How to Help Your Husky Border Collie Mix Manage Stress and Anxiety

Husky Boarder Collie Dog Running


Husky Boarder Collie Dog RunningDogs have lived with humans for over 12000 years. They are one of the pets that can understand human behavior and read their emotions. The canines provide company and security, while a man gives food and shelter in return. More than 400 dog breeds exist, and about 90 million dogs are domesticated in the US today. However, each of the various dog species exhibits different behaviors. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your Husky Border Collie mix, so both of you can live happily.

General Information About the Husky Border Collie Mix

The breed is one of the most intelligent and affectionate dogs. As its name suggests, this canine is a mixed breed of two popular dogs, the Siberian Husky and the Border Collie. Like its parent, the Husky, this dog loves being the center of attention. On the other hand, the herding skills passed down by the Border Collie make the breed suitable as a working dog.

Husky Border Collie mix is one of the breeds with a stunning appearance, thanks to its beautiful parents! Its wolf-like head matches well with the half-erect ears. Moreover, its striking almond-shaped eyes with a mixture of blue and brown colors are irresistible. The athletic-build Husky Border Collie mix is a medium-sized breed that weighs up to 55 pounds and grows to an average height of 22 inches. Nevertheless, its glossy and smooth fur with a mixture of either black, white, brown, or grey colors compels you to touch its coat every time. The breed’s thick hair requires extra attention during cleaning and grooming.

Additionally, this breed loves being part of various activities. You won’t get bored outdoors because the dog’s company and outgoing nature help you overcome loneliness. The Husky Border Collie mix is naturally expressive and loves being part of conversations; your family will always howl at its barks.

However, like any other creature, this pup gets ill at times. Some of the common health problems that the Husky Border Collie mix may experience include hip dysplasia that may eventually lead to arthritis, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, cataracts at an older age, and retinal dystrophy.

You might be questioning yourself, “Does the Husky and Border Collie dog breed experience stress and anxiety?” Yes, like humans, this pup also gets into distress if not treated gently. Like any other animal, the Husky Border Collie mix breed’s health is significantly altered by stress. It would be necessary always to watch your dog’s behavior because its change may indicate stress and anxiety.

What Causes Stress and Anxiety in Your Husky Border Collie Mix?


Like its parent, the Husky, this puppy is naturally social and likes being around people. Therefore, they feel isolated and lonely when they are left alone for long and eventually get depressed. Dogs also get anxious when alone since they are uncertain of your return.


Recent research estimated that 39% of puppies were noise phobic. Another experiment conducted to demonstrate the impact of noise on dogs revealed that dogs would express distress when a chirping alarm went on. Dogs’ hearing is empathetic compared to humans’. Thus, playing loud music or being in a place where there’s a lot of noise makes the Husky Border Collie mix uncomfortable. Some of the noises dogs hate to include those that are produced by gunshots, thunderstorms, trucks, vacuum cleaners, crying babies, skateboard wheels, sirens, and jet planes.

Alteration of Dog’s Routine

According to Dr. Julie Brinker, a shelter medicine vet at the Humane Society in Missouri, “pups tend to be habituated to a repetitive event. Therefore, changes distress them even if they were meant for the dog’s benefit.” Changing your Husky Border Collie mix’s daily activities may alter its mental programming leading to stress. Maintaining your dog’s daily activities is always crucial in preventing it from the strain of coping with the abrupt schedule change.

Harsh Treatment

Like the Siberian Husky and Border Collie, this dog breed loves gentle handling. Therefore, any punishments cause stress. The pups take a long time to recover from a traumatizing event, and they have to undergo rehabilitation to overcome PTSD. Therefore, you should learn to be kind to your pet and avoid the conditions or treatments that the Husky Border Collie mix perceives as threatening. Some of the harsh treatments you should avoid include whipping, starvation, and cold baths.

Change in the Environment

Like any other animal, moving to a new place with an unfamiliar neighborhood may make it difficult to adapt. If you’re planning to adopt a pet, you should be aware that it may have an odd behavior, and it may take some time for them to adapt. Furthermore, adding a new pet or a baby to a home disturbs dogs because they perceive them as intruders. Moreover, climatic changes may also bring health problems to your Husky Border collie mix.

Husky Boarder Collie Puppy

How Do You Know That Your Husky Border Collie Mix Is Stressed or Anxious?

Like humans, pets will also exhibit some behavioral changes when experiencing distress. It’s essential to understand your pups’ normal behaviors so that stress and anxiety symptoms don’t go unnoticed. Here are some of the signs that your pet is distressed.

One of the signs that tell you that your Husky Border Collie mix is not at ease is panting. It is usual for a dog to pant during hot weather or after an exercise because it is one way to lose heat. However, it is unusual for a pet to pant in cold weather without any physical activity, which could signify stress or anxiety.

Secondly, when a Husky Border Collie mix faces a threatening situation, it tends to avoid people. They may hide behind a chair or under a parked car. Additionally, your dog will also disobey your commands if they perceive danger.

On top of that, stress alters a pup’s body functions and may cause appetite loss and frequent urination. Although dogs frequently pee after seeing another dog, this is a territory mark. If your dog refuses to feed or pees more frequently than usual, this might be due to anxiety.

Pacing is also one of the characteristics of an anxious Husky Border Collie mix. You must have noticed that your pet paces a lot when taken to the vet. The dogs find some of the procedures threatening. Just like humans, dogs also wander when stressed or anxious. Find out what bothers your dog if it is restless.

The only vocal way your Husky Border Collie mix can communicate is through barking. Dogs do so to get your attention and inform you that there’s a threat. The tone of the pet’s barking is also dependent on the intensity of the threat perceived.

You can also know that your pup is distressed through the ear or eye changes. When stressed or anxious, your pet’s eyelids usually retract, and the white part of the eye becomes more prominent. Moreover, its pupils also dilate more than usual. The usually half-erect ears of the Siberian Husky and Border Collie mix become fully erect of pin back on its head during a stressful event.

Nonetheless, an anxious Husky Border Collie mix changes its posture by sitting on its hind legs, tucking its tail, and remaining rigid. Although most pets do so when resisting some activities such as bathing, it is an indicator of stress when your dog exhibits such behavior without any reason.

Destructive behavior is a way of coping with panic. When your Husky Border Collie mix is left alone for long, it suffers from separation anxiety. Therefore, they find comfort in chewing on your items, including shoes, plastics, and cables.

Anger in pets could also be an outcome of a stressful event. For example, if your dog expresses aggression to other pets or people, he could be displeased by an event. Look out also for other accompanying behavior, including self-isolation and body language. Therefore, find out the cause source of your pet’s aggression.

Finally, prolonged sleep and lethargy are amongst the indicators of stress. A traumatized pup sleeps for more extended periods than usual. Additionally, it may appear less energetic than usual.

How To Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety in Your Husky Border Collie Mix

There are various Dog products offered by Calming Dog that can help your Husky Border Collie mix cope with stress and anxiety. The US company is a product of the joint effort of dog owners to help you and your pet live stress-free. 

Why Calming Dog?

Calming Dog is an online shop that understands your dog. It is the ultimate place to acquire your pet’s calming equipment because all the products sold are made in the US. You can find their services available all over the US at any time. Customers can select from various products available according to their preferences and their dog’s needs. Additionally, Calming Dog donates $1 to a US-based no-kill shelter for every purchase that you make.  

What Are Some of the Various Products Offered by Calming Dog?

Calming Cuddle Bed keeps your dog calm and comfortable while you are away! Do not worry anymore about your Husky Border Collie mix’s thoughts because this cozy product leaves your dog in fantasy. Moreover, the beds come in various colors from which the clients select according to their preference.

If you’re going on a ride with your Husky Border Collie mix, this spray will help your dog relax. Calming Spray eases the tension your pet may experience due to environmental changes. Moreover, it keeps it at ease when left alone. The calming spray is a natural remedy to your pet’s anxieties.

The rumbling of thunderstorms scares Husky Border Collie mix, therefore when leaving them alone at home, ensure they have something to comfort them. The Calming Zen Chews provide a soothing effect on your pet. Ensure that the product your pet chews is also safe for its health. Research conducted reveals that 83% of dog owners give indigestible toys to their pets. About 4% of them require veterinary attention due to the effects of the product. Calming Zen Chews are safe for your Husky Border Collie mix.

You can also combine these products with other natural ways to reduce your Husky Border Collie mix’s stress, such as providing a Calm Environment. Since the Husky Border Collie mix does not thrive in a noisy and crowded environment, ensure that you minimize the volume of music in your house. Besides, if possible, avoid taking your pet to a crowded place because crowds are a threat to most pups.

Additionally, spend time with your puppy. Dogs are naturally social and do not like being isolated. Always create time to be with your Husky Border Collie Mix. Like its parents, the Siberian Husky and Border Collie, this breed is responsive to touch. Thus, it would be best always to give it a massage or groom its coat. Additionally, you can help your pup get mental stimulation by playing games that your pet finds enjoyable. Play eases your dog’s frustrations.

Physical activities are crucial for you and your dog’s health. Workouts help relieve stress and anxiety in pups. The Husky Border Collie mix requires about 90 minutes of physical exercise per day. You can help your dog with indoor activities such as staircase climbing. Additionally, you can take a walk or jog together. Alternatively, yoga with your dog helps strengthen your bond and calm your pet. Furthermore, you can train your pet to participate in pet competitions because the breed is one of the most intelligent.

Moreover, massage calms and relaxes even the most nervous human. It also does the same in pups. The tensed muscles of an anxious pet are released by massage. Begin from the neck and proceed downwards as you identify the parts that your Husky Border Collie mix holds most stress. Be keen also to identify any body part that the dog may feel uncomfortable.

The application of systematic desensitization also works. Introduce a stimulus that your Husky and Border Collie breed finds threatening for a short time, then increase the duration later. For instance, if your pup feels insecure around other canines, introduce the less threatening ones, such as a young female. After that, introduce males when they perceive less intimidation.

Melodies are used in calming humans. Research also reveals that dogs love classical music. The benefits of songs range from calming and relaxing your Husky Border Collie mix to reducing noise sensitivity by blocking the streets or the neighborhood. Thus, playing your pet’s favorite tunes can help distract it and prevent anxiety.

Additionally, give your pet security blankets. Your Husky Border Collie mix will have a sense of refuge when covered with a blanket. You can buy a Calming Cuddle Blanket Plus for your pup because a blanket or towel will perform a miracle when anxious and insecure.

How Do Stress and Anxiety Affect My Husky Border Collie Mix?

If stress is not resolved promptly and appropriately, it can result in more severe health problems. Some of these effects of prolonged stress in a Husky Border Collie mix include weight loss. When distressed, the Husky Border Collie mix may change its eating habits. The alteration may involve chewing a non-edible item or decreasing the feeding frequency and the amount of food it takes. The eventual result of these habits is deficient nutrient supply. The scarcity will manifest in a reduction in body weight. Moreover, depression increases your pup’s body metabolism causing a rapid breakdown of fats.

Furthermore, when your pet is stressed, its body responds by releasing cortisol hormone that helps the body cope with the stress. However, the prolonged presence of the hormone leads to a weakened immune system. According to Dr. Jeff Werber, an award-winner vet, stress weakens a dog’s immunity making it prone to infections. Thus, it is crucial to minimize dog stressors.

Scientists have confirmed that stress delays the healing process. The interruption is caused by excess cortisol (the hormone produced during a stressful event), which has an anti-healing effect on the body. Therefore, sick dogs may take much longer to recover when subjected to stress.

Lastly, stress and anxiety can cause diarrhea. You must have experienced some abdominal discomfort when anxious. During a distressing event, the dog’s body produces adrenaline. Like cortisol, the hormone decreases the blood supply to your intestines and results in diarrhea.


The Husky Border Collie mix is one of the most affectionate dogs you need for indoor and outdoor companions.

However, some situations may subject your pup to depression and anxiety. Do not let stress seize your pet’s joy. Reading its body language and other behavioral deviations is critical in understanding your pet’s emotions. Since they cannot express themselves verbally, it is your role to ensure you provide the best environment for your dog. The earlier you resolve your dog’s problems, the better the health outcome. Healthy and happy dogs will bring joy to your family.

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