How To Help Your Pomeranian Puppy Manage Stress and Anxiety

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Don't know how to help your Pomeranian puppy manage stress and anxiety? Don't worry, we're here to help. In this article, you'll learn about the reasons why your Pomeranian puppy is agitated all the time, including tips on ways to keep it calm.

Every Pomeranian puppy owner would put in as much effort as possible to make their pet feel comfortable. However, there are times when we have too much on our plate and may ignore the immediate needs of our pets. Many pets are unable to handle being left by themselves, especially Pomeranian puppies. These dogs are susceptible to anxiety attacks which can escalate to mental fatigue and psychological damage.

Many dog owners do their best to keep their Pomeranian puppy from getting worked up. If you care for your pet, you'll want the best for it. Ignoring your dog could lead to undesirable behavioral changes. A happy pet would interact well with you and other members of your family. The pet would also be less prone to property damage. That's why you need to do your best to help your little Pomeranian puppy manage stress and anxiety to the barest minimum. Keeping your Pomeranian puppy happy and energetic is the most important aspect of owning this pet.

What Are the Ways To Calm a Pomeranian Puppy?

Pet owners can calm their Pomeranian puppies by paying attention to their little pups. Concerned owners may also get Calming Dog Calming Sprays and/or Zen Chews for faster results.

Now, let's take a look at detailed tips on how you can help your Pomeranian puppy deal with stress.

The Problem With Your Pomeranian Puppy

The key to keeping Pomeranian puppies from getting anxious is to divert their attention and keep them occupied when you're not there. Most dogs can carry on for some time without their owner. If you have other activities you need to attend to, such as school, work, family, and so on, then you have nothing to worry about. Unless there's an underlying problem, your dog should be fine with being left at home for about 8 – 9 hours at a stretch. However, this would only be possible if the dog has access to all that it needs, such as food, drinks, toys, and so on.

Leaving your dog for any period longer than this would be a big problem. Their food and water would have been depleted. There'll also be a lot of stinking waste piled up in their corner. If you plan to stay away from home for a long time, it's a better choice to protect your dog from separation anxiety.  For example, you could ask a relative or close friend who's close with the dog to help you look after it for a while.

Before learning how to deal with an anxious Pomeranian puppy, you need to be able to tell when something is wrong with the pet. When you're away from home, it would be hard to tell what your dog is up to without installing a dog cam. However, these are some of the telltale signs that would reveal to your that your Pomeranian puppy is feeling anxious.

Your Pomeranian puppy may be clingy. Pomeranian puppies bark incessantly when tense. The dog could also start to fidget when it's time for you to head out. The home looks turned on its head, and you can find obvious signs of damage from your Pomeranian puppy on materials and items.

Why Is Your Pomeranian Puppy Anxious?

Before going ahead to tackle your pet's anxiety, you need to understand the underlying factor behind it. When your Pomeranian puppy is stressed out, the pet may exhibit somatic symptoms that would later lead to psychological fatigue and illness. Finding out the stressor is crucial to dealing with the problem at hand.

Now that you've learned how to tell if your Puppy is suffering from anxiety, what are the stressors that need to be eliminated from the environment? There are many reasons why your dog may be feeling anxious. Identifying the stressors would go a long way in preventing the event from recurring. It's also possible that your dog is stressed, but only lashing out and being destructive. Find out what's wrong and calm your dog immediately.


A common stressor for most of these small puppies is noise. New Year's Eve is considered a stressful period for Pomeranians and other dogs. You'll find a lot of Pomeranian puppies barking as a result of the loud, disturbing noises produced by the fireworks. While many people enjoy watching these fireworks, they have a reverse effect on your Pomeranian puppy. The combination of bright lights and loud booms can distress your Pomeranian puppy. These dogs have a good sense of hearing which means loud noises are louder for them. Instead of trying to quiet your pet, remove the source of the noise.

Even when it's not New Year's Eve, keep the area surrounding your Pomeranian puppy as serene as possible. Avoid any loud noises that may startle your pet and make them agitated. If you are in the rainy season and there might be some thunderstorms, prepare the dog to cope with the loud, sharp sounds. The sound of heavy rain, winds, and thunder can be nerve-wracking for Pomeranian puppies. The flashing lights from the lightning may also startle these small dogs.


Another common reason why Pomeranian puppies become stressed is large or crowded gatherings. This will be expressed clearly if your dog is used to being alone. If you are always home alone with your little dog, then it may be a bad idea to take the Pomeranian puppy along to a party.

Get-togethers and hangouts are significant events because they can meet with people you care about and interact with. Of course, you may think it's a great idea to throw your Pomeranian puppies into the mix, but it could end up badly if they are not used to handling that number of people. Pomeranian puppies are small dogs that get easily confused. These cute pets also get quickly disoriented, leading to serious cases of anxiety.

The problem with Pomeranian puppies in large gatherings is that the dog is unable to keep up with everything that's happening around them. When they are in the midst of large crowds, they feel lost and nervous about their safety.

Pet Owner's Absence

The most common stressor in Pomeranian puppies is when the pet owners leave them at home for long periods. Just like other dogs, Pomeranian puppies are prone to separation anxiety. Don't stay away from home for too long. And if you have to, then make adequate arrangements to prepare your dog for your absence.

Bullied by Bigger Dogs

Pomeranian puppies are beloved because of their small, cute appearance. However, these cute creatures are much smaller than their canine relatives. There are times when larger dogs bully Pomeranian puppies and toss them around. As a result, these Pomeranian puppies get nervous around bigger dogs, leading to anxiety.

If you take your dog out of the house, it's almost certain that you'll come across a bigger one. Try to keep your Pomeranian puppy away from any dogs that have a hostile demeanor. It builds your Pomeranian puppy's confidence when there is no one around to constantly pick on it.

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How To Deal With Stress in Pomeranian Puppies?

If you've done your best to keep your cute Pomeranian puppy from stress, but it's still showing signs of anxiety, then you need to take action quickly. These are some remedial actions you can take to eliminate stress and anxiety in a Pomeranian puppy.

Create a Suitable, Comfortable Environment

You need to make sure that your Pomeranian puppy finds it easy going around the house. It's best to gather all of their supplies and purchase everything the dog needs to live comfortably. The following should be purchased to create an enabling environment for your Pom: Snuggle toy, Playpen, Canine bed, Pee pads, Play area filled with different toys, and a sufficient quantity of food and drinks.

While it may seem helpful, placing your Pomeranian in a crate will only make things worse. You need to keep your Pomeranian puppy in a part of the house where it's able to roam around and live comfortably. The best form of housing for Pomeranian puppies is the playpen. This special housing would prevent the little Pomeranian puppy from getting claustrophobic.

In the playpen, there should also be a canine bed. Make sure to get your dog a tough, reliable, and sturdy bed for when the Pomeranian wants to take short naps. The Calming Cuddle Bed would keep your dog from getting bored and would easily fit into its private corner. You may also include some toys for the Pomeranian puppy. These toys will distract the small dog from playing with some of your vital furniture. It's a great idea if you purchase toys that can be chewed on easily.

Do not forget to give your Puppy sufficient food and water. If you can afford to spend some extra cash, you may invest in a canine water fountain. The Calming Fountain Plus+ is an ideal solution for those who constantly want to give their Pomeranian puppy fresh water. The fountain has a lot of advantages when compared with a plain bowl. There's no limit to how much you should care for your dog. And purchasing a convenient food dispenser would do you a lot of good. Add some comfort food into the dispenser to calm the little dog's nerves.

It can be appalling when your dog's corner stinks of urine due to poor management. Install pee pads in the Puppy's pen to keep it clean. These pads can be used by trained or untrained dogs to maintain hygiene.

If you're the type of person that spends a lot of time away from home, consider getting a stuffed animal. This little stuffed animal will keep your pet company and keep it from getting lonely. There are many dog-safe stuffed animals on the market, and all you have to do is pick a suitable choice for your pet. If you want to keep an eye on your pet when you're out of the house, consider purchasing a pet cam. They function in a similar way to baby monitors and ensure that you can always be there for your Pomeranian puppy.

Keep the Lights Turned On

A common mistake made by most pet owners is failing to keep the lights turned on when leaving home. Regardless of whether you're leaving home at night or during the day, make it a habit to leave the lights turned on. It's impossible to tell when you would get back, and you don't want to leave your Pomeranian puppy alone in the dark. When you leave your Pom alone at home, ensuing darkness could lead to more anxiety for the animal.

Play Background Noises When You’re Not at Home

Total silence can be deafening and tiring for the pet. For some dogs, the silence would only make them more anxious. Therefore, you should consider leaving some form of background noise at home when you decide to step out.

You may leave the TV turned on while lowering the volume. By doing this, the Pomeranian puppy would not feel lonely at home. You may also decide to leave the radio or music player on, as it gently plays some tunes for your pet.

However, you have to make sure that you don't overdo this. Don't blast music all over the house. The loud music would only serve to agitate the Pomeranian puppy further. Remember, dogs have a great sense of hearing. Loud music would only get them disoriented and stressed.

Go Out With Your Dog

Physical activity is recommended for Pomeranian puppies. Taking your dog out to the park is a great way to release all its built-up energy. Exercises also release endorphins in your pet's brain to release stress and calm its nerves. There's a high likelihood that a stroll will boost your dog's mood and happiness.

Going out with your dog is a great way to bond with the pet. If your Pomeranian puppy has recently suffered an anxiety attack, a walk in the park would be fair compensation. Keep your little dog close to you throughout the stroll to gradually eliminate the separation anxiety. Patting, rubbing, and caressing your pets is also a great way to let them know you care.

Remove Your Dog From the Environment

One of the most effective ways to deal with canine behavioral changes as a result of stress is to get away from the environment. If the cause of anxiety for your Pomeranian puppy is directly related to the environment, the best solution may be to get the dog out of there. Since these dogs can easily be carried, getting them out of tough spots is quite easy.

When your dog is starting to feel stressed, it may feel stuck or trapped. Isolating the Pomeranian puppy from the environment would help it recover from all of the tension. As soon as you can identify the cause of the stress and anxiety, take action immediately.

Calming Sprays

Many years ago, scientists discovered that pheromones play a huge role in how animals and humans act. They determine our interactions on a chemical level, and these impulses are transmitted to all parts of our body. After watching dogs struggle with anxiety, someone came up with the idea of calming sprays. The sprays are an effective way to calm dogs during stressful periods and are effective for Pomeranian puppies.

These sprays are an ideal, natural way to keep your Pomeranian puppy calm after some periods of intense anxiety and stress. These sprays release chemicals that mimic the dog's natural pheromones and cool it down. These pheromones can easily be applied with sprays, wipes, and collars. The Calming Spray is designed to deliver soothing pheromones to calm your dog's intense situations.

Get Your Puppy a Cuddle Blanket

Cuddle blankets work for anxiety and stress and are becoming popular among pet owners. These blankets are designed to relieve the Pomeranian puppy's stress. The uniform pressure placed around the dog's little body will release endorphins in its brain. They come with our signature Calming Insert, which is an expert blend of Valerian oil, Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils.

According to research, Cuddle Blankets feel just like hugging.

You can choose from a variety of shades, all made sustainably with organic materials, depending on your taste.

It is proven to reduce your dog’s anxiety, which means less stress on dogs and their owners. You should get it because Dogs that have a way to keep calm when their owners are away are less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors.

Also, it pairs well with our Calming Cuddle Bed. These are all instant stress relievers, and many pet owners would gladly get them.

Give Your Pomeranian Puppy Some Space

Some Pomeranian puppies like to be comforted during stressful moments, but there's also a chance that they may need some space. If you try to comfort your dog but notice that it's still uncomfortable, give it space.

These dogs may need some time to themselves before they can start acting normal again. During times like this, Pomeranian puppies resort to staying in their little corner. Don't be worried if they spend a lot of time seated in their favorite spot. They'll come around soon after.


Pomeranian puppies are small, cute, and could be the best pet a man could ask for. However, you need to care for the dog's mental state and keep it from stress and anxiety. You've learned the different stressors that may be affecting your little Puppy. We've also discussed likely solutions to help out. Now, if you notice your Pomeranian puppy suffering from stress, you know exactly what to do.

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