Give 'Em a Donut for Anxiety -- A Donut Dog Cuddler Bed

Give 'Em a Donut for Anxiety -- A Donut Dog Cuddler Bed

Key Points

  • A donut dog cuddler bed is a good shape for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.

  • Veterinarians recommend donut-shaped beds for dogs with anxiety issues.

  • Best Friends by Sheri makes the best donut dog cuddler bed.

A donut makes everyone feel better, right? This includes your dog. Except in this case, they're not eating but sleeping on it. It's a donut dog cuddler bed, and it's pefect for relieving a dog's anxiety.

Many dogs have tried a donut bed with positive results. Since they can't tell you themselves, their owners leave reviews. A donut dog cuddler bed is a soft retreat for a pup with or without anxiety. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why you want your dog to have a donut.

Why a Donut?

Watch your dog while they sleep. Aren't they cute? They curl up with their tail wrapped around them and their head tucked in. They look like a little ball of fur, don't they?

It only makes sense to give them a bed that supports that shape. Most refer to this as a donut dog cuddler bed. They don't have a hole in the middle, but they have an indention. So, Danish might be a more accurate term, but there's no need to quibble over semantics.

For a long time, dog beds were rectangular, as if intended for small humans. The trouble is most dogs don't sleep like humans. That's why companies finally began making beds that conform to a dog's needs.

Donut beds are suitable for dogs because they allow them to sleep in a natural position. Some dogs lie down, get up, turn, change positions, and lie back down again. They're trying to get comfortable but it doesn't always work. A donut is symmetrical, so there's less need for all that movement. They may still change positions after a while, but it's easier for them to get comfortable.

Holistic pet wellness expert Katelyn Son writes for Veterinarians. Son says, "The raised rim design of donut pet beds is perfect for providing a sense of protection and comfort to dogs that suffer from high stress and anxiety."

If your dog sleeps in different positions, like stretched out, the donut bed needs to be big enough to accommodate their sleeping patterns. A donut bed isn't right for them if you have a large or giant-breed dog or your dog doesn't typically curl up when they sleep.

Dog sits up in a donut dog bed

Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety affects many dogs, and sometimes the symptoms show up at night. No matter the cause, a dog gets anxious if a dog feels insecure. A donut bed surrounds and supports their frame while they sink inside.

This comforting, gentle pressure makes them feel safer and more secure. For a dog with separation anxiety, being away from their owner makes them scared. The soft material of an anti-anxiety donut dog bed is a suitable temporary replacement.

Their own comfortable bed gives them the independence they need to shed their anxiety at night. They even retreat to their bed during the day if they're alone or something like a thunderstorm scares them.

Giving your dog a separate bed helps with travel too. An unfamiliar place is sometimes frightening if you take your dog on a trip. Take along their bed, and they have at least a place to sleep that they're used to. The feel and smell of their bed lessen their anxiety.

Old age often causes anxiety as well. Whether it's dog dementia or pain from stiff bones and joints, getting old is no fun. A soft bed with memory foam is especially comforting for a body in pain. Sleeping on a flat or hard surface puts pressure on their nerves and increases their pain. Memory foam holds their body softly while the sides support their head and neck.

There are many different versions of this bed type, but one donut seems to rise above the others.

The Original Calming Donut Dog BedPhoto source:

The Best Donut Bed for Dogs

Best Friends by Sheri makes The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed. It's the top-rated calming dog bed on Amazon. As of April 2023, it has over 67,000 customer ratings, and 82 percent of those are five-star ratings. It tops the list in many of the dog bed reviews as well.

The raised rim supports your dog's head and neck and allows them to sink into the bed, providing a sense of security for dogs with anxiety. The donut shape gives them equal support around their whole body.

Liza Corsillo and Brenley Goertzen are journalists writing for The Strategist of New York magazine. In a 2023 article, they asked dog trainers, veterinarians, and dog owners for their recommendations for the very best dog beds. They dubbed Best Friends by Sheri as the "best doughnut-shaped dog bed."

One of the writers says, "My own dog, Uli, spends hours snoozing in her Best Friends by Sheri doughnut bed every day. She also uses the bed as a kind of toy, digging into it and flipping it over on top of her ball so she can then look for the ball and flip the bed again."

Customer testimonials like these give this bed the edge. Dogs love it so their owners do too.

Vegan faux shag fur lines the bed, and everything is machine washable. The medium through 2XL beds are 54" in diameter and have removable shells because they're too big for standard washing machines.

Tests by Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified labs ensure safety. Some reviewers recommend drying in a machine rather than air drying because the faux shag fur tends to mat otherwise. Best Friends is also available in lux fur, which is shorter than shag.

Best Friends is on the list of the best dog beds from NBC, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Veterinarians, Reader's Digest, and The Strategist, among others. On Amazon, it's the best calming dog bed and one of the best dog beds overall.

Marshmallow Cuddler Nest Photo source:

Other Contenders

When it comes to dog beds, one size doesn't fit all. Just because Best Friends is the "best" doesn't mean it's right for your dog. That's why there are so many options available.

The Active Pets Marshmallow Cuddler Nest isn't quite bulky, so it may be easier to travel. It also advertises a non-slip bottom that may be better if you have slick flooring. It's ranked in the top 20 dog beds on Amazon and the price point is similar to Best Friends by Sheri.

The 2-in-1 Donut Cuddler by Barkbox contains memory foam. This is good for dogs needing more support, like heavier dogs, seniors, or others with orthopedic issues. The memory foam makes it more expensive, but it's worth it for your dog if they have these issues.

2-in-1 Donut CuddlerPhoto source:

Furhaven's Hooded Calming Cuddler has a unique design. It has an attached blanket for dogs that like to burrow. Dogs are den animals, so they like to be inside enclosed spaces. Give them a separate blanket, and it may fall off during the night while they're moving around. It's easily dragged off and lost too, but you don't have to worry about that with this combo. It's more expensive, but that's expected with such a unique feature.

Hooded Calming CuddlerPhoto source:

Convenience or availability may be an issue or you may not have an Amazon account. In these cases, Costco offers the Arlee Calming Vegan Fur Memory Foam Donut Style Pet Bed. It has a 35" diameter and a 4.8 out of a five-star review.

Calming Dog offers the Calming Cuddle Bed and the Calming Cuddle Bed Plus. The Cuddle Bed Plus features memory foam but is less expensive than the Barkbox bed. Calming Dog beds are similar to these other beds, lined with faux fur like Best Friends, a non-skid pad like Active Pets, and memory foam like Barkbox.

Calming Dog's beds also have a unique feature. There's a pocket that houses their Calming Inserts that emit calming scents. These contain a valerian oil-based formula with other natural ingredients like vetiver, sweet basil, and clary sage oils.

Dog rests on a donut dog bed

Donut Miss Out on This Bed

From Best Friends by Sheri to Calming Dog, many companies have adopted the style and shape of the donut bed. Before you dive into the donut, observe your dog's sleeping patterns. Do they sprawl out and take up as much room as possible?

Depending on their size, a donut bed may not work. For a small dog, a donut bed easily accommodates their size, regardless of their sleeping position.

If your dog doesn't have a bed, consider getting a donut dog bed -- especially if they suffer from anxiety. It helps them get a good night's sleep and gives you peace of mind. Do-nut pass up the opportunity to give them a bed they love!

Note: References to prices and rankings are current as of April 2023.

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