Is Your Goberian Anxious? How to Tell and Help

Golden Retreiver and Siberian Husky

Just like humans, dogs can be prone to various health conditions- both physical and psychological. Psychological health issues can look different in all dogs and can include stress, anxiety, and even canine dementia. While physical health conditions can be easier to spot with the bare eye, psychological health issues can still greatly impact your dog's life.

All dogs can be prone to psychological health issues, including the Goberian mixed dog breed, though some are more prone to these than others. One of the most common psychological health issues for a dog to face is anxiety. Anxiety can range greatly in severity and can be caused by a variety of different things. Some dogs experience anxiety regularly, while others may face little to no anxiety throughout their lives.

No matter how often or severely your Goberian experiences anxiety, it can still be a very unpleasant condition for you and your dog to face. We all want what's best for our dogs and to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. So, how can you combat anxiety in your Golden Retriever Husky mix? What does anxiety look like in this dog breed? Why might your Goberian be developing anxiety? We'll go over all of the Goberian anxiety basics, as well as some of the best ways to help your dog overcome these conditions.

Goberian Breed Information


The Goberian breed is a mixed-dog breed with a Golden Retriever parent breed and a Siberian Husky parent breed. With such well-known and loved parent breeds, many say that the Goberian dog breed inherited the best of both worlds. They are friendly, fun-loving, loyal, and highly intelligent. Their excellent temperament makes them great family dogs, and they will always enjoy being around their owners, owner's friends, and any other humans.

Given their highly active personalities, Goberians need a large amount of daily exercise. Goberian dogs are not ideal for apartment living or living in hot climates. This breed does best in a home with a large yard to run around in and lots of activities to keep them busy. They are excellent guard dogs and with proper socialization can be the perfect mix of protective and outgoing.

Golden Retreiver and Siberian Husky playing

Goberians are a larger dog breed that typically weighs between 45 and 9 pounds, and has an average height of 20 to 24 inches. They typically live between 10 to 15 years, depending on underlying health conditions and other factors. Being diligent about your Goberian's physical and psychological health, including anxiety, can help ensure that you get the most possible years alongside your beloved pup.

Canine Anxiety 101


Dog anxiety can look different in every dog and can be caused by many different things. Goberian dogs may be triggered by different anxiety causes than other dog breeds. Other factors that dictate what causes your dog to experience anxiety can include age and personal history. We'll take a look at all the Goberian anxiety basics, including common causes, symptoms, and prevention methods.

Causes of Anxiety

Just like for humans, many different factors can cause your Goberian to experience anxiety. The most common ones can be identified using some breed traits and overall canine anxiety knowledge. For all dog breeds, loud and unknown noises are a common cause of anxiety. Fireworks or even the garbage truck may seem like a potential threat to your pup, causing them to feel anxious and afraid. In addition to loud and unknown noises, new people, dogs, or places can also be common canine anxiety triggers. Dogs are always concerned about potential threats or predators in their environment. Being in a new place with unfamiliar people or animals can put them on high alert, making them feel anxious.

For the Goberian breed specifically, their activity levels and intelligence can contribute to other causes of anxiety. Active dogs need plenty of mental stimulation. Without things to keep them busy, they may become bored and anxious. Activities and exercise are some of the best ways to prevent anxiety in your Golden Retriever Husky mix. In addition, a Husky Golden Retriever mix is a very loyal and affectionate dog. They form very strong bonds with their owners, which can make them prone to becoming anxious when they are left alone- also known as separation anxiety.

Golberian dog sitting in the forest

Knowing what triggers your dog's anxiety can help ensure that you're able to minimize this condition. To effectively treat and prevent anxiety, it's important to know what anxiety looks like in most dogs.

Anxiety Signs and Symptoms

Anxiety signs and symptoms can look different in every dog, including the Goberian mixed breed. While anxiety symptoms do vary, there are some common ones that you should keep an eye out for. One of the most common signs of an anxious dog is vocalizing. Anxious dogs may whine, howl, or bark to try and alert you of their anxiety or ward off anxiety triggers, such as potential threats.

Many anxious dogs will begin to drool and pant excessively, despite a cool temperature. In addition, an anxious dog may become lethargic and have little to no energy. Have you noticed your Goberian puppy or adult being restless, and possibly even doing laps around your backyard or pacing around the coffee table? This may be another sign of anxiety.

Some more severe signs of anxiety can include a decrease in appetite and even refusal to eat. An anxious dog may begin to have accidents inside and trouble with potty training, even if they were fully potty trained before.

Posture can be a big indicator of anxiety, such as cowering down or hiding. If your dog is hiding behind you when a new person approaches you, it may be because they are feeling anxious about this unfamiliar face. Ears can also let you know if your dog is feeling anxious. If their ears are pointed backward and down, they likely are experiencing anxiety. One of the most common body language signs of an anxious dog is shaking or frequent yawning. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pup, it's best to get them checked out for all dog health issues, including anxiety.

Ways To Help Your Goberian Dog Overcome Anxiety


Any health problem can be concerning for a dog owner to hear about. We all want our dogs to be as healthy and happy as possible- which is why we'll go to extreme lengths to help our dogs overcome various health issues and underlying conditions. There's nothing too big for us to do for the sake of our beloved pups.

When it comes to anxiety, some dogs may need medication to overcome this condition, though most can be treated with at-home remedies. What works best to help your Goberian overcome anxiety can vary by dog, though some common remedies seem to do the trick. We'll take a look at some of the easiest and most reliable ways to help your Goberian live a life with minimal anxiety.

Puzzle Toys

Goberians are a smart, active dog breed who love to have a job to do. Given that both the Golden Retriever parent breed and Siberian Husky parent breed have performed working jobs before, it's no surprise that their offspring breed is as motivated and energetic as they are. Keeping busy is in their blood and instincts!

Because of their need to stay busy, Globerians can be prone to developing anxiety when they don't have things to do. They need ample mental stimulation to keep them from becoming anxious and possibly engaging in destructive behaviors, such as digging and chewing. No dog owner wants to come home to a hole in their yard or their new sofa being ruined due to a bored dog. To avoid the canine anxiety that can cause this, mental stimulation is a must.

Dog puzzle toy

Mental stimulation can be accomplished in many ways. One of the best ways to ensure your Golden Retriever Husky puppy or adult is simulated and anxiety-free is with puzzle toys. Puzzle toys may look like regular dog toys, but they have a bonus. These toys can be stuffed with treats and other dog-friendly foods, creating a challenge or puzzle to solve for your dog. They will have to find the best way to reach the food inside of the toy- which can keep them busy and focused for quite a while. While your dog searches for a way to reach the delicious food inside of the toy, they will put their brain to work and prevent anxiety later in the day. The next time you're at the pet store, consider picking up a puzzle toy for your pup.

Calming Dog Treats

Diet is one of the best ways to naturally prevent and combat canine anxiety in Goberian dogs. Because of the effectiveness of various anxiety-fighting ingredients, many products are now on the market with the sole purpose of combatting canine anxiety. Providing your dog with these treats can help lessen their anxiety and provide them with a healthier, happier life.

When choosing a calming dog treat, be sure to purchase from a reputable source and company. Ingredients should always be listed on the dog treats that you're buying. Before introducing calming dog treats into your dog's diet, be sure to consult with your vet. Some Goberians with underlying health conditions may not be able to use calming dog treats. In addition, just how many calming dogs treats your dog can consume can depend on a variety of factors, such as their age, size, and more. Your vet will be able to guide you on how to safely feed your Goberian puppy or adult calming dog treats.

Dog Training

When it comes to anxiety, dog training is the perfect way to keep your dog stimulated both mentally and physically. Both obedience training and agility training can be used to prevent Goberian anxiety. The Golden Retriever parent dog is known to be extremely easy to train and eager to please, which can help make training your Goberian a breeze. Engaging in this activity for a short period of time each day can go a long way for your dog's anxiety.

Dog training keeps your Goberian mentally stimulated by having them focus on the command that you're working on together. It also provides them with a job to do, and agility training can be a great source of exercise- all known to ward off dog anxiety. The next time you're looking for a way to prevent canine anxiety, consider fitting ten minutes of dog training per day into your schedule.

Golberian dog sitting

Calming Dog Bed

The Siberian Husky Mix known as the Goberian dog breed is very affectionate and loyal. They form extremely strong bonds with their owners and human family members. Because of this, they may become anxious when left alone- a condition known as separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can affect all dog breeds and can be troubling for both you and your pup to deal with. Thankfully, there are many ways to effectively combat this condition at home.

One of the best ways to prevent canine anxiety and separation anxiety is through crate training. Crate training provides our dog with a safe place to rest and relax when feeling overwhelmed or left home alone. They know they can retreat to their crate, where they are safe from potential threats while they nap or wind down.

To make your dog's crate more comfortable and anxiety-preventing, consider putting a calming dog bed inside of it. Calming dog beds add an extra sense of security and relaxation with their soft fabrics and plush textures. Even if your Goberian doesn't use a crate, they can still reap the benefits of a calming dog bed by keeping one in a designated area of your home for them to use. If you are looking for a reliable and easy way to help your Goberian overcome their anxiety, consider purchasing a calming dog bed for them to use.


The Goberian dog breed is known for being an active dog that loves to stay busy and needs exercise regularly. Daily exercise helps ward off physical health problems, such as obesity, as well as mental health concerns like anxiety and stress. In fact, a lack of exercise can even be a cause of anxiety for some dog breeds. They just don't know what to do with all of that energy!

To help prevent Goberian anxiety, exercise is a daily need. During exercise, your Goberian puppy or adult will be able to burn off all of that excess energy and keep their mind and body active. After a good exercise session, your Goberian is sure to return home ready for a nap and anxiety-free. Exercise can be done with a daily walk, jog, playing fetch, roughhousing, agility training, and much more. Be sure to give various activities a try to see what your dog likes best. When you find the activity that they love, exercise can be a fun and engaging way to keep your dog healthy and prevent various health conditions, such as anxiety.

Golberian playing with ball

Trips To The Dog Park

One of the most effective ways to combat canine anxiety is through regular outings- including a trip to the dog park. The dog park is a one-stop-shop for anxiety prevention and is very easy to include in your life. During a trip to the dog park, your dog can get plenty of socialization with new dogs and humans. Socialization is known to be one of the best ways to prevent your dog's risk of developing regular or severe anxiety. During socialization, your dog can explore and become familiar with previously unknown factors- such as new dogs, places, people, smells, objects, and more. They can explore and become comfortable with these things in a safe and supported way when they're with you, their trusted owner. Doing so can make these factors much less scary for your dog to interact with and even remove them from your dog's list of possible anxiety triggers.

In addition to socialization, the dog park is also a great opportunity for your Goberian to get some mental stimulation and exercise. Meeting new dogs, exploring new sights and smells, and learning about their environment will keep their minds engaged and prevent anxiety. In addition, many dogs will play fetch, roughhouse, and run around with other dogs when at the dog park. Doing so provides them with some great exercise for the day, which can also prevent their risk of anxiety. Taking your dog to the dog park is an easy and fun way to prevent anxiety in multiple ways. 

brown Golberian looking up

Wrapping Up

We all want the best for our dogs, and providing this can be a daunting task. There are many ways to help your Goberian overcome this condition and live a normal life when it comes to anxiety. Knowing the signs and causes of anxiety can help you easily address this issue and find a solution. Be sure to try various anxiety relief remedies to see what works best for your Goberian. With your help, your dog can live a happy life with minimal anxiety. 

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