How To Help Your Cockapoodle Manage Stress and Anxiety

How To Help Your Cockapoodle Manage Stress and Anxiety - Calming Dog

What do you get when you cross the magnificent Cocker Spaniel with the humble Poodle? A sweet bundle of energy, curly hairs, and a ridiculous name, that's what! But your little bundle of Cockapoodle Joy might need some extra care and attention, particularly as they are a breed prone to stress and anxiety. So why do Cockapoodles experience such stress and anxiety? Because Cockapoodles are an intelligent breed, and like humans, their favorite fellow intelligent breed, intelligence can lead to emotional connection and bonding, and some stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help your favorite friend handle their worst fears and inhibitions. 

Cockapoodles Are An Intelligent Breed

You've probably figured out by now that your particular bundle of fun is not like other dogs. Cockapoodles are extremely affectionate, and bond quickly with you and their other favorite humans. They are smart, emotionally astute, and great with kids. Cockapoodles do not like to be left home alone, and fear of that can cause anxiety in them. Don't underestimate your Cockapoodles ability to understand you and anticipate negative changes in its environment.  

Cockapoodles Are One of the Most Likely Breeds To Develop Stress and Anxiety

Cockapoodles are one of the top breeds of dogs most likely to develop stress and anxiety, specifically separation anxiety. Other breeds include Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers. This mainly stems from the bonding that Cockapoodles do with their owner, which is particularly strong compared to other breeds of dog. 

Cockapoodles Are Very Loyal

You will have noticed by now that your Cockapoodle is a loyal creature. This makes them excellent guardians of the yard, and wonderful dogs to have around children. But, it is a consideration to make, that Cockapoodles need your loyalty in return. Surely they deserve that much? And because of their extra loyalty, they are even less happy to watch you go.

Cockapoodles Form Easy Attachments

Cockapoodles are quick to love. Find a new boyfriend? Have a child? Grandma comes over to visit? Best of luck getting your Cockapoodle to leave them alone. A great touchy-feely dog, the Cockapoodle is anything but aloof. This extremely friendly dog breed wants nothing more than to make friends with everyone and not have to let anyone go.

What Are Signs My Cockapoodle is Stressed and Anxious?

Your Cockapoodle Exhibits Destructive Behavior

Picture it: You left for work today, and your loyal friend wasn't happy to see you go. Whining, howling, the whole nine yards. But it's alright, you think to yourself. What's the worst that could happen?

Fast forward to when you get home, expecting to see your living room in the pristine condition you left it in, when, lo and behold- cushions ripped to shreds, stuffing spread across the floor, trashcans knocked asunder and their contents flung about. What sort of wild, crazed beast could have caused such mayhem?

Surprise! It's probably your Cockapoodle, dealing with separation anxiety. Before you scream and shout, and let it all out, you need to remember that your Cockapoodle isn't doing any of this destructive behavior as a form of revenge, punishing you for having the gall to abandon him while you went gallivanting to your day job. No, destructive behavior is just a noticeable way that your Cockapoodle is trying to work through his stress.

Your Cockapoodle Cockapoos on the Floor

A fun little extra present or two might be found amidst the wreckage of your living room. Perhaps in his stressed mayhem your Cockapoodle Cockapooed a few cockalogs on the floor. He might have cockapeed a little, too. It happens! It's messy, but this is another side effect of separation anxiety. Uncontrollable bowels and excited excreting are your Cockapoodle's last resort ways of coping with stress. This probably had very little to do with him having to use the little Cockapoodles room, but letting him outside to answer the call of the wild before you go about your day can help negate the chance of these little accidents happening again.

Your Cockapoodle Whines and Gets Upset When You Leave

High pitched whines, rubbing up against your leg, sitting on your lap, barking, even acting aggressively: these are all ways your Cockapoodle might be trying to tell you that he's stressed and doesn't want you to go anywhere. Does that mean you shouldn't go anywhere? Not at all. You are going to need to help your furry friend deal with the fact that, from time to time, you are going to have to venture into the outside world and do human things with other humans. 

Your Cockapoodle Doesn't Want to Leave Your Side

It's hard to blame your Cockapoodle for wanting to stay with you every hour of every day; you are the most important person in his life. But if he's showing particular clinginess, this too can be a sign of stress and needs to be dealt with in a healthier manner. And it isn't as simple as pawning him off on someone else in the house, as easy a solution as this might seem! You need to be strict with your Cockapoodle and let him know that this behavior won't stand, but also soft enough that you don't stress him out further.

Your Cockapoodle Gets Aggressive and Mean

What does aggression from your adorable Cockapoodle look like? Barking, whining, growling, and biting are all things you do not want to ignore. But don't react with aggression back! Cockapoodles are gentle creatures and shouldn't be interacted with harshly. Remember: they aren't trying to cause trouble, they are just going through stress and anxiety.

Your Cockapoodle Has Health Issues Such as Diarrhea

If you notice your Cockapoodle's little natural gifts looking a little more liquid than usual, that's worth a trip to the vet. If there isn't an underlying sickness, or even if there is, this can often be attributed to stress, and is something you'll need to consider. If you notice your Cockapoodle limping or in pain, this could be an injury brought on by stress. In any case, it deserves a trip to the vet.

What Are the Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Cockapoodles?

Your Cockapoodle Might Be Lonely

Don't go running out to get another Cockapoodle companion, though! Getting another dog might feel like a solution, but it is a band-aid at best and the underlying problems still need to be dealt with. And you don't want to get another dog who might have anxiety of his own to deal with unless you are sure you have a handle on it! But loneliness could very well be a contributing factor to your dog's stress and, most likely, is. 

Your Cockapoodle Might Just Be Settling In

Cockapoodles who have been recently adopted can sometimes just need to adapt, whether that is to a new home, new family, new diet, if something has recently changed, it's time to be gentle and ease your dog into the new groove of things. This is okay, and it will only be temporary, and much easier a problem to solve than some of the other possible reasons for stress and anxiety in your dog.

Be sure to introduce your Cockapoodle to the house slowly, and don't overwhelm him with new things. As he's getting acclimated, try to keep a consistent schedule. You might consider getting a Calming Fountain to help with the transition, as these water containers are specifically designed to help dogs acclimate to their surroundings. 

Your Cockapoodle Might Have Health Problems

If there is any thought that your Cockapoodle might be having health issues, from limping or strenuous activity or worms or any other physical indicators, take them to the vet. Cockapoodles know when there's something wrong with them and that affects their mental health, and can be quite taxing. Cockapoodles are prone to hip injuries and worms, and an eye should be kept out for both of these conditions. Never neglect your Cockapoodle's health, and be sure to keep them out of the garbage or other unhealthy places to eat.

Your Cockapoodle Might Need More Toys and Stimulation

Cockapoodles need a lot of stimulation! If you are struggling to keep your friend happy, consider getting more things to attract their attention! Having plenty of toys lying about, and giving your Cockapoodles plenty of time outside to play, will help keep them energized and entertained.

Getting another dog might not be the worst idea in the world, just make sure you are ready for it! Having two Cockapoodles is a great way to keep them both engaged and entertained. It's just important to know that buying a second dog before the first one is acclimated is a good recipe for disaster, so be prepared to wait a while before making this happy purchase.

Your Cockapoodle Might Be Spoiled

There is no such thing as showing your Cockapoodle too much love, but it is very possible to show your Cockapoodle too little discipline. If your dog is acting particularly ill-behaved, then maybe it's time to start a new training regimen. Cockapoodles need strictly set feeding schedules, going on walks, and they need to be trained.

Having treats handy will help in the training of your Cockapoodle. If you are having trouble getting your fine friend to eat normal treats, you might try some Calming Zen Chews, which are made specifically to help dogs with stress and anxiety. They are made with pet-safe calming agents, such as Chamomile, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan. Try using them for positive reinforcement while training Cockapoodles and see superior results.

Your Cockapoodle Might Just Have That Kind Of Personality

Sometimes you just win the lottery and end up with a Cockapoodle with an anxious personality, or one that is easily stressed. That's okay! You will just have to work with your furry friend and be more patient in helping them cope. 

It might be a good idea to invest in a special therapeutic blanket, such as the Calming Cuddle Blanket, which is a strong, resilient, stress-defying fluffy blanket built to feel to your Cockapoodle like a friendly warm hug. This can help your life companion feel loved and safe.

Your Cockapoodle Might Have Suffered Prior Trauma

Your Cockapoodle might have had an owner before you, and that owner might not have treated them well. Of course, you will treat your Cockapoodle like the finest thing that ever lived, but he doesn't know that yet. Seeing you leave for work, he might think he's being abandoned again. Any raised voices from you might be just that, but for the Cockapoodle, they might be reminiscent of a more violent owner.

How Can I Help My Cockapoodle?

You Can Start Training Your Cockapoodle

Using Calming Zen Chews and a rigorous training technique can help your Cockapoodle get some much needed structure in their life. Teaching them basic tricks will help them learn to obey you, and giving them little jobs to do is a great way to teach them to be a part of your team. Before too long, they'll be your fit little warrior, ready to guard the house and engage in structured playtime while still being the bundle of joy you adore!

You Can Take Your Cockapoodle On Walks

Walks are an excellent habit for every dog owner to get into with their dogs. Cockapoodles are particularly energetic and walks are a great way to shed some of that excess energy, especially before leaving your dog alone. Let them chase the wildlife, swim in a creek, learn to go on runs with you. What better way to bond with Cockapoodles?

Once you guys get back from your walk, your Cockapoodle will probably be tired out and ready to sleep. Congratulations, your plan has succeeded. If your dog is having trouble lying down, you might consider getting a Calming Cuddle Bed, which is made specifically for dogs struggling with anxiety and stress. These bad boys come in all sorts of colors and fit any size dog you can think of. Your Cockapoodle is bound to appreciate the therapeutic fluffiness!

You Can Show Your Cockapoodle Affection

Love, and kisses, and hugs are all important tools of affection. Talk to your dog and let him know you aren't going anywhere. Dogs aren't cats: they need a lot of reassurance that they are, in fact, a good boy. Let your favorite Cockapoodle feel that emotional connection that he craves; nothing is better at reducing stress.

Don't make too much of a habit of large shows of affection immediately before you leave, however. This can cause Cockapoodles to think there is a chance they can convince you to stay, and this can leave them confused and hurt. You want to avoid that. Give your loving goodbyes at least a half hour before you leave, then keep a slight distance to send the message to your best friend that it's time for you to head out, and he needs to stay on his best behavior.

You Can Leave Background Noise Playing When You Go

Research has shown that Cockapoodles respond well to white noise and it can help calm them. Certainly worth a shot. Just leave some classic music or other nonintrusive noise running in the background to give your Cockapoodle a gentle reassurance that all is well and he can go take a nap or engage in behavior less destructive than tearing up your sofa.

You Can Be Strict... But Not Too Strict

It is crucial that you avoid raising your voice or getting violent: these things agitate and stress out Cockapoodles, and most dogs. And people. By all means, maintain a strict schedule and training regimen, but don't overdo it, and be watching your dog and making sure he is keeping up and not getting more stressed out than he already was.

It's also worth noting here that going out training or engaging in strict behavior right when your Cockapoodle is feeling particularly vulnerable isn't always the best thing to do. If you turn on the negative reinforcement when he is feeling bad, this does more harm than good. Treat your buddy right in sensitive moments and save the strict regimen for later.


There are few dogs more rewarding and energetic than Cockadoodles, and the extra love in your life is more than worth helping them deal with some anxiety of their own. Keeping on top of energy levels, training, health, and diet are all surefire ways to help your favorite furry friend cope with any emotions they might be feeling. You are well on your way to having a happy Cockapoodle-filled life together.

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