How To Help Your Lilac French Bulldog Manage Separation Anxiety

How To Help Your Lilac French Bulldog Manage Separation Anxiety - Calming Dog

Also known as Isabella, the Lilac French Bulldogs are among the cutest dog breeds around the world. Their cute color and high demand define it all.

Most people crave to own a French Bulldog with a lilac coat color, as it is among the rarest breeds. However, according to the journal Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, its complicated genetics require special breeding mechanisms to evade potential health hurdles.

Dr. O’Neill stated that though the Lilac French Bulldog is a new breed in the UK, there is a dramatic rise of French Bulldogs from 0.02% of newborns in 2003 to 1.46% in 2013.

Frenchies are known to have clingy behavior toward their owners. Their selective breeding causes them to rely on their owners solely. Though their first glance seems aggressive, French bulldogs are renowned for their playful, loving, and hilarious traits. This article has garnered information that will help you identify and attenuate stress in your Lilac French Bulldog.

What Causes Separation Anxiety in Lilac French Bulldogs?

Lilac French Bulldogs have a higher degree of anxiety susceptibility than other dog breeds.

French Bulldogs highly embrace owner companion, which may escalate stress levels when left alone. They may exhibit signs of separation anxiety, especially when left for a long duration. It is because of their clingy trait, which escalates deep connections with their owners. A Lilac French Bulldog may also develop attachments to other family members and pets around the house. Hence, they may be uncomfortable if any companion goes missing for long.

Environmental or shelter changes may immensely contribute to anxiety in your Lilac French Bulldog. It mainly happens when you adopt a French Bulldog as it will have a new environment and interactions with people. Additionally, shifting from one location to another can cause separation anxiety in your Lilac French Bulldog. Such changes cause the dog to panic and triggers nervousness.

A change in routine may spike anxiety in your Lilac French Bulldog. For instance, delayed feeding can cause stress in your dog. Such may happen for dog owners with long working hours and tight schedules. However, it would help if you had a family member or any other familiar face play the role of feeding and other routine practices on your behalf.

Noisy environments are also a significant cause of anxiety in French Bulldogs as they instill fear and discomfort. These dogs value peaceful and calm environments.

Lilac French Bulldogs are also highly prone to medical complications as they grow. The main reason may be poor mechanisms of breeding. It is recommended that you adopt your Lilac French Bulldog from qualified personnel. Particular breeding will help attenuate any prospective medical hurdles. Also, it will ensure that its offspring are healthy. Lilac French Bulldogs with medical problems develop anxiety and become less active.

Additionally, beware that some medications may also be responsible for anxiety in your French Bulldog. Such drugs have components that have side effects that would subject your dog to vomiting, diarrhea, and anxiety. It would be wise of you contacted your veterinarian first before purchasing any medications for your dog.

What Are the Signs of Separation Anxiety in Lilac French Bulldogs?

There are numerous behavioral patterns that Lilac French Bulldogs exhibit when anxious. As a dog owner, you should notice such patterns and derive mechanisms that thwart them. Separation anxiety occurs in Frenchies when the owner departs from home. They are great human companions, and separation anxiety is inevitable when their guardian is not around.

Before you leave, the Lilac French Bulldog may communicate with signs that show that they are not pleased. After departing, they may destroy things in the house and even bite furniture. All this is an attempt to fill the void missing from the guardian’s ambiance. In such a scenario, care and attention would comfort the French Bulldog.

They may follow you in every room when you get back to the house and play a lot. You should not be deceived by their excellent look, as their excessive demand for attention may be an attempt to relieve anxiety.

Separation anxiety may also cause them to go out digging and chewing things. They may get out to the garden and start digging aimlessly. However, some dog owners may contradict such behaviors with symptoms of teething. You can source out information from your veterinarian so that you get enlightened on such differences.

Howling and barking are other signs of separation anxiety. Lilac French Bulldogs are not loud dogs. Hence consistent barking is a dominant sign that they are battling separation anxiety. It may happen a few minutes after the owner leaves the house. Though your Lilac French Bulldog may bark due to doorbell rings, pain, and attention-seeking, barking for long hours may be due to separation anxiety.

Lilac French Bulldogs require simple training for urinating and defecating. However, when you periodically find that they have soiled the house when you are not within, this raises concerns on separation anxiety. Sometimes they may pee in your presence.

Lilac french puppy

How Do You Relieve Anxiety in Your Lilac French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are classified as dog breeds with high susceptibility to anxiety. It’s due to their strong bond with their owner and surrounding environment.

Punishing your dog in case of misconduct due to separation anxiety cannot solve the situation. Instead, you should scrutinize such patterns and take prompt measures that can create resilience in such habits. Read on to discover tips that can console your anxious Lilac French Bulldog:

Practice a Calm Routine when Leaving and Getting Back to the House

Leaving your Lilac French Bulldog is the core cause of separation anxiety. As such, you should practice a calm routine when leaving the house. Picking your keys and wallet/purse, putting on a jacket and shoes, and telling them goodbye when going may trigger anxiety in your Lilac French Bulldog. They may think that you will never get back to them.

Instead, you should alter your routine and consider getting your stuff ready before leaving. You can pick your essentials and put them in the jacket and make a meal while watching TV. It will disrupt the French Bulldog’s mind towards thinking that the owner is leaving, although you will eventually go.

Also, when leaving or getting back home, it's recommended that you do not cause too much excitement or give them much attention. You may also avoid too much eye contact with them until you notice that they have calmed down. Such behavioral changes are expected to calm your Lilac French Bulldog and get used to staying alone when you are not around the house.

Ensure That They Are Entertained

Having a room full of dog toys can help in battling anxiety in Lilac French Bulldog. They keep your dog occupied when you are not around. Also, you can ensure that the room has proper lighting and the toys can engage the French Bulldog for an extended period.

It is recommended that you reserve the toys when you are around. Hence, the Frenchie will play with the toys rather than craving your companion when you are not in the house. It will also help them adapt to staying alone for long hours.

You can also consider fitting one of your old t-shirts in the dog’s toys as a means to trick them. Some toys are modified with gentle heating features that calm the nerves of your Lilac French Bulldog. Others have puzzle-solving hurdles that will keep your dog glued to the toys for quite some time. Additionally, some bouncing toys create immense fun that deviates your Lilac French Bulldog from anxiety.

Too much silence in the house can cause your Lilac French Dog to feel anxious. Leaving your radio or TV on can help create a distractive aura off the tense mood.

Regular Walks

Lilac French Bulldogs do not require a lot of exercise activities to be in an active state compared to other dog breeds. However, taking them for short walks in the morning and evening can aid in mitigating anxious moods. Walking triggers body activeness and helps eradicate negative energy that the French Bulldog may possess.

Such walks may result in your dog sleeping for long hours, especially when left alone. Physical activity ensures that your dog experiences bodily and mental stimulation. Hence, they will have enough time for relaxation before you get back to them.

It's also advisable that you know the limits that your Lilac French Bulldog can walk. As stated earlier, French Bulldogs do not require intensive exercise activities to be active and mitigate anxiety. Extremely long walks may cause stress which has a high relation with anxiety development. Also, based on your Lilac French Bulldog’s age and general health, you can evaluate the distance that will bring positive results.

Use of Calming Chews

Nowadays, dog health has become imperative with the exponential rise of dog adoption. The use of calming chews has become rampant in mitigating anxiety in Lilac French Bulldogs. They have sedative properties that help to improve mood and relieve other anxiety complications.

It is recommended that you give your Lilac French Bulldog calming chews before you leave the house. This helps in calming, relaxation, and sound sleep. Additionally, calming chews can counterattack anxiety symptoms in case of stress-causing situations such as thunderstorms and fireworks.

Calming chews are also recommended for French Bulldogs battling insomnia. Inadequate sleep can cause high stress levels, which may reciprocate anxiety. Calming chews that contain components such as melatonin enhance regular sleep cycles for your dog. Chews play other positive roles such as relieving restlessness, hyperactivity, and phobia from loud noises.

Calming Dog has developed products such as Calming Zen Chews that are highly palatable. They are also ideal for improving your dog’s well-being.

Avoid Distractive Environments

Taking your dogs to environments with a lot of noises and distractions can trigger anxiety when left alone. This is because they record images and sounds that create a string of thoughts when alone. Visiting areas such as zoos and gatherings where your Lilac French Bulldog meets new people can cause anxiety.

It would be helpful if left the dog back at home with a familiar face. Moreover, feeding them with calming chews can ensure that they are free from anxiety.

Understand Your French Bulldog

Do you know the causes of separation anxiety in your Frenchie? You may be wondering how you can identify such factors? Well, it’s pretty simple, spend adequate time with your Lilac French Bulldog. It is essential to have a clear understanding of every cause of separation anxiety on your dog.

You may observe that specific timeframes trigger anxiety in your French Bulldog. When that time arrives, you can play with your dog or keep them in a room with toys. Also, some simple massage can mitigate such situations.

Some dogs experience anxiety during car rides. Feeding them with calming chews before commencing the journey can console them during the ride. Also, plenty of water can ensure that your Lilac French Bulldog remains calm during the ride.

Help Them Make New Friends

Lilac French Bulldogs are breeds that require canine companionship. If you have a friend with a dog, you can hang out or visit each other to familiarize themselves. You can also have other pets around the house to fight off the boredom. The more a Lilac French Bulldogs becomes lonely, the higher chances of developing separation anxiety.

Make Them Feel Family

When you make your French Bulldog feel more than a pet, there are few chances of developing separation anxiety. You can boost their comfort and make them live their best life when at home. Purchasing calming beds can be the best way to elevate their comfortability.

Calming Cuddles Bed Plus ensures that your Lilac French Bulldog is happy and relieved from stress all through. Its cozy design ensures that your dog is calm even when you are away. Some calming beds have additional features such as Calming Inserts to boost your dog’s comfortability. Others are fitted with self-heating devices that uplift your dog’s calming experience. This allows your French Bulldog to have a comfortable space to lay when you are not around.

Calming blankets are also ideal for alleviating separation anxiety. This is because they apply gentle pressure that soothes and eradicates fear in your Lilac French Bulldog. Cuddle blankets may also enhance dog composure and promote mellowness. They are also ideal for showcasing love to your Lilac French Bulldog. Hence, your dog can feel safe and less anxious when you are away.

Incorporate Additional Calming Techniques

By spending time with your Lilac French Bulldog, you can analyze some additional mechanisms of soothing your dog from anxiety. Regular massage is vital for calming your Frenchie. It helps in body and mind relaxation by reducing tension in the muscles.

It is also essential in mitigating pain, which is a significant cause of separation anxiety and stress. Some dog experts have also stated that regular massage helps in boosting the bond with the dog owner.

Calming Sprays ensure that your Lilac French Bulldog feels relaxed. It is also a better solution for solving anxiety when facing potentially stressful conditions such as thunderstorms and loneliness. Additionally, spraying your Lilac French Bulldog’s beddings and toys can promote comfortability when left alone for long hours. It is recommended that you choose a spray with natural stress reliever ingredients to mitigate separation anxiety with no side effects.

During hot weather, purchasing cooling vests can help calm your Lilac French Bulldog. Extreme heat conditions may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable, which may elevate anxiety when left alone.

Playing games such as tug of war in your free time can erase anxiety in your dog. Such games are vital in escalating your bond with the French Bulldog.

Cool and fresh water can enhance comfortability and reduce stress in your dog. This is because dogs love licking water when temperatures are high, stressed, and other anxiety-causing conditions. Calming Fountain Plus is an excellent tool for holding water for your Lilac French Bulldog. Its design allows it to hold plenty of fresh water for your French Bulldog. Hence your dog will enjoy taking fresh water even when you are away for a long duration.

Regular vet visits are essential as they help identify underlying medical complications that may be causing separation anxiety.


Lilac French Bulldog owners should understand that numerous conditions and environments may expose the dog to separation anxiety. However, understanding the major causes of separation anxiety can help in counterattacking.

Places with loud noises and distractions, abrupt changes in the environment, medical complications, and loneliness are the major causes of separation anxiety. Spending adequate time with your Lilac French Bulldog can help you have an in-depth understanding of measures to apply to an anxious Frenchie. Additionally, products such as calming sprays, calming chews, cuddle beds, and blankets are essential in combating separation anxiety.

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