How to Help Your Brindle Cane Corso Overcome Stress

Brindle Cane Corso Dog Playing

The Brindle Cane Corso has quite a lot of energy. These animals have a strong prey drive and are considered sensitive to common anxiety triggers. Trainers often agree that the reason for high levels of stress in Cane Corsos stems from various sources.

First, the Cane Corso is a high-energy dog breed that requires frequent exercise. In general, when owners fail to exercise their animals properly, their excess energy may manifest as stress. Unfortunately, the brindle Cane Corso is more prone to this type of stress than other animals. Cane Corsos are working-class animals. They are large and exceptionally energetic. Understanding their exercise needs is essential in keeping them happy and reducing their stress.

Additionally, Cane Corsos often look to their owners for guidance in many situations. Despite being large and frequently "testing the boundaries" set by their owners, the Cane Corso seeks direction and feedback to determine their actions. These animals tend to prefer performing tasks as determined by their owners. This behavior leads to them looking to their owners for instruction during stressful situations. As a brindle Cane Corso owner, you must help your dog establish independence, set boundaries, and effectively socialize them to reduce the likelihood of stress and anxiety in unfamiliar situations.

Finally, many owners agree that the Cane Corso is prone to separation anxiety. There are plenty of causes for separation anxiety, which is why owners must take the necessary steps to help reduce the stress their Cane Corso feels when left alone. While some of the tricks to overcoming separation anxiety fall into the category of proper exercise, other strategies can help ease your dog's stress too. Additionally, there are various calming treats and other products that may help your dog relax in your absence.

Navigating the waters of uncertainty that come with stress in your brindle Cane Corso can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you don't have to try to understand the ins and outs of your dog's anxiety on your own. There are tons of great resources, training techniques, and calming products designed with your dog in mind.

Decoding Stress in Your Brindle Cane Corso

Before you learn to treat stress in your Cane Corso, you must understand what stress signals are and how your dog displays them. The brindle Cane Corso is prone to anxiety due to a variety of factors. Understanding how your pet reacts to stress can help you know when they need your help.

What does stress look like in a brindle Cane Corso? For most dogs, signs of stress can look somewhat like signs of stress in humans. They may also have unusual body posture and walk with their head down and shoulders hunched, appearing tense and restless. Alternatively, they may shake and tremble or urinate inside when they wouldn't normally.

All of these are relatively normal signs of stress in humans, as well. Dogs may also have some specific ways they exhibit stress, such as panting, yawning, excessive barking, and whining. Cane Corsos that often eat on a regular schedule may refuse food or eat less than usual. Additionally, they might behave aggressively, destructively, or try to hide from a perceived threat.

These are only some of the behaviors that your brindle Cane Corso may exhibit when stressed. As an owner, you should do your best to monitor and understand your dog's body language. If you notice their body language is out of the ordinary for them, it may indicate that something is stressing them out. For instance, if you see your dog is wide-eyed, with its ears back and tail tucked, that might be an indicator of anxiety if it's outside their normal behavior.

What Causes Stress for a Brindle Cane Corso?

Dogs can become stressed out and anxious for many different reasons. However, there are four common reasons for stress in dogs. While these four categories are not the only reasons your dog may become stressed or anxious, they're the reasons most owners often encounter.

Confusion and Memory Loss with Age

As dogs start to get older, they may experience some issues with their memory. In this way, dogs are often like humans. Unlike humans, however, dogs have no way of verbally communicating to us that they're confused or have forgotten something.

Imagine how scary it would be for you to one day wake up and not recognize your surroundings, even though you know you've been living in this house for most of your adult life? You would be reasonably afraid. When dogs go through this process, they have far fewer means of understanding and communicating the problem to you.

If you have a Corso that's getting older, the source of their stress may be a result of their old age.

Fear and Anxiety

Like humans, dogs can also be afraid of everyday situations. Because your brindle Cane Corso can't communicate with you verbally, they don't always understand what's going on in their surroundings. Perfectly normal occurrences, such as a thunderstorm or a vacuum cleaner, can cause them to become anxious and stressed out. Your dog may not understand what is and isn't a threat because they don't have the same understanding we do in these situations.

Alternatively, many dogs are afraid of new situations for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, your brindle Cane Corso is already highly sensitive to new sights, scents, and other undiscovered forms of stimulation. Dogs have a great sense of smell alongside incredible hearing and eyesight. New noisy environments or other stimulating activities can overwhelm dogs and make them afraid, inducing a stress response.

Ultimately, evaluating and reading your dog's body language is an essential skill for dog owners. You should learn to tell when your dog is stressed, anxious, or otherwise afraid and react accordingly. Keep in mind that some dogs react to stressful situations with aggression. Learning to notice when your dog is stressed and help them deal with their emotions effectively is essential in these circumstances.

Separation Anxiety in Brindle Cane Corsos

Separation anxiety is another common cause of stress in dogs. The reasons behind separation anxiety can vary from dog to dog. For instance, many rescue dogs develop separation anxiety due to abandonment. Alternatively, dogs that have recently experienced a household move may develop separation anxiety from feeling uncertain in their new home. Changes within the home can also trigger this behavior. If you've recently had a roommate or other family member leave your home, your brindle Cane Corso could develop separation anxiety resulting from a fear of abandonment.

Unfortunately, some animals are prone to separation anxiety in general. Animals who suffer from separation anxiety also often exhibit dependent behaviors. They may often look to their owner for guidance or stay nearby when off-leash at public parks. Like humans, some animals encounter this type of anxiety without any real "reason" beyond nervousness.

Your Actions and Emotions

Recent research suggests that dogs can develop anxiety resulting from their owner's behavior and mental state. When you take a step back and consider it, this theory makes sense. Your brindle Cane Corso may pick up on the fact you're stressed out, angry, or otherwise upset. Because dogs are loyal companions and have a natural drive to please, they may become stressed as a result. They don't understand why you're upset, and they don't know how to fix it. If you find yourself frequently stressed out, your dog may be becoming stressed out on your behalf as well.

Alternatively, you may be unintentionally causing your dog stress during your interactions. Your brindle Cane Corso likely thrives best when following a routine. Breaking this pattern can cause undue stress to your dog. You can also stress your dog out by unintentionally giving them confusing commands, punishing them unnecessarily, or staring them directly in the eyes.

Finally, one of the ways we unintentionally stress our pets out the most is by telling them that "it's okay." While those words are comforting, and it likely seems natural to comfort your brindle Cane Corso, they will eventually begin to associate the phrase with the circumstances that cause them stress. Ultimately, they think that the saying, "it's okay" must mean that they're going to encounter something that, by their definition, is most certainly not, "okay."

Overcoming Stress with Your Brindle Cane Corso

Now that you understand why your brindle Cane Corso is stressed, it's time to learn what to do about it. There are many different ways you can choose to help your dog overcome their stress and anxiety. Remember that each dog you encounter is unique, and they'll all react differently to different solutions. What works for one of your pets might not work for your brindle Cane Corso. Consider preparing yourself to try multiple methods to help your dog overcome their anxiety and fear. Additionally, don't get frustrated if you feel like your dog isn't making progress. Unlearning fear and stress responses will take time, compassion, and patience on your part.

Training and Consistency

Many professionals agree that obedience training is an essential tool in preventing and managing stress in your brindle Cane Corso. Inexperienced handlers may feel that training would be an additional cause for anxiety. However, research shows that the majority of dogs interact positively with training measures.

When you train your dog and teach them commands, it can reduce the anxiety they feel when they're in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Training helps develop a bond, establishes healthy boundaries, and establishes trust between you two. Once your dog understands that you have a specific set of expectations regarding their behavior, you remove a layer of uncertainty from most situations. Your dog trusts you to provide guidance and understand how they should act. Ultimately, it takes away the stress of responding to stimulus themselves.

Build Confidence and Independence

Your brindle Cane Corso may suffer from separation anxiety when you leave. As previously mentioned, there are many different reasons why your dog may experience this type of anxiety. Understanding what causes their separation anxiety is always a great place to start. Once you know why your dog is anxious when you leave, you decide how best to address the issue.

Training your dog to relax when you're not home is often a multi-step process. While you may choose to start with basic obedience training, you may need to work on developing your dog's confidence and independence when you're away. The brindle Cane Corso often relies on its owner quite a bit. Therefore, you may need to work with your Corso to learn independence. These skills teach your dog to relax and feel at ease when they're alone, ultimately reducing stress and destructive behaviors as a result.

Re-examine Your Brindle Cane Corso's Routine

Routines are vital to your Corso's well-being and happiness. Typically, dogs base their day on your schedule. Inconsistency can cause anxiety in dogs, as it throws off their understanding of time. Developing a predictable daily routine can help your dog feel relaxed and secure each day.

Naturally, there will be times that you're not able to follow your routine as planned. However, your Corso relies on you for consistency and direction. If you're unable to maintain a regular schedule, your dog can start to develop feelings of uncertainty. They become unsure of what to expect or what particular events will happen, and performing the "guesswork" increases stress. Helping your dog maintain a consistent routine eliminates these issues.

Make Time to Exercise Your Brindle Cane Corso

As a breed, Corsos are considered high-energy dogs. Their prey drive and working-class status mean they have a ridiculous amount of energy. However, excessive energy can present itself as stress and anxiety in dogs. Additionally, exercise reduces tension in your dog and allows them to relax without feeling the need to get up and move around.

Finally, regular exercise helps prevent boredom. Many animal experts say that a tired dog is a good dog. Animals get stressed out when they're bored, and it can often lead to destruction, separation anxiety, and other adverse stress reactions. By making sure that your dog has plenty of exercises, you're helping them shed their excess energy and relax throughout the day.

Consider Calming Products for your Brindle Cane Corso

Occasionally, we all need to unwind with some self-care. The same principle applies to your pets. That's why there's a wide range of calming dog products to help your dog relax and feel secure, no matter the circumstances.

These products may not eliminate your dog's anxiety and stress. However, they can help reduce the negative side effects of stress and reduce their overall anxiety. These products serve a variety of purposes. Some brindle Cane Corso owners may choose to take advantage of calming treats, while others might utilize sprays. Comforting beds and thunder vests are also great options for dogs that react positively to physical comfort.

Ultimately, calming dog products are one of the best solutions to reduce the overall anxiety and stress your brindle Cane Corso feels throughout the day. The products help your dog relax, eliminate destructive behaviors, and promote their overall health and wellness. However, you may need to try multiple products to find what works best for your pet. Each animal reacts differently. What works for one pet may not work for another, so you might need to try different things to find what works best.

Talk to Your Vet

In some instances, you may want to consider talking with your vet about your dog's anxiety. Some animals may experience stress as a result of medical conditions. Making sure that your dog is in good health is essential. If your pet starts experiencing stress from a medical condition, it's also best that you notify your vet as early as possible. A simple checkup can make the difference in understanding how easy your dog's health concerns are to treat.

Plus, some dogs may benefit from anti-anxiety medications prescribed by your vet. Because brindle Cane Corsos sometimes experience anxiety and stress as a result of their genetics, you may wish to discuss medication options at your next visit. Your dog's vet can determine how serious the condition is and help you develop a treatment plan that benefits both you and your brindle Cane Corso.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways you can help relieve your Corso's stress. The most important part of helping your brindle Cane Corso overcome stress and anxiety is understanding how your dog feels and what they react best to. Finding a solution that helps them overcome stress can seem challenging at first. However, with time and patience, it becomes easier.

Your primary job as a dog owner is to remain understanding and patient with your Cane Corso throughout the process. Consider utilizing a mix of calming products, training, exercise, and a routine to get a good head-start on tackling their stress and anxiety issues today. 

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