Helping Your Coton De Tulear With Separation Anxiety

coton de tulear sitting in the grass

Coton De Tulear dogs are adorable little puppies. This breed is a great companion dog because of how attached it becomes to its owner. This little dog will be the best dog for people who want a pup to go with them everywhere because this breed never wants to be left behind. However, every pet parent can't take their furry family member to work, the grocery store, or on every errand they run. Because of their intense desire to be with their owners, this breed becomes increasingly attached and tends to struggle with separation anxiety. Pet owners can become informed on separation anxiety and learn how best to care for their pet's situation.

Coton De Tulear

Some small dog breeds define lapdogs in a new way, and the Coton De Tulear breed is one of them. This dog loves its owner and tends to bond especially close to one person. This breed will follow that person to the ends of the Earth. These dogs love being near their people so much they'll even follow them to the bathroom. The sweet puppy has a clownish personality. On average, the breed is small and only weighs between 8 to 13 pounds. This small dog breed can grow to stand between 8 and 12 inches. Coton De Tulear puppies are very friendly animals. They got along well with other animals and strangers too. As long as these dogs get plenty of training, they can get along well with everyone. This breed is also super cuddly and would love to spend the day next to their owners. Because of how much they like their owners, this breed is known to suffer from bad anxiety, usually because of their separation anxiety issues. All owners need to know is how to help their pets with separation anxiety, which begins with knowing what causes anxiety in dogs.

Separation Anxiety Causes

Many dog breeds suffer from anxiety and things similar to that. They might face stress and anxiety from experiencing past traumatic events. Some animals have experienced abuse, neglect, homelessness, and abandonment. Many dogs with memories of experiences like that are deeply saddened by it and often struggle not to allow their past to haunt their present. These dogs get easily startled by anything that reminds them of their past. Also, some breeds like the Coton De Tulear are extremely attached to their owners, so they might feel nervous or worried when their owners are away for a long time. If people leave their pets alone for too long, they can begin to panic. It can be challenging for some owners to leave their Coton De Tulear puppies alone when they know how much anxiety it causes their dogs. Some owners might even feel guilty for going to work, but they shouldn't. Instead, they should learn about the different symptoms anxiety can present itself in a dog. Dogs with anxiety usually show similar symptoms, so once owners begin to decipher those symptoms, they can better assist their pets in relieving their stress.

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Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Many symptoms can accompany a dog with anxiety, but there are a few important factors to remember when identifying these symptoms in your pet. First, dogs typically show more than one symptom when they have anxiety and may not be present simultaneously. Your dog could show different symptoms in the succession of each other, so if you see more than one sign present within a few minutes, your pet has anxiety. Secondly, while dogs share many symptoms, not every dog will show symptoms similarly. Dogs communicate through body language, and once your spend plenty of time with your Coton De Tulear puppy, you'll begin to understand your pet's specific body language style. Lastly, when you examine the anxiety symptoms your pet shows, you need to identify their symptoms' intensity. If your Coton De Tulear has more minor symptoms of separation anxiety, it will be easier to treat them. Subtler examples of anxiety are dogs getting excited when their owners return from being away for a long time. It is a subtle symptom because dogs get excited when their owners return after being away for a while. But, some dogs will do this a little more intensely, which can signify separation anxiety. Other more subtle signs of anxiety are if a dog tucks their tail, holds its ears back, or barks. Some dogs can get vocal in other ways, like whining or howling. Dogs that are a little more stressed out might move around more. They can become restless, pace, and refuse to lie down or stand close to their owners. Some animals might try to block their owners from leaving, or they may try to escape the house first. Sometimes dogs with a move intense anxiety might try to grab at their owners and prevent them from leaving. Some pets can even urinate, defecate, or vomit because of their anxiety, although these are usually very intense symptoms. One of the most common signs that your dog has more than a mild type of separation anxiety is if they refuse to eat when you're away and trash the house when you leave. Many owners mistakenly think their dog's signs of anxiety are acts of disobedience, but this is not the case. Especially when it comes to a very loyal breed like the Coton De Tulear, these pets are likely to suffer from a semi-mild variety of separation anxiety. Their symptoms can be better or worse depending on how much activity and attention they receive.

Methods to Helping Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

There are plenty of ways owners can help their anxiety-ridden pooch relieve their symptoms. All they have to do is be willing to work with their dog to figure out what works best for their situation. It's best to pick a method based on how intense your pet's condition is. If you try one method that doesn't work, don't despair. Owners should consider trying multiple options before ruling one out. If you try feeding your dog calming supplements that don't help them, try giving them the right amount of exercise and supplements, or try training them with supplements. You may find better results by utilizing more than one method. Also, remember that dogs with more intense symptoms will need much more support to help relieve their anxiety. You will likely need to try at least four or five methods to help dogs urinate or defecate due to anxiety. Owners can help their dogs no matter what as long as they stay persistent and open-minded to the possibilities.

coton de tulear sitting in the grass


Dog CBD has been a newer tactic used by many puppy parents. This method has been successful for many pet parents as they use it to treat their dog's anxiety. If your Coton De Tulear has more severe anxiety, they'll need more than just CBD, but dog CBD can still be very beneficial. This method can help dogs in situations of noise-induced anxiety or social anxiety. But if pet owners feel guilty about leaving their separation anxiety-ridden Coton De Tulear alone, they shouldn't. You can give your pet some dog CBD about thirty minutes before leaving, and hopefully, the CBD will help them feel more relaxed in your absence.

Calming Supplements

Not all pet owners feel secure in giving their dogs CBD. While that method is very popular, there is not an extensive amount of research done to show exactly how CBD affects a dog's health. But, instead of CBD, many certified and safe calming supplements are available for the same uses dog CBD offers. Pet owners can use these secure calming zen treats to help their pets with anxiety. You can give this to your pet if you're anticipating a loud storm. You can also give your pet some calming supplements if you're about to leave for multiple hours. This method is great for dogs with mild or severe symptoms. However, dogs with a more intense version of anxiety will need these in addition to another claiming method.

Safe Spaces

Another newly popular method many pet owners use to help their pets de-stress is safe spaces. A safe space is an area dedicated to helping your pet calm down. These spaces can be small rooms or specific areas in a room where your dog can go to relax or step away from a stressful situation. Dogs will need access to this room at all times, so owners usually put it in a spare room or in a corner in their bedrooms. It would help if you gave your dog somewhere comfortable to rest, like in a nice dog bed, cage, or on a pile of blankets. You can even offer all three options if you want your pet to be ultra-comfortable. Adding dog food, water, or a bowl of zen treats is also a good idea. These things can make your pet feel more secure since they can stay there as long as needed. Some owners take it even further and give their pets aromatherapy and music therapy by adding calming dog scents or playing classical music in the space. Owners can put whatever they think will help their dog calm down in these safe spaces. These won't be enough to calm a dog down if they have severe anxiety, but it's a good idea to have this for any anxious dog, no matter how anxious they may get.

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If your Coton De Tulear has severe or mild separation anxiety, it can be hard to find ways to help them remain calm in your absence. One of the ways to help them be calmer, in general, is to ensure they're meeting their activity needs. If you don't already, you should take your dog for a daily walk, which can help them feel calmer more often. However, if you already provide them with regular physical activities, you should consider possibly providing extra, or timing your daily walks, so they're right before your leave your home. If your pet has separation anxiety every time you leave for work, take them on a walk immediately before leaving. This way, your pet should already be happy for the outdoor time and have a good bit of their energy expelled when they go on a walk.

Obedience Training

Sometimes, training can be the perfect mental stimulus your pet needs to reduce their anxiety. If dogs aren't trained or don't have regular mental stimulation, they can develop many issues. Dogs without mental activity will develop disobedient habits and possibly depression. These dogs can act out because they have so much energy, and owners can end up confused by their otherwise wonderful puppy's actions. One of the best ways to help your Coton De Tulear puppy is by providing obedience training. These training sessions will work best if animals are only given positive interaction and have plenty of motive for these sessions. It means that pet parents should stick to short training activities. It's best to try to keep everything as brief as possible. Then dogs will love training sessions and bond closely with their owner. Owners can even work on training dogs out of their separation anxiety, which can take a lot of time and practice but can be extremely beneficial. However, these methods can also give dogs plenty of mental activity and provide ease to a worried mind.

Enrichment Activities

Similar to obedience training, enrichment activities are great at providing exercise and mental activity to Coton De Tulear puppies. Enrichment activities are designed to give dogs physical and mental stimulation. There are tons of activities owners can pick from, and if you practice these right before leaving, your Coton De Tulear might be tired and relaxed enough that they nap through your absence instead of facing anxiety and stress.

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Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are the type of method that works for some dogs, but not every dog will enjoy these. For a Coton De Tulear puppy to enjoy puzzle toys, it must be trained to like them. Owners have to use treats their pet wants to teach them how to complete puzzle toys. Once your pet can do very basic puzzles, you may begin to give them harder ones and more challenging toys. If your Coton De Tulear puppy enjoys these, you can give them difficult puzzle toys before leaving for a long day. It helps dogs stay distracted while you go, and they're with something they're familiar with. It won't work if your pet is so anxious that they don't eat because the main motivation of puzzle toys is the treats inside. If your dog loves puzzle toys, pet parents can make this method extra effective by including things like calming treats or dog CBD chews.


Counterconditioning is one of the last methods dog owners can consider treating their Coton De Tulear's separation anxiety. This method is a long-lasting training technique that's been effective on many other dogs. Owners must hire a professional dog behaviorist or trainer to help their pets through this training program. Only professionals have the knowledge and skillset possible to provide this training. It's a very costly and time-consuming process which is why it isn't recommended for all types of anxiety. Owners should only consider counterconditioning if their dog has intensely severe forms of separation anxiety. In this case, owners can provide many other calming methods besides counterconditioning. This way, while the training is ongoing, you can put your dog at ease with something like puzzle toys or calming treats.

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Owners can care for their Coton puppy by observing their behavior. If you are passionate about helping your dog remain calm and maintain a more positive environment, then applying one of these methods is the best way to help them. No matter what, dogs in this breed will likely struggle with separation anxiety, but owners can help their pets ignore and overcome these anxieties. 
With positive reinforcement, owners can help an adult dog develop better habits and decrease overall anxiety. Coton De Tulears aren't low-maintenance animals, so helping them overcome this separation anxiety will likely require much time. Owners might have to put up with destructive behavior and bad habits while their pet is still getting used to bettering their separation anxiety. But if you utilize the right methods, you can help relieve your dog f their symptoms. In some situations, you can erase your dog's anxiety altogether. Owners must stay focused, patient, and persistent, and they can help their dog maintain a better lifestyle overall. 

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