since they retired, they've been spending more time in their owners' homes, becoming excellent companion pets.

Toy poodle puppies fit in many homes, including single-family homes, homes with children and older adults. These dogs can happily live in apartments as long as they get proper daily exercise. People often forget that small dogs like toy poodle puppies need just as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation, or they might act out. 

Toy Poodle Size


Toy poodle puppies are incredibly small dogs; and they rarely stand above 10 inches tall at the shoulder, and they only weigh between 4 to 6 pounds. Because of their small size, these dogs are great to take with you anywhere. Their portability and friendly demeanor mean that they can find happiness almost anywhere.

Even though these dogs can find happiness everywhere, their small size makes them more fragile than other dogs. Small dogs like toy poodle puppies don't even get to weigh 10 pounds and tend to get injured very easily if they're mishandled. Often dogs injure themselves, too, because they don't understand depth perception, and they might jump off of a bed that is far too high for them. Because of these qualities, it's vital for owners to monitor toy poodle puppies and ensure they don't get injured.

Toy poodle puppies need mental and physical exercise to stay healthy. Their owners need to stay on top of their dog's grooming needs because they have especially soft fur, and their fur can easily mat if it doesn't receive proper care. Owners can brush these dogs at least three times a week and daily during extreme changes in weather. 

It would be best if you clipped your dog's nails once a month to protect them from injuring themselves when they scratch at their skin. It's good to check your toy poodle puppy's ears for mites or pests once a week and clean them about once a month. Breeds like the toy poodle are more likely to develop ear infections more frequently, but it's just as important not to over-clean their ears as this can leave sensitive skin vulnerable to bacteria.

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Toy Poodle Temperament & Breed Intelligence


Toy poodle puppies have a lovely temperament as they're devoted family pets. Poodles are the second most naturally intelligent dog breed globally, and their intelligence shines whenever they receive proper training methods. Dog training is also one of the better ways to help smaller dogs, like a toy or a miniature poodle, deal with their anxiety.

Toy poodle puppies are social butterflies and can get along with many other animals. Often, toy poodle puppies want a lot of attention, but they also want a lot of company. Having another cat or dog around to keep your toy poodle puppy company when you're away could be a great way to help them feel calmer in your absence. 

Breeds like the poodle are incredibly loyal, so they are happy to stick with their owners through everything, but they have some prey drive. Because of their history as hunters, toy poodle puppies might run the second they see anything that interests them.

As mentioned earlier, this breed is one of the smartest dog breeds globally. Toy poodles are naturally intelligent animals and will benefit from training lessons consistently. They make great pets for first-time dog owners because of how small they are and how easy they are to train.

Some breeds enjoy training more than others, and toy poodle puppies love spending time training as long as they're given the right environment. Toy poodle puppies respond best to consistent training sessions kept short, concise, and positive. These dogs deserve owners that are happy to give them verbal praise and treats for their actions. Some owners forget that training for a dog might not always be exciting, but the way you can get your dog to love training is to give them plenty of verbal praise and treats. If you ask your dog to follow a task and don't follow it, you should not chastise them. Instead, focus on the task and encourage a dog with verbal praise and soft words to complete your command. If this still doesn't work, get your dog to complete a more straightforward command or simply give them a treat and praise and end your training session. 

Poodles love competing in obedience training, and we have successfully trained many of them to be emotional support animals or therapy dogs. Many dogs in this breed have successfully become service animals. These companion dogs can provide their pet owner with anti-anxiety remedies, as it's proven that dogs release dopamine in human brains.

Toy Poodle Health Overview


Toy poodle puppies have an average lifespan of 10 to 18 years. Part of the reason this range is so big is because of how many different-sized poodles there are. Owners can expect Toy poodle puppies to have a longer lifespan leaning towards the 15 to the 18-year mark. Even though these dogs expect to live long and healthy lives, sadly, some dogs develop health conditions that prevent them from living that long.

Every breed is at risk of predisposed health conditions that run in their genetics. For example, one health issue toy poodle puppies are at risk of developing is patellar luxation, a condition where their kneecap pops out of place often. 

Another health problem that toy poodle puppies may experience is a condition called bloat. Bloat is a life-threatening condition and is much more common in large, deeply chested dogs, and even though toy poodles are very big, their relation to the standard poodle puts them at risk of developing this condition. Choosing great dog food based on your pet's breed info can also help keep your adult dog healthy.

The good news about all of this is that most toy poodle puppies will live their entire lives having no physical health ailments. However, all dogs will experience psychological health issues at some point, and stress and anxiety are the most common psychological health issues found in dogs. For some animals, stress and anxiety can strongly inhibit their ability to live their best life, which is why owners should figure out how to treat their dog's anxiety as soon as they notice the symptoms and understand what causes their dog's issues,

To help your dog, owners need to know the cause of their condition, how severe the symptoms are, and which treatment method is most applicable to calming your pet. When it comes to treatment methods for this condition, owners have complete creative control over how they would like to help their dog get better and should rest assured knowing that there are many options that they can try if they find one that doesn't work for their pet.

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Anxiety Causes


Several different things can cause anxiety. For example, dogs that have been homeless, abused, neglected, abandoned, or rescued in shelters are much more likely to experience anxiety and stress than other dogs who have been raised in one house since puppyhood. A big reason this occurs is that these dogs have experienced traumatic events, and when they remember those things, they show symptoms of stress.

However, anxiety can cause several things. One of the more common sources of anxiety in toy poodle puppies is separation anxiety. It occurs when you leave a dog alone for too long, and eventually, it will have a panic attack. So many owners come home to see that their otherwise well-behaved puppy has destroyed their living room while their owners were away. Toy poodles risk developing separation anxiety because of being bred for companionship, and their small size makes some more dependent on their owners.

Another thing that can cause anxiety and stress is poor socialization. When we don't take our dogs to various environments, they can become quite fearful of new situations. Therefore, some dogs get scared of strangers or scared of going outside to public events. It's also why some animals don't like being around other animals. 

Sometimes dogs get anxious simply because of the noises surrounding them. Many dogs get anxious around loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or police sirens. Also, mentally active dogs like toy poodle puppies are more likely to suffer from symptoms of stress and anxiety when they don't get enough mental stimulation or physical exercise. 

Because there are many causes of anxiety, it might be hard to locate the exact cause or causes of your dog's anxiety. Still, typically you'll be able to see the symptoms appear in them around the same circumstances, which will help you understand from where their anxiety and stress stem.

Anxiety Symptoms


Toy poodle puppies will show many symptoms of anxiety. There is a wide range of symptoms an anxious dog can experience, and they often reflect the intensity of their situations. Dogs with severe separation anxiety are more likely to destroy the house or their owner's belongings whenever they're left alone. Often, dogs anxious in new environments and places are more likely to bark, shake, or growl in their stressful environment.

Often people forget that whenever dogs show signs of aggression, it is out of fear. Another symptom many dogs can show when they have anxiety is tucking their tail between their legs or cowering their heads while holding their ears back. Some dogs with separation anxiety may try to prevent their owners from leaving the house. In contrast, some dogs with separation anxiety will try to escape their house whenever they suffer from anxiety. Many smaller dog breeds like the toy poodle might stand behind their owner's legs and nudge them forward for protection. 

More severe cases of this condition cause more severe symptoms to appear. For example, dogs that are incredibly stressed out might vomit, urinate, or defecate whenever they face severe anxiety symptoms. If your dog doesn't eat whenever they're anxious or left alone, they might have a more severe condition. 

Over time, owners will understand their dog's body language and the symptoms they show when experiencing anxiety. By observing this behavior and noticing when it occurs, owners can then help their dog overcome their symptoms. 

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Anxiety Treatment Methods


There are different treatment methods people use to treat anxiety in dogs. One of the most common methods is creating a safe space for your pet. Safe spaces are areas dedicated solely to your toy poodle puppy for them to be alone. These spaces are quiet and away from a lot of foot traffic in your house. You don't have to dedicate an entire room to them, and this area can be in someone's room, but it's essential to give your dog space now and then. These safe spaces often have dog beds, water bowls, and maybe a blanket, pillow, or dog cage. 

Other effective treatment methods for anxious dogs are dog CBD, specialty treats, counter-conditioning training, enrichment activities, or anti-anxiety medications. Things like CBD and specialty treats will work for dogs who don't have the most severe anxiety. If your toy poodle puppy only gets nervous around loud noises like thunderstorms, giving them some calming treats or supplements an hour before you expect a storm is good. This is one of the preventative measures you can use to help your dog's symptoms before they even begin.

Another excellent method to help your toy poodle puppy overcome stress is providing a distraction or using enrichment activities to get them moving. Exercise is one of the most natural ways to relieve symptoms of stress in both dogs and humans. These dogs are tiny, and their size may be a deceiving indicator of how much energy their little bodies can hold. These dogs are incredibly energetic, and if they don't get enough exercise, they might react by getting very anxious, which might appear as disobedience or depression. 

11 Places You Can Take Your Toy Poodle to Reduce Stress


Taking your toy poodle to a few different places can help them reduce stress. However, only you can decide what your dog likes best, and you should do so based on what you know about them and what causes their anxiety.

1. On a Walk

When your toy poodle gets very stressed out, a great thing to do is take him for a walk. Often dogs don't get enough daily exercise, and because they have so much stored energy, it releases into anxious and unhealthy outbursts. Take your toy poodle puppy on a quick walk around the block to help them calm down. This is one of the easiest and most natural remedies to help reduce your anxious toy poodle's stress. 

2. To Their Safe Space 

As mentioned before, some owners create safe spaces for their dogs. These unique spaces can significantly help your toy poodle feel relaxed and comfortable whenever they're stressed. If your dog shows signs of stress because you're out for a long time or because of scary noises in the house, these areas can come in handy. Let your dog sit in this room by themselves to relax and let the stress wash away.

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3. To a Dog Park (If They Are Properly Socialized)

Some dogs love socializing. Toy poodles are naturally social animals, and often they love meeting new people and animals. If you have a toy poodle puppy who's comfortable around many people and dogs, a dog park might be the best way to help them reduce stress. Sometimes dogs only experience stress because they don't get to release their energy healthily, but taking them to a dog park provides plenty of exercise and mental stimulation as your poodle can play with other animals. It should go without saying, but if you don't know, you shouldn't take your dog to a dog park if you aren't sure if they're comfortable around other animals. You should socialize your dog, but you should wait until they aren't already experiencing symptoms of stress before you try doing that.


4. Somewhere Calming to Listen to Music 

Not everyone has the available space to give their toy poodle a safe space, and that's understandable. If you don't have to have a safe space for your dog, try to take them somewhere open where you can play soothing music for them. Some dogs enjoy being outside of nature but get distracted by all the surrounding noises. Try to find a quiet place where you can listen to classical music with your pet. It might sound strange, but plenty of studies show that some music can help reduce stress in animals, almost like it can relieve stress in humans. 

5. To a Local Park Without Dogs 

Sometimes dogs get plenty of their energy out, but they're still just stressed at the end of the day. Many dogs don't get outside enough and get depressed because of this lack of sunshine. A depressed dog is a stressed-out and anxiety-ridden dog. If your dog doesn't like other animals or people, you shouldn't take them to a dog park, but you should definitely try taking them to a park. Take them somewhere you can be semi-isolated and let them sunbathe and lay in the fresh grass while the sun warms their backs. Trying to do this with your toy poodle when they're stressed can be a great way to help them de-stress.

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6. To Your Local Pet Store

Retail therapy is not just for people anymore. Some dogs love getting new toys, treats, or bones to enjoy at home. Take your dog to the pet store and let them pick out a couple of toys or snacks that catch their attention, and this can be a great way to help them de-stress. They will be able to step out of an environment that's causing them stress, but they'll be able to get some enjoyment out of it and long-lasting fun because you'll get to take these toys home for them. Going to a pet store can be a great way to help your dogs re-focus on something positive in their life, like their new toy or treats.

7. Their Crate, If They Like It

Some dogs love crates. They offer protection on all four sides and offer a see-through roof while still being openly accessible for your pet. Toy poodles are tiny animals, and they might be fearful of many things around them. You can even make their cage all the plusher by putting a dog bed inside it and some pillows and blankets. It can offer them maximum comfort, and you might find that your dog loves resting inside its cage to get calm. Being somewhere they feel safe is an excellent way to help them de-stress.

8. To Go Swimming

Poodles used to be water hunting dogs, and even though toy poodle puppies are long removed from that hunting dog history, they still have that natural love for the water. If you have a local pond, lake, river, or beach near you, take your toy poodle to enjoy the water, and it can be just what the doctor ordered. Swimming is an excellent way for dogs to exercise, mainly because it's a very low-impact sport but uses up a lot of energy. Toy poodles would love to go swimming, and it's a great way to let them waste all that energy without forcing you to do too much to entertain them. If you take your dog swimming, you can let your dog swim in front of you; however, make sure your dog does not go in the deep water and make sure you constantly monitor them while they are in the water.

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9. Take Them for a Drive

It's no secret that dogs love sticking their head out of the car and smelling the fresh air. Toy poodles are no different, and they really might enjoy a quick car ride whenever they're stressed out. Sometimes all your anxious dog needs is a distraction, and a car ride can be a perfect way to give them this. Many animals love car rides, and you can even give your toy poodle treats while you're on the car rides to enjoy the fresh air and the great company while they're with their favorite human.

10. Somewhere Distracting to Practice Training

As stated before, toy poodle puppies are brilliant dogs, and many of them compete in dog competitions and obedience training. Sometimes a dog's stress can be from a lack of proper exercise or mental stimulation. You can take your dog somewhere distracting to practice obedience training, as this could be an excellent test and provides them with tons of mental stimulation. Practicing commands while there are distractions around is one of the best ways to figure out which commands your dog only sort of knows and which one they have down easy. If you choose to do this, make sure your pet knows some basic commands before you go, and you should always keep your dog on a leash while doing this.

11. To Your Bedroom for Cuddles

One of the best ways for people to de-stress is laying down in bed and watching some Netflix while eating their favorite snack. Now dogs don't benefit from napping as much as an exhausted human might, but sometimes all they wanna do is lay down and cuddle with their favorite person. It's true that these dogs might not be watching TV, but if you are not home often and your toy poodle gets separation anxiety easily, this can be the best thing for them. Also, many people wrongly assume that you shouldn't comfort your dog during thunderstorms. Still, if fireworks or thunderstorms disturb your dog, this is also an excellent time to comfort them.

What Works for Different Levels of Anxiety?


There are many places you can take your toy poodle to help them de-stress. Any of the above-listed places will be great, but you have to understand your dog's anxiety and tendencies before choosing some of these methods. If your dog fears crates, putting them in a crate while they're stressed out will not help. However, some dogs love their crate very much and feel safe in those four walls. If your dog loves interacting with other animals and people, a dog park can be the perfect stimulation they need to release their stress. You are the best judge of what your dog will enjoy, but remember, you can use any of these methods with calming supplements, Zen Chews, or CBD to help relieve pets with more severe anxiety more efficiently.

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