11 Ways To Help Your Irish Doodle Overcome Anxiety

irish doodle puppy laying in the grass

The Irish Doodle breed is known for its history of hunting and retrieving, as well as its adorable look. They can be prone to various health conditions, such as hip dysplasia, bloat, and eye disorders. While these physical health issues can be very concerning and require special care, their psychological health may be overlooked.

Just like humans, dogs can also be prone to psychological issues, such as stress and anxiety. What triggers your dog's anxiety can vary, and some breeds may be more prone to this condition than others. For an Irish Doodle, many factors can go into if they develop anxiety, how often they experience it, and how severe their anxiety is. There's truly no one size fits all guide when it comes to Irish Doodle anxiety, though there are some things to look out for and common remedies that are worth trying.

So, how can you spot anxiety in your Irish Doodle puppy or adult? How can you help your dog overcome this condition? Does anxiety pose any threats to other health conditions developing? We'll go over all of the Irish Doodle anxiety basics, and also cover 11 ways to help your Irish Doodle overcome anxiety. By the end of this article, you're sure to feel confident about your ability to help your dog deal with their anxiety, no matter how frequent or severe this condition is.

Irish Doodle Anxiety Basics

To help combat Irish Doodle anxiety, it's important to first know what anxiety looks like in dogs. Anxiety symptoms can vary, but there are some common ones to keep an eye out for. One of the most common canine anxiety symptoms is barking and whining. Dogs may vocalize to express their distress when feeling anxious.

In addition to vocalizing, anxious dogs may begin to pace or become restless. On the other hand, some anxious dogs may become lethargic and have a decrease in energy. In addition, anxiety may cause issues with having accidents inside of the house, shaking, and cowering away. If you notice any of these signs in your Irish Doodle puppy or adult, it's best to try and find what's causing their anxiety and how to best combat it.

Causes Of Anxiety

Causes of anxiety can vary by dog, though there are some common ones for the Irish Doodle breed to face. Irish Doodles are a working dog breed- which means they need a lot of mental stimulation and physical activity daily. Without it, they may become bored- which can lead to anxiety.

In addition to boredom, new places, people, dogs, or sounds can also trigger anxiety. Does your dog begin to whine when the garbage truck goes by, or maybe shake when fireworks are set off on the Fourth of July? Loud, unknown noises may be causing their anxiety. Do they cower away from new dogs or people when they are approached? These unknown settings may be the cause of their anxiety. Paying attention to what happens before or during your dog's anxiety is the best way to narrow down what may be causing it.

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11 Ways To Help Your Irish Doodle Overcome Anxiety

While knowing what causes your dog anxiety and what this condition looks like, so is knowing what to do about it. There are many different ways to help your Irish Doodle Setter cope with this condition better and minimize this experience. Some methods work better for some dogs than others do, so be sure to give all of these ideas a try.

Calming Dog Beds

Most dog breeds, including both the Poodle and Irish Setter parent breeds, enjoy somewhere soft and relaxing to lay down and rest. A love for a good space to relax has also been passed down to almost every Irish Setterpoo. To use this preference to combat canine anxiety, consider purchasing a calming dog bed for your pup to lay down on.

Calming dog beds provide your Irish Doodle a place where they feel safe and secure. They know these beds are their designated area to relax where they won't be bothered. Some calming dog beds even contain memory foam, which can be beneficial for joint health and even help prevent various conditions, such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

Taking A Trip To The Dog Park

Socialization is one of the best ways to prevent canine anxiety. Just like humans, dogs can become anxious about known places, people, or dogs. They may feel unsafe and anxious about potential threats that they may face.

To eliminate this fear of the unknown, socialization can be used to safely introduce your dog to new things. With your company, they may feel braver to go out and explore people, places, and items in their environment. The younger that puppies are socialized, the less anxious they are as adults. They have already been exposed to many stress triggers and have learned that there's nothing to be scared or anxious about.

One of the best places to socialize with your Irish Poo Setter is at the local dog park. Here, your dog not only gets plenty of social interaction, but they can also get the exercise that they need by roughhousing, playing fetch, and running around with other canine friends. The dog park helps deter canine anxiety through both socialization and physical activity. Talk about a win-win situation!

irish doodle puppy laying on the ground

Puzzle Toys

Mental stimulation can be considered the key to preventing stress. It provides your dog with something to focus on, potentially lessening their reactivity to stress triggers and deterring boredom. There are many ways to provide your dog mental stimulation- through socialization, going on errands, dog training, and even puzzle toys.

Puzzle toys differ from regular dog toys and dog treats by providing your Irish Setterpoo with a goal. Food is stuffed inside of the puzzle toy, which your dog will have to find a way to access. They will spend time trying different methods to reach the food that's inside. In the process, they'll be keeping their minds busy and preventing boredom- as well as anxiety. Different puzzle toys can be kept around your home and used regularly to help your Irish Doodle overcome their anxiety.

Crate Training

Many dog owners of every breed utilize crate training in their life. Crate training has an abundance of benefits for both you and your dog. It deters destructive behavior, such as digging and chewing, when your dog is home alone, makes traveling easier, and can even be a method of preventing canine anxiety.

Crate training provides your dog with a safe space to rest and relax. This small space makes them feel secure, and they know they can let their guard down about potential threats and other anxiety triggers. When left alone, separation anxiety greatly lessens for dogs who are relaxing in their crate. Any dog owner can crate train their dog, no matter the age. If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to help your Irish Doodle overcome their anxiety, consider giving crate training a try.

irish doodle puppy running through the grass

Going For A Walk

One of the most commonly known ways to exercise any dog is to go for a walk. During a walk, dogs can take in all the sights, smells, and sounds of their surroundings. Doing so provides for ample mental stimulation, leading to a lessened risk of experiencing anxiety. In addition to mental stimulation, walking also helps your dog meet exercise needs- which can prevent obesity and other unwanted health conditions.

Just how much exercise your dog needs can vary, but the Irish Doodle breed has a general exercise requirement to stay healthy. It's recommended that your Irish Doodle adult gets around 90 minutes of exercise per day. This can be split between activities throughout the day, and going for a walk or two can help you easily meet this exercise goal. With a regular walking schedule, your Irish Setterdoodle is sure to be as healthy as can be both mentally and physically.

Dog Training

There are many benefits of dog training- both obedience training and agility training. These activities build a strong relationship between you and your Irish Doodle, improve their behavior, and can even reduce anxiety. Both obedience training and agility training can be done at home or in public and are relatively easy to do.

When practicing both obedience training and agility training, you will be engaging your Irish Doodle in mental stimulation- a known anxiety prevention method. In addition, dog training is typically done with treats as motivation and rewards for successfully completing a command or task. Using calming dog treats can help reinforce this anxiety prevention and keep anxious feelings at bay. When working on training, be sure to focus on positive reinforcement. Doing so will ensure that training helps minimize anxiety and not cause it, due to your dog's fear of being in trouble for not listening correctly. Positive reinforcement such as treats, pets, and praise will encourage your dog to keep trying and reduce their risk for anxiety caused by dog training.

irish doodle running on the beach

Playing Fetch

Meeting exercise goals in ways that are fun and engaging for both you and your dog can help minimize anxiety easily. Playing fetch is typically a favorite activity for moth Irish Doodles, given their hunting dog instincts. They have an apt for retrieving various objects, such as frisbees and balls.

Playing fetch is a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated as they chase whatever you choose to throw, and it also provides an opportunity for physical activity. By the end of a game of fetch, your dog is sure to be tired out and free of any anxiety that they may have been feeling before.

Utilize A Calming Carrier

As stated earlier, crate training is a great way to keep your dog feeling safe and calm, and to prevent anxiety. When beginning crate training, the type of crate that you use with your Irish Doodle is very important. The crate should be large enough for them to turn around in, but not too large to where they feel exposed when in it.

Because crates and carriers are so commonly used for anxiety, many companies now offer calming dog carriers. Calming dog carriers have a soft inside that combines the feeling of a calming dog bed with the safety of a carrier. They can be used at home or on the go to ensure your dog is secure, relaxed, and free of anxiety. If you are looking for the perfect crate to buy your Irish Setterpoo that minimizes anxiety, be sure to take a look at a calming dog carrier.

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Calming Dog Treats

One of the best ways to deter anxiety is through diet. Many dietary agents help calm the nervous system and enhance relaxation. These ingredients are often used by both humans and canines and have been shown to greatly help those who suffer from anxiety.

Some calming dog treats feature different ingredients than others. When choosing a calming dog treat for your dog, be sure to buy from a company that is reputable and reliable. Ingredient ratios must be healthy, as well as the treat size. Always double-check the ingredients to ensure there are no dangerous ingredients for your dog- especially those that have food allergies or other underlying health conditions. Before introducing calming dog treats into your Irish Doodle's diet, be sure to run them by your vet and make sure they are safe for your pup to enjoy.

Music Therapy

Irish Doodles are extremely smart dogs, which is why they are often used as therapy dogs or even gun dogs. They are sensitive to their surroundings and catch on quickly to aspects of their environment. Because of this, they can easily have anxiety that's triggered by noises around them. Garbage trucks, fireworks, neighborhood dogs barking, and more can make them feel anxious and unsafe.

To avoid these triggering sounds throughout the day, music therapy is a great way to help your Irish Doodle feel less anxious. Music can be naturally calming for both humans and dogs, which is why it's such a big part of our lives. The next time you think your Irish Doodle may be feeling anxious, consider turning on some relaxing music for them to enjoy as they rest or chew on some dog treats, such as a rawhide bone.

Visiting The Dog Store

One of the reasons that every Poodle mix dog breed is so popular is because of their easy-going temperament, which makes them the perfect family dog. They are friendly, easy to train, and typically do well in new situations. These traits make them the perfect contenders for visiting the pet store with their owner. The pet store is a one-stop-shop for all pet supplies, such as dog food, leashes, toys, and much more. It can also be a great spot to go when you are trying to reduce or prevent your dog's anxiety.

Every Irish Settler-Poodle parent wants the best for their dog- and part of that may include taking your pup to the pet store. During a visit to the pet store, your dog gets to explore all of the fun items they have to offer. Where many dogs have gone before, the pet store has plenty of smells and even new canine friends that offer socialization for your dog. Taking in all that the pet store has to offer is plenty of mental stimulation for your dog, and may prevent anxiety-causing boredom that can come with being left at home during these outings. The next time you're headed to the dog store for a few items, consider taking your Irish Doodle with you to help deter some of their anxiety and keep them healthy and happy.

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Wrapping Up

There are many reasons that the Irish Doodle dog breed is so popular and well-loved. From their non-shedding coat to their lovable personalities, they are the perfect addition to many different types of families. They have lots of energy, love to play, and are extremely loyal to their human family members.

While the Irish Doodle is known to be a generally healthy breed, they can still be prone to various health conditions- including anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by different factors and should be taken very seriously by any dog owner. While sometimes anxiety medication may be prescribed, there are many ways to combat this condition at home.

When finding ways to help your Irish Doodle overcome anxiety, it's best to focus on activities and items that provide mental stimulation, a sense of security, or socialization. All of these components will help lower your Irish Doodle's anxiety levels and help them live a healthy and happy life. Some anxiety relief methods may work better for some dogs and dog owners better than they do for others. Be sure to give various methods a try to see what is most effective in relieving your Irish Doodle's anxiety. With some trial and error and a lot of consistency, your Irish Doodle is sure to live a healthy and happy life with minimal anxiety.

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