Choosing the Right Calming Dog Bed for Your Dog

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Calming dog beds and dog bed blankets can help your dog feel safe and comfortable in the home. Sometimes, dogs feel anxiety when left alone. This can lead to barking, chewing, and destructive behavior. Providing your dog with a way to stay calm in your absence is a proven method for alleviating their stress. Dogs have a strong desire to feel comforted, and spending time alone is something that can freak them out. When you give your dog expertly designed calming dog beds or dog bed blankets, this will work to reduce their stress, ease their anxiety, and keep them calm.

Overall, anxiety dog beds and dog bed blankets help your dog relax, feel better, and could be what you need to help them. Your dog needs somewhere to sleep, and being able to relax in their bed is always a good thing. Furthermore, give your dog lots of breathing room. Your dog needs to feel like they are not crammed into a small space. By encouraging a large amount of space, they will feel lightweight and unencumbered.

Many dog owners don’t realize their dogs suffer from anxiety and stress. Yes, you love your dog, but sometimes you need to understand canine anxiety to make sure your dog is living their best life!

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Canine Anxiety and Stress Explained.

Do dogs get stressed and anxious? The answer is yes! Dogs experience the same human emotions, such as being nervous or worried about specific people or new situations. Still, there are also particular physical signs to watch for. Do you know how your dog feels when they have anxiety? Do they seem unwell, but you don’t see what’s wrong with them? It can be crushing to see your pet suffer. Dogs often can’t express that they feel physically and emotionally ill due to anxiety. Identifying the symptoms of a dog experiencing anxiety, helps determine the underlying cause, know what steps you can take to relieve their stress, and decrease their anxiety, so they can feel healthy again.

Anxiety is a general term covering many different disorders; it is characterized by an animal’s excessive or unreasonable fear. Several other factors can cause anxiety in dogs. They are not born with this tendency to be afraid of new situations and experiences, although they can inherit specific fears from their parents, like natural fears of loud noises or particular things that affect the whole breed. In other instances, fears or anxieties appear at around the same time as a change in the dog’s life — such as moving house or being left alone for long periods.

Anxiety in dogs can often go unnoticed unless you’re aware of the signs, which are usually repetitive. Dogs with anxiety have a strong desire to avoid situations that trigger fear, apprehension, or anxiety. Separation anxiety is also a severe problem for pet owners and pets suffering from this condition. Animals suffering from anxiety may chew up or claw through doors or windows to get to their guardians. In addition, they often bark, howl, whine or cry obsessively when left alone at home or separated from their guardians. Other physical symptoms of anxiety include pacing, digging, urinating or defecating indoors, vomiting, and even attempting to prevent you from leaving.

When a dog has anxiety issues, you want to rule out any medical problems. Health and nutrition are crucial when dealing with stressors of all kinds. A vet check might be done to ensure there is no underlying metabolic problem, hypothyroidism, pain, or other issue causing the stress in your pet. You’ll also want to rule out behavioral issues such as juvenile destruction, excessive barking, urine marking, howling, submissive or confusion urination, or vocalization due to environmental factors.

The truth is dogs suffer from anxiety, just like their owners. So now that you have a better understanding of anxiety and the signs, let’s explore some of the symptoms and ways dogs deal with stress.

Anxiety and stress are two different things. Both refer to feelings in dogs when they are unhappy or anxious, but in stress cases, we are dealing with caused physical pain and not an underlying issue. For instance, your dog may have nowhere to sleep or go to hide and find comfort. This is a stressful situation that causes long-term anxiety for your dog. Also, this situation can be remedied with a calming dog bed and washable dog bed. The signs your pup is stressed can be subtle, but with a bit of practice and some patience you can learn how to tell whether your dog is stressed in any given situation.

A dog’s stress level can vary depending on the environment, action, or event causing it. Dogs will also show signs of anxiety when they feel afraid, startled, or insecure. Stress is determined by your dog’s mental state and how they feel at that specific moment. Canine stress is generally considered anything that causes the dog to feel anxious or lack control. Since dogs can handle anxiety, stress out, fear, or being unsure of their surroundings, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your dog is stressed or just terrified by the vacuum cleaner.

If your dog is struggling with stress, you may be wondering how to tell if your dog has a high level of stress. Dogs will also show signs of stress when they feel afraid, startled, insecure, or overly excited to the point that it becomes a problem for them. If you’re wondering what causes stress in dogs, the causes can range in severity depending on the dog. Dogs experience stress in mental and physical situations, especially if they are constantly disciplined, abused, or malnourished. It’s not uncommon for dogs to change behavior when exposed to stressful events.

Dogs can either experience acute or chronic stress. Acute stress refers to a moment of stress that comes and goes, such as when you grip the leash hard during a walk because of fear of passing vehicles. On the other hand, chronic stress can cause severe effects on the body. As part of their daily lives, stress isn’t something dogs should have. It causes a high level of anxiety, which is not healthy for the animal. But it’s important to remember there are many reasons for stress because it can vary depending on the environment, action, or event that is causing it. Dogs may show stress by panting, drooling, yawning, scratching, whining, and barking. They will also tend to hide in a cage or the closet and won’t eat food.

If your dog is snappy or restless, you may think it’s because he needs to run more or his energy level makes him anxious. The opposite may be true, and calming dog beds and dog bed blankets can help reduce their restlessness by giving them a better place to sleep. Anxiety dog beds can be expensive, but they can calm your dog from the time he lies on them. If your pet is suffering from stress, distress, or anxiety, you need to provide the best care possible. Unfortunately, anxiety and stress are often misunderstood as negative emotions. Despite this stigma, turning to a calming dog bed as a healthy alternative to treat these two emotions plaguing man’s best friend can change your dog’s life!

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Comparing a Calming Dog Bed to Standard Dog Beds.

Your dog has its personality, likes, and dislikes. No two dogs are the same – just like humans. Your dog has preferences regarding how they sleep, how they are fed and taken care of, and how they play. For example, dogs who prefer a low, soft place to sleep during the day aren’t as comfortable lounging on a thick, tall, washable dog bed filled with rigid foam (unless maybe it’s a hot day). Dogs who sleep by curling up in tight spots will not enjoy sleeping in big bowl anxiety dog beds with dog bed blankets. Dogs who like firmer surfaces will also like sleeping on flat surfaces rather than pillows that sink with their body weight. There are quite a few factors to consider, from the suitable materials to proper sizing before buying calming dog beds, and the wrong one can be the perfect recipe for restless nights and anxiety/stress for your dog.

The market is full of different calming dog beds. Some are affordable, and some are pretty expensive. A calming dog bed will enhance the overall health, longevity, comfort of your pet. However, most of us don’t make it a point to read bed reviews before buying new calming dog beds. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful if I wrote down my experience while testing different calming dog beds and the best dog beds for large dogs. This will help you get the most suitable one for your pet. For example, there are the memory foam calming dog beds, the orthopedic dog bed, the pet sofa dog bed, the best dog beds for large dogs or small dogs, and the donut style dog bed.

Whatever bed you choose must be comfortable for your dog, unlike humans, who may prefer soft, rigid, or even foam mattresses. However, the materials used to create a soothing sleeping environment on a washable dog bed for our canine companions hinge on more than just preference. Most dogs prefer and need a calming dog bed with superior technology. While common fabric washable dog beds can be cute, they won’t provide the same support as calming dog beds. A calming dog bed is essential for older dogs with joint pain, especially those with arthritis. Calming dog beds have anti-inflammatory cushion properties that make them particularly relaxing for all dogs.

Sometimes, a standard washable dog bed isn’t enough for dogs who need anxiety dog beds. Are you looking for a calming dog bed that helps your pet with anxiety and stress? A calming washable dog bed that is veterinarian-approved is always recommended. Ensure the calming dog bed is made from durable materials and stored in a fully-insulated, heated warehouse to prevent product damage--- giving your best pal quality, comfort, and peace of mind. Every batch of calming dog beds passes through rigorous criteria, which results in only the highest quality products that make it a washable dog bed. The cooling surface has natural aromatherapy essence, which can help alleviate pain and promote positive behavior in pets with dementia, stress, separation anxiety, or other physical disorders. Especially if your dog is experiencing sleep-related issues such as insomnia, shaking, racing heartbeat, urination, panting, and more, our bed will help them get back to their routine.

​​Calming dog beds are designed to support and hold your dog. They use pressure from the weight of the dog and paws to help them relax in a safe place, not letting them sink into something or feel threatened by being surrounded.

A standard washable dog bed is often made to match the environment or look cute, but the environment of your dog’s sleeping area must inspire calm and quietness. Most dogs sleep in their own space at night, and their beds must be calming dog beds designed to support and hold your dog. Laying in a calming dog bed provides a cuddle and support for your dog to deal with stress and works as a washable dog bed for anxiety to help reduce the focus of a situation by providing a comfortable and safe place for the dog to hide or retreat.

People often don’t know about calming dog beds for sale and do not see the importance of dog beds for anxiety. Both are key to making sure your dog can relax and feel safe but often get overlooked by owners. Calming dog beds can support your dog’s needs, helping to make it feel better after a very stressful situation. If you have ever had to train or work with a dog, you know how stressful it can be for your pet. A calming dog bed gives your dog a safe place to be held after a stressful training session. When you can find a soft and calming dog bed, it can be beneficial in reducing anxieties and increasing the performance of your canine friend.

A trip to the vet or groomers is no fun for any pet. A calming dog bed that is snugly and soothing for your dog will help them cope with their stress levels. A calming dog bed can also be used at your home, traveling, or even in a car to provide comfort on long journeys. Not only that, but calming dog beds are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t aggravate existing allergies.

Are you struggling with loud barking, anxiety, and other issues? To address these problems, you need the right approach. An ultra-comfortable calming dog bed is the solution for misbehaving dogs that are too anxious to settle down or be left alone. Gone are the days of matching your dog’s bed to your couch or trying multiple styles and colors. Gone are the days of your dog feeling insecure and stressed. Gone are the days of it taking them an hour to settle in. Gone are the days where you have to search and research the thousands of options for anxiety dog beds. Your dog deserves better than that, and so do you. The superior technology and outstanding materials in a calming dog bed make it one of the best dog beds for anxiety and a washable dog bed.

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Understanding the Technology Behind Calming Dog Bed.

If you’re noticing your dog is not sleeping as much as the energetic puppy, he was, or if he’s getting up and down a lot during the night, you might be wondering why this is happening. There are several reasons, and it can be tough to nail down the exact problem. But if your dog has turned into a zombie by daytime, you’ll know it’s time to pick a new bed for him.

As we mentioned before, there are varying degrees of effectiveness and quality within the market, so it’s essential to know precisely how every product works and how it might interact with your pet. For example, when you have a washable dog bed with Calming Dog memory foam, you get a lightweight, easy-to-clean dog bed for anxiety. Also, the best calming dog beds will assist your dog’s social development. It is a “den” and a place where he will feel secure and access all the benefits of a better night’s sleep. Understanding all the features of a dog bed and its technology will help you choose the bed for your dog and know what to look for when buying one. Selecting the wrong bed may lead to pain and possible health issues.

According to the MWI Animal Health clinic study on Canine Anxiety, treating anxiety must be approached with routine and repetition. One of the best-proven ways to provide this repetition and a safe space is by creating a comfortable area for your dog with a calming dog bed. There is a good chance that after learning about all the technology behind Calming Dog products and the science behind the calming dog beds, you will begin to understand why this can be the best treatment for anxiety and stress your dog can receive.

Understanding the technology of calming dog beds is essential to understand the science it aims to address. First, you must understand why dog beds for anxiety benefit your dog and are not just a comfortable place to lie. By creating this space for “over-laying” or snuggling up on top, you remind the puppy of time with their mother being nurtured as a puppy. The routine behavior of nurturing as a puppy creates nesting behaviors ingrained in your dog. Whether your dog is a puppy or a grown adult, this is a space for your dog when feeling stressed or anxious. For this reason, the technology of calming dog beds must simulate this environment. Most dogs love being nestled into the corner of a calming dog bed, surrounded by either side by soft fleece fabric and cradling their head into the warm cushioning.

Most dogs are born with instinctive behaviors to nestle and do what they can to feel comfortable and safe. Good dog beds for anxiety have to be warm and comfy, giving them a place to relax and feel safe. It has to withstand consistent chewing, napping, digging in, and all the fur and slobber messes it will encounter daily. Sleeping and running to a calming dog bed will meet your dog’s needs and match their personality, so they feel at ease and have a safe, comfortable place to retreat to when needed.

Let’s quickly talk about how technology manages convenience. First, the American Kennel Club recommends you purchase a washable dog bed with a removable cover, as this will give you the ability to machine wash the cover and allow you to remove any fur or hairballs before washing. A washable dog bed will save you time and money in the long run.

The advanced technology behind calming dog beds is also designed to help create a more enjoyable home environment for your pet. It’s more than an ordinary dog bed for anxiety. Featuring the patented Calming Dog bed design and revolutionary memory foam and fleece fabrics, the calming dog bed incorporates comfort and support to respond to a dog’s natural calming needs. Not to mention, many of the calming dog beds create an innovative design to simulate natural settings. In addition, dogs are given powerful calming signals from their mother and littermates, which allow them to regulate stress responses.

The patented memory foam on a Calming Dog bed for anxiety is created with a breathable material that prioritizes weight distribution. The cooling technology evenly regulates your dog’s body heat to create an excellent sleeping surface. In addition, the scientific construction ensures the two bottom layers promote pressure relief and alignment support. These considerations provide that your dog is healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Made for dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, noise phobias, or need a place to relax, the right calming dog bed creates a perfect, perfect super-sized sleeping space for your dog. The best dog beds for large dogs, a calming dog bed is available in five convenient sizes, dependent on the weight of your dog. Finally, the proprietary non-skid pad on the bottom of calming dog bed will ensure that if your dog moves a lot, the mattress remains in the exact location. It is essential to promote safety and comfort.

To get the best dog beds for large dogs with super-sized sleeping space for your dog, you need a veterinarian-approved unique patented design to provide relief for your dog. In addition, ensure that you offer a luxurious design with no harmful chemicals, premium materials, and eco-friendly materials. But, it’s important to note that no dog bed alone will turn your dog into a well-behaved and calm companion. Most dogs, especially working breeds, require 1-2 hours of activity with their owner every day to be quiet and relaxed around the house. Once you fulfill your dog’s exercise needs, he will happily settle in his comfortable dog bed. But, some dogs require additional steps and other items to support the calming experience.

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Other Items That Support Your Calming Dog Bed.

In a world of seemingly constant changes, it is essential to keep your dog in a safe and naturally calming environment. With that in mind, the calming dog bed provides a simple solution that calms while providing needed support. The calming dog bed is often enough to help your dog overcome its fears, but some dogs require more items to be completely relaxed.

There is a growing demand for remedies to help calm pets and dogs with sensory disorders, and calming beds are a huge part of this. Sometimes, your dog needs the support of other tools and even supplements to find relief from stress and anxiety. Have a large or particularly active dog? This is particularly true for you! A natural touch to your dog’s bed, including chews, sprays, and calming fountains available from Calming Dog, gives your dog the tools to get the peaceful rest they deserve.

Get a calming boost for your pup with these delightful Calming Zen Chews. They’re filled with natural and pet-safe ingredients, including Chamomile, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan, to help relax your dog in various ways. Unpredictable life circumstances, like being left alone temporarily or meeting new dogs, can cause stress for your canine companion. So offer them some Calming Zen Treats to help settle their nerves and improve their quality of life.

Overall, if your dog is feeling stressed out, you can offer them a tasty treat designed to help them relax instead of ingesting anxiety-inducing products. This natural calming aid is made to combine with a calming dog bed for ultimate physical and emotional relief for your dog. Bottom line, with Calming Zen Chews, you can help ensure the peace of mind they deserve.

Dogs are often anxious, and in many cases, feel as though they have no control over the nature of their lives. Calming sprays can address several issues your pup might be facing, including anxiety when left alone by their owner, stress caused by travel or other changes in daily routine, or just the everyday stressors that come with dog life. Calming sprays can help support your pup’s quality of life by assisting them to cope with these stressful events. Choosing Calming Dog products is an excellent way to help your best friend better cope with stress.

If you are already in the market for the best dog beds for large dogs, a calming spray is an ideal companion product. A perfect combination for your calming dog bed is an all-natural calming spray with natural ingredients to encourage relaxation and fresh scents. In addition, the calming spray is an excellent way to help your pup deal with their anxiety or stress. Sprinkling on a bed or dog bed blanket is an easy way to add the scent of lavender and chamomile to your dog’s life. It will help comfort them in stressful situations like thunderstorms, leaving home alone, and traveling. It is also non-toxic and safe for you and your pup.

The sprays contain several elements meant to be soothing and ease stress. Pet owners can choose from three styles depending on their dog’s symptoms. Zen for hyperactivity, loud noises like thunder, and help sleeping. Peace for hyperactivity, visitors, and travel anxiety. Finally, tranquility for barking, destroying of furniture, and separation anxiety. Sprays and mists can help your dog fight off any stress they feel in various situations. While some dogs may feel better by rubbing or licking it off, others may prefer to breathe in its mist.

Finally, one of the essential items you can add to your dog’s space with your calming dog bed is the Calming Fountain Plus+. A great addition to your dog’s space, the fountain offers clean freshwater, and the LED lights give your dog a clear sight at night. In addition, this thoughtfully-designed fountain features three strong suction cups underneath the base, so you won’t have to worry about it staying in place either. This is also an excellent option for multi-dog homes, as it encourages them to drink more H20.

Your pup deserves the best, and our Calming Fountain Plus+ gives them just that. Of course, every dog deserves fresh, clean water always available to them. But for some pets, the noisy chug of a typical pet fountain is too distracting. If that’s the case in your home, these noiseless pet fountains are what you need. These pet drinking fountains will slowly drip water into a big bowl, keeping your pup hydrated and healthy with ease. Not only does it help your dog’s physical health, but their mental health as well. In addition, access to fresh water and food will decrease your dog’s stress and anxiety level.

Just imagine them enjoying a refreshing drink of water at any night or day. The action of the moving water is thought to be calming and relaxing, therefore preventing unwanted behavior. Certain breeds will also use their mouths to play and exercise in the flowing water, which can help increase their jaw muscles – making it ideal for pups who may have weak jaw muscles. Plus, it’s easy to clean! The Calming Fountain Plus+ offers your dogs the best of both worlds. They get fresh, hydrated water at all times, but they also have a glowing nightlight nearby. In addition, the peaceful sounds of trickling water will help them relax even more.

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