How To Help Your Mini Border Collie Overcome Stress

Happy Mini Border Collie

Your favorite good boy, the Mini Border Collie, may suffer from excess, unhealthy stress. The stress could be caused for several reasons, like an owner-induced absence, a lack of physical exercise, maltreatment, or nerves. For any of these circumstances, pet owners need to address the root cause. If you do that, the good news is that your Mini Border Collie's stress levels can be managed appropriately.

Like people, your Mini Border Collies' temperament may range from careful to carefree, so spotting stress issues may be hard at first. However, suppose you've paid attention and observed your pet's daily behavior. In that case, you likely have an excellent idea of whether your dog does suffer from anxiety.

Now, if your Mini Border Collie does have high levels of stress, then check out the guide below to figure out how to give your pet the best life possible!

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • What are the warning signs? 
  • What factors influence a dog's mental state?
  • What are behavioral expressions common amongst anxious dogs?
  • How do you help your dog remain calm? 
  • Which products are helpful for your pet?
  • What you should try to remember.

So, if you're ready to journey onward and help your anxious Mini Border Collie, then let's get started!

What are the warning signs? 

Even though your Mini Border Collie may seem like this endlessly positive energy force, deep down, your pet may be less confident. Research has shown that many Mini Border Collies exhibit classic traits of separation anxiety. Further, researchers state that this is the most common type they observe in the pets, and the symptoms of separation anxiety are identifiable. But how do they manifest?

Well, the answer lies within your Mini Border Collie's behavior. For starters, your pet may show visible signs that it is uncomfortable being left alone at home. It shows this behavior by sitting at the door and waiting for you, the pet owner, to return from work.

Another sign is evidenced by changes in daily norms. For example, maybe your Mini Border Collie regularly loves treats. Still, whenever it sees you get ready to go out and put your shoes on, the dog refuses to eat. Or, maybe, the Mini Border Collie tends to bombard you with affection by running around and leaping up onto your shins as you put on your summer jean jacket (so #Vogue). Either way, the narrowly-tailored actions of your pet are as different from what you may read online as there are dog personalities in this world.

With that said, you should actively examine your pet's behavioral changes if you believe that the anxiety is directly caused by separation. Consider installing a pet-friendly camera so you can watch, treat, and talk to your Mini Border Collie. When you notice atypical behavior, one great way to track changes is by journaling your observation. Try to answer questions like does your Mini Border Collie act differently around you or others when returning from work? Does your dog feel safe and comfortable when boarded in a cage?

What factors influence a dog's mental state? 

It is well documented that Mini Border Collies' mental states are affected by external environmental factors. For example, scary thunderstorms or loud and explosive fireworks on the Fourth of July can disturb the harmonious inner peace of your Mini Border Collie. Simply put, strange noises or other types of stimuli can affect even the most steadfast dog's spirit. Mini Border Collies are susceptible to a great deal of discomfort when fireworks explode because they find the noise frightening.

In addition to disruptive sounds, visual aesthetics can frighten pets. One way of understanding this cause-and-effect relationship is by reflecting on how military veterans respond to stimuli. These Iraq or Afghanistan veterans still avoid particular triggering inducements due to their personal experiences. Fundamentally, the principles correspond across people and animals. Further, fireworks are not just relegated to the Fourth of July, but many other celebrations as well. When left unaddressed with your Mini Border Collie, this randomness also can, at the time, be hard for pet owners.  

Other events can be just as triggering, like when a pet owner first tries to properly cage-train their dog through boarding. Try to remember back to your experience if you boarded your dog. How did your dog react? Did they understand what you were doing, or were they able to discern your intent through your soothing voice? In other moments, without the adrenaline, Collies are quick to become bored and lonely.

Genetics is another domain that is a less commonly thought-about influencing factor in your Mini Border Collies’ stress levels. Based upon their unique profile, certain dogs may simply be more susceptible to the outward display of select temperaments based on medical history, especially when compared to other breeds like the Black Bulldog. To elaborate, even if we can pinpoint moments of anxiety, it may be somewhat harder to precisely identify the underlying root causes. Also, remember that experts recommend learning more, when able, about common anxious behavioral traits. But, just know that even if the pet was flexible to the changing environment, it is impossible to mitigate 100% of the Mini Border Collie's stress.


What are behavioral expressions common amongst stressed dogs? 

Mini Border Collies, just like other dogs, and even people, express their emotions in a variety of ways. Some are stoic, while others are not. But, ultimately, pet owners should be able to recognize these instinctual behavioral traits (so long as the owner is paying attention). 

For example, imagine your Mini Border Collie loves to engorge itself. How would you react if your beloved furry family member refused to eat? This is, after all, the same dog that would prefer to eat a 5-course meal underneath the stars of a Parisian moonlit cafe, if it were able. Presumably, you would be devastatingly worried about the poor pup's mental state AND its appetite. 

Or, what if the converse occurred? The pet owner may feel relief, but anxiety can manifest in startlingly unique ways that the average, unaware pet owner may not realize. Therefore, in the pet's interest, the owners pay careful and deliberate attention to the animal's wants, needs, and desires -- no matter how ephemeral.

Common to these hypothetical situations is one unifying theme: take care of your pet. Actions like not riling up your Mini Border Collie when leaving or entering your house may not be fun but are necessary. It may sound like less fun with your pet, but the Mini Border Collie breed is known to be clingy!  

Now, continuing again with the situations, imagine your Mini Border Collie running around the 1-bedroom apartment (that your parents disapproved of when you left Kansas) in New York City. Then, for a few rainy days in Manhattan or Brooklyn or any of the other Five Boroughs (do they matter?), your dog starts to act glum. Though the behavior may seem normal for a dog that hasn't been able to get out as frequently as it may have hoped, it's hard to identify our pet's feelings.

As much as we may try, there is still a lot of guesswork involved in taking care of our pets. However, the conventional wisdom to look for atypical behavior still holds true. Your obligation to little Rocco or Tuuka or whatever fun pet name you land on extends reasonably far. This means that actions or reactions cannot, nor should they be placed in a vacuum. Instead, they should be placed within context because the answer to your dog's mental state lies in understanding the gray matter between what is expected and what is not.

How do you help your dog remain calm?

To much chagrin, unfortunately, the word "chill" is not a recognizable command -- or, at least, not as identifiable as the commands "sit" and "obey" when trying to help a dog unwind and relax. This is, surely, relatable for the majority of the Mini Border Collie owners reading this piece. Likely, the disconnect occurs because dogs don't communicate the same way humans do.

For example, consider your weekly trips to the grocery store. It's a Saturday night (yes, exciting), and after you said farewell to your pup, you return shortly thereafter while your dog is still reeling from the separation. The Mini Border Collie had no idea how long you were planning to be gone. On Youtube, many of us have seen the dogs that anxiously await for the owner, watching the door and barking at the people passing. Understandably, your Mini Border Collies will have a varying temperament. But, how we act can impact how our pets feel.

According to Tuft University's Cumming School of Veterinary medicine, "our pets often mirror our own behaviors." This means, if you act calm, there is a chance your emotions calm your pet's emotions. This doesn't mean you don't have to be spontaneous. In fact, Mini Border Collies appreciate a degree of randomness. Still, they need a consistent routine to fall back upon, like kids at bedtime. It's hard to be the "fun" dog mom or dad when you have to act as a disciplinarian. 

Other considerations also depend on the age of your pet's health. No, this is not just relegated to medical health history (though that's important). Depending on your dog, and with time, you should be able to feel out what is best for your pet. This could mean walking extra in the park or finding the perfect enclosure to let your Mini Border Collie off its leash.

Similarly, this could double as an effective remedy for hyperactivity and help calm your pet's anxiety. Normally, physical exercise has proven in clinical studies to do wonders for people who suffer from depression or anxiety and take prescribed medications. In addition, results have shown that exercise had the same positive effect on people as it would likely have on pets. 

Lastly, your Mini Border Collie can be trained at a younger age to become desensitized to certain stimuli that may trigger the puppy's anxiety. Ultimately, this may lead to a greater reduction of fear because, from the ages of 3 weeks to 3 months, they may associate these sounds with positive rewards or, at the very least, not negative rewards. In addition, be sure to consider how your dog interacts with people; some, like Chihuahuas, are stereotyped to be less friendly to people than others. So, how does your Mini Border Collie act around friends and acquaintances?

Which products are helpful for your pet?

When trying to find the best product for your Mini Border Collie, many pet owners wonder if there are commercial solutions that mitigate anxiety.

The answer is yes; there are plenty of commercially available products that can help to significantly lessen your Mini Border Collies’ stress. In fact, there is a whole industry for it.

To elaborate, have you ever heard about Calming Cuddle Beds? These products were specifically designed to help dogs prone to excess anxiety, like the Mini Border Collie, get a successful night's sleep. Or a nap before second breakfast. Yes, LoTR fans, you are welcome. The truth is stress, anxiety, and fear can have lasting effects on your Mini Border Collies' mental health. Of course, like all pet owners, you want to give your pet the best life possible, but what does that truly mean? Probably, creature comforts to mitigate anxiety would be on that list.

What's neat about the Cuddle Bed is that it helps to stimulate theta waves in your Mini Border Coolie as it snoozes by promoting tranquility and reducing anxiety. So go catch those Zzzz's Tuuka!

Theta waves are a type of neural oscillation in the brain that is vital in the proper functioning of your animal's memory and learning core. Think about it like this: when you're at school or work and just had a terrible night's sleep, are you able to perform at your best? Clearly not. The groggy, unalert, distracted, and tired feeling you experience is what happens when your body doesn't get enough theta wave oscillations. 

But, it's okay! Don't beat yourself up too hard. Seriously, don't. Never be so unforgiving to your misunderstanding or misdeeds in a situation. You are only human after all, and, as we all are aware, humans do make mistakes from time to time. However, what would be unforgivable is not giving your dog a heaven-inducing bed. Why deny that pet -- what did he do to you!

So, when considering what would be the most optimal way of taking care of your Mini Border Collie, or yourself, for that matter, continue to be optimistic and operate with the understanding that everything will work out. If something does go awry, learn to take a few deep breaths and reassess the situation under cooler nerves. Perhaps, whatever situation you are handling as a Mini Border Collie pet owner may just take a little bit of time to relax, unwind, and not feel as anxious.

What to remember 

Don't forget to remember the key points that you've read along the way.

  • If you're a Mini Border Collie owner and unsure if your pet has anxiety, start to set up an observation method to find out! You're going to want to watch out for subtle behavioral changes. 
  • Now, if you're certain that your Mini Border Collie does experience anxiety -- whatever the exact root cause may be -- then consider the next steps you feel comfortable taking. Perhaps, consult with a veterinarian to obtain a professional opinion.
  • Don't forget, that if something happens, it may not be your fault. First, try to determine the underlying issue that is attributable to the anxiety itself. Then, try to reduce or mitigate it to the best of your ability.

Your Mini Border Collie may have an inherently higher predisposition to experience anxiety. But, then, it could be that a natural amount for your pet is elevated when compared to another person's pet. If that is the case, there are products on the market that can soothe your pet's anxiety.

In addition to Calming Dog's luxurious Calming Cuddle Bed, there are also specific Calming Sprays that work wonders on soothing nerves. Since dogs are driven by smells due to their well-adapted snouts, the sprays are all-natural solutions to help improve well-being. Just a mist or spritz is all that's needed to calm the dog's woes!

This natural stress reliever has no side effects and is fairly inexpensive at just $4.95 a spray bottle. Even better, the company is partnered with the North Shore Animal League, which means the Calming Dog company will donate $1 per product purchased. How great is that? Too often, it seems that people are so quick to live in their little bubbles that we don't recognize opportunities to help solve other difficult issues, like why dogs get put down. That seems cruel and wrong and, hopefully, avoidable.

So, thanks for reading, and be sure to read more on how to help your Mini Border Collie live its best life! (P.S. they are great for families too!)

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