How To Help Your French Pitbull Manage Stress and Anxiety

How To Help Your French Pitbull Manage Stress and Anxiety - Calming Dog

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French Pitbulls are snuggly, interesting companions. But, if your French Pitbull has been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety lately, you need help fast. In this article, we'll learn how to identify the stressors in your dog's environment and how to deal with them decisively.

Dogs are man's best friends because they are highly intelligent and social animals. Although dogs can't express themselves through words, they find a way to do that using their body language. These animals are also conscious of the mood and temperament of members of the household. When looking at the different dog breeds and species available today, you'll find that French Pitbulls are incomparable companions for urban pet owners. A French Pitbull is energetic, easily gets attached to others, and always loves to be the center of attention in every room. These dogs also have an admirable, calm nature, but they can get agitated and stressed, too. These well-behaved and adorable puppies do not fare well in a stressful environment.

How Do You Deal With Anxiety and Stress in a French Pitbull?

A French Pitbull will recover from stress if you spend enough time with them. Do your best to make the dog comfortable by setting up a kennel, and you may also invest in non-prescription alternatives.

Taking care of your French Pitbull after it has been stressed is not so easy. You have to constantly monitor the dog and pay attention to its body language. The first thing you need to do is identify the causes of the dog's stress and find a way to deal with it. To properly identify the stressors in a dog's environment, you need to understand the dog's body language and the symptoms of stress.

Now, let's check the issue of stress and anxiety in French Pitbulls.

What's Stressing Your French Pitbull?

Before getting a dog for yourself, do your research and learn about its body language. Changes in body language are a clear indication of the dog's physical and mental health. Below are some of the common factors identified as stressors for French Pitbulls, although some of these factors may lead to stress in other dog species too.

A Change of Environment

All dogs are sensitive to their present surroundings, especially a French Pitbull. When you decide to move to another apartment or part of the city, your little French Pitbull will take some time to recover. As soon as you get into the new environment, some behavioral changes are immediately noticeable in the dog. Be ready to attend to your dog for a few days before it gets used to the new location.

Death of A Family Member

These little dogs become attached to people and their families quickly. As a result, they are aware of little changes in the atmosphere in the home. When you lose a family member, the French Pitbull will become stressed, sad, and anxious. It's because the dog feels miserable about the person's absence.

Being Left Alone at Home

Every dog hates being left at home for long hours. The French Pitbull loves to be the center of attention and attraction and would not fare well when it's left alone for long hours. When you abandon your dog at home for an extended period, they will feel lonely, depressed, and, eventually, become stressed.

Introducing Another Pet Into the Mix

These cute little dogs love to receive all the care and attention in the world. Bringing in another pet would divide the attention you give to your Frenchie. This would lead to stress, sadness, and depression in the current dog.

Sudden Changes to Daily Routine

Don't surprise your French Pitbull with sudden changes to your daily routines. Understandably, you may get bored by following the same routine repeatedly. If you intend to make any changes to how you handle your Frenchie, make sure to introduce it to your pet slowly, or risk them becoming sad.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Just like humans, dogs can also show signs of PTSD. If your French Pitbull came from a rescue group or shelter home, there is a high chance that the dog may already be stressed. Their anxiety may be a result of neglect, abuse, or trauma from their early life. This type of dog needs to be cared for to return them to its natural, energetic state.

What Are the Symptoms of Stress in a French Pitbull?

When your French Pitbull is stressed, it's impossible to determine its level of sadness or stress. All you can do is notice the symptoms of the stress displayed through different behavioral changes. These are some of the signs that indicate your French Pitbull is stressed:


Growling is an easy way to know if your dog is stressed out. It could indicate that someone is invading their personal space, that they are feeling intimidated, or that something is bothering them. It's not always meant to be aggressive, but it's usually a sign that your dog is feeling anxious.

Many people try to stop their dogs from growling by using various methods. However, if a dog is punished for the behavior, it may be more prone to disregard future warnings and proceed to get aggressive. Do not punish your dog for growling. Respect their space instead, or find another way to care for them. If a dog is growling over food, for example, give them some space so they can eat in peace.

Frequent Panting

If you own a French Pitbull, you know that these little dogs are energetic and would happily run around a room. Because of their nature, they tend to overheat and pant to release the tension. However, a bad sign would be watching your French Pitbull pant frequently without any obvious physical activity.

Constant Nose Licking

There's a popular fact that Pitbulls never lick their noses. They use their noses to smell their surroundings, pick up different scents, and even introduce themselves to people and other pets. However, when you find your pitbull licking its nose when confronted by people or other animals, it's a sign your animal is not socializing. And it could be an indicator of stress.

Frequent Sleeping

A French Pitbull that's stressed will find itself sleeping all through the day. That's how they deal with sadness, depression, stress, and loneliness. On average, French Pitbulls are lazy and sleep between 12 – 14 hours every day. So, if you notice your dog sleeping more than usual, it may be a sign that you need to take action and intervene.

Loss of Appetite

When people feel depressed, they lose interest in food, and this is exactly what happens to a French Pitbull. A sad French Pitbull will have little or no interest in food. Instead, they would prefer to stay alone and sulk in a corner.

Unusual Destructive Behavior

Known for their attachment to their owners, French Pitbulls are prone to separation anxiety. They don't like being alone or left in the house for an extended period. When these dogs suffer from separation anxiety, they exhibit unusual destructive behavior. As the Frenchie tries to draw your attention, it will bark, howl, or even chew furniture and ordinary items.

French Pitbull dog licking lips

How Can You Help Your French Pitbull Deal With Stress and Anxiety?

In the previous sections of this piece, we have discussed the reasons why a French Pitbull may become stressed and some of the signs that will tell you exactly what's going on with your puppy. Now, it's time to learn how to help your puppy deal with stressful, tense scenarios.

Crate Training

Every dog needs a private spot to itself. A crate or kennel is the perfect solution to give your French Pitbull some much-needed peace. The crate will serve as their safe space to retreat to when they begin to feel tense. You can set up the crate or kennel with a soft cuddle bed to offer your Frenchie optimal comfort. Staying in a private space is also a great way to ensure that your puppy doesn't eat furniture and other items when you aren't around. You may also stuff the crate with blankets and the dog's favorite items, like toys, that could help them relax.

When you have created a comfortable crate or kennel for your dog, train it to always head back there after a busy day. When your French Pitbull starts to feel safe, its mood will improve.

Exercise and Steady Interaction

A French Pitbull may display signs of anxiety because they feel bored or lonely. Never neglect your puppy while you are in the house. While it's not to say that you spend all your time with the dog, you should schedule your time to give your puppy some attention. By spending time with your French Pitbull, you're reassuring them of how you feel about them. A simple exercise or walk around the porch will also help your dog burn its built-up energy. A great idea to interact with your French Pitbull is to take them for a walk before you leave home for work.

Create a Routine

A French Pitbull loves routine activities. Routines are a great way to deal with anxiety in a dog because the dog is aware of what to expect and what their day will be like. Don't underestimate your Frenchie's ability to stick to routines. These dogs have great internal clocks and will quickly adapt to performing certain activities at a particular time of the day. The danger about setting up routines is that failing to follow your laid-down activities will confuse your dog, ultimately leading to stress.

Professional Training

There may be times when it's difficult to help your dog tackle anxiety alone. Look for professional help and hire experts that offer training modules to tackle changes in dog behavior. The professional could also teach you about the dog's body language and how to attend to other aspects of its daily life. Want to know how to deal with stress in a French Pitbull? Talk to the professionals and get some quality help.


Some dogs are more sensitive than others. Others, also, have generalized cases of anxiety and do not need any particular triggers to act strangely. When dealing with this type of pet, it's difficult to tell what you should avoid and what you shouldn't. In extreme cases of anxiety, you may need to opt for some medication. Speak to your vet about some anti-anxiety medication. These meds aren't a quick fix for the dog, but when combined with other solutions, they can produce faster and more effective results.

A popular non-prescription alternative is Calming Zen Chews. The dog ingests these tasty homeopathic calming aids for a soothing effect.

Change Your Environment

If you can't seem to place a finger on the cause of your dog's stress, the best alternative could be to take the dog elsewhere. If the cause of the dog's anxiety is closely related to its environment, it would also serve you well to get the dog out of there. Consider keeping the dog in a separate section of the house for a day and notice any changes. A French Pitbull is relatively small, and you can easily pick them up and move them around.

Isolating your puppy is also a great way to let it recover from stress before introducing it to the family. It could be the first step you take before going ahead to identify the stressor.

Invest in a Cuddle Bed Plus

Our Cuddle Bed Plus+ is designed to deal with anxiety and is becoming increasingly popular. Many pet owners consider it to be a magical solution in dealing with stress and anxiety in French Pitbulls. Designed to relieve stress, all you have to do is make sure your French Pitbull lies on it and let it get to work. The Calming Cuddle Bed Plus massages the dog's body, releasing endorphins into the brain. This non-prescription alternative also simulates the feeling of being hugged.

Each Calming Cuddle Bed Plus comes with our signature Calming Insert, which is an expert blend of Valerian oil, Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils.

You can choose from a variety of shades, all made sustainably with organic materials. All that's left for you to do is to pick whatever you find suitable. This cuddle bed can help the dog cope with anxiety and they relieve stress instantly; you'll enjoy getting one for your French Pitbull.

Get a Calming Spray

Pheromones have played a huge role in the behavior of animals and humans. These chemicals are usually secreted by animals and serve as a way of communicating emotions to one another. They affect animal-animal or animal-human interaction on a chemical level, causing impulses to be transmitted around the body. Due to advancements in technology, pheromone diffusers were developed to deliver these chemicals artificially to animals. A pheromone diffuser is an effective way to get your dog to calm down. It would be best if you considered getting one for your Pitbull.

These diffusers can be applied to the dog's body via sprays, wipes, and collars. These products release synthetic chemicals that stimulate the dog's natural pheromones. They will gradually calm your pup.

Support Your French Pitbull

Getting your French Pitbull out of a tight spot can sometimes be frustrating, and it seems like you are wasting a lot of time doing the same thing. If you care for your dog, you'll patiently encourage it to beat the stress and anxiety. Don't miss feeding the dog at a regular time. If you don't use a canine water fountain, you should regularly change the French Pitbull's water. Clean your dog's crate and all of the items that it regularly uses. Before long, you should have your Frenchie back to normal.

Don't get annoyed with your pup for failing to eat or interact properly. When a French Pitbull is stressed, it needs all of the help it can get to prevent the situation from getting worse. Failure to attend to your dog's needs will result in worse physical and mental health conditions, such as loss of appetite and weight loss. If the dog's anxiety is not dealt with and left to linger, you could lose your lovely pet.


You don't have to say goodbye to couch snuggles because your French Pitbull is acting up. Many pet owners hardly notice anything is going on with their pets. Half the problem is solved when you can identify the signs that something is wrong with your dog. Don't stop there. You need to actively commit yourself to get your French Pitbull back to shape. It's not going to be easy, but with the tips discussed in this article, you'll enjoy some measure of success. Before long, you'll have a happy and energetic French Pitbull.

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