Keep Your Merle Frenchie Calm With the Right Bed

Merle Bulldog standing

Merle Bulldog standing

The Merle Frenchie is playful, fun-loving, and perfect for those who are young at heart. They have friendly, outgoing personalities that make them easy to love. The Merle Frenchie has a high intelligence level and is easily trainable. These dogs have a powerful will and work hard to learn new things. This breed makes quick progress with their training because they love to learn and are not afraid of failure. If a puppy of this breed does not get enough exercise, he may become overweight or even obese. They bred Merle Frenchies in the 1800s in Europe as herding and hunting dogs. They’re great for families with kids and who want a dog that can be easily trained to be house pets. Merle puppies come in different colors and patterns and are very energetic. They make great watchdogs. These dogs don't bark much, so if you’re not working on your computer or need a bit of alone time, then they'll be just right for you.

How To Care for a Merle Frenchie?

The merle frenchie doesn’t require any special care or attention, they’re just like any other colored bulldog who are simply looking for love and a stable home. As a dog owner, you should never use any harsh methods to discipline your merle frenchie. Any harsh actions or physical punishment will leave them scared and may cause additional unwanted behaviors. 

Focus on positive treatments and encouragement when working with your merle frenchie. Talk to them in a firm but calm voice, find a visual aid such as a toy or other object they like. Try to avoid treats over time. Introducing them early is okay, but could turn into a problem if they expect to be fed every time they do a positive task.

Be constant with your training and actions. Don’t let one thing go one minute and then scold them for it the next. As the dog owner, you are in control of their education and future behaviors. Treat them like you would anyone else and they will quickly follow your lead.

Creating Their Perfect Environment

Similar to bringing home a newborn baby, bringing in a new merle frenchie will require just as much attention to detail. Typically, when we get a new dog, they come in as a puppy. There are a few people who will look for a merle frenchie as a rescue dog, and adopting one of these is a great idea. Simply understand that puppies and older dogs may have different needs and distinct problems.

The environment that you create for them needs to be fun, warm, safe and should adapt to them. As your merle frenchie gets older, they will develop health problems, their interests may change and countless other issues may arise. Keep these in mind when developing their personal space.

The Bed

To start your journey, consider the type of bed you will get them. Calming Dog offers a wide assortment of calming beds for your merle frenchie to choose from. They made these beds from the highest quality materials so your merle frenchie won’t be wearing it out year after year. For those looking for a calming bed, understand that these beds will help your merle frenchie relieve stress, anxieties and support them comfortably while they sleep.

The best calming bed is one that allows your best friend to retreat to when a storm suddenly appears or when they just need to have some personal time alone. Take your time when looking for your beds since it will be the primary item your dog uses in their life.

Dog Size

The first thing you need to take into consideration will be your dog’s size. With the merle frenchie they don’t grow to be enormous dogs. The typical merle frenchie only grows to be a foot and a half long, which isn’t that big compared to other breeds. If you are looking to get a calming bed for another breed, look at their maximum size and get a bed that will fit them comfortably. 

If your dog is small like the merle frenchie, you may get them the largest bed possible. This bed will allow them to pick unique positions to sleep in and will make them feel like kings and queens. Another advantage of getting a larger bed is if you have multiple dogs who will sleep together. Even though give each dog you have their own personal space, if your merle frenchie is comfortable snuggling with their furry friend, who are you to argue?

The size of your dog will also determine what type of bed you should get. Smaller dogs will require smaller beds and larger dogs will require larger beds. For example, if you have a 20-pound merle frenchie and a 20-pound terrier mix, you will need a bed that is at least two inches wider than the dog. If you have a 50-pound dog, you will need a bed that is at least four inches wider than the dog. The weight of your dog will also play a role in determining what type of bed you should get.

Dog Weight

Another consideration when choosing a bed for your merle frenchie is their weight. Some breeds tend to weigh more than others, so make sure that the bed you buy is the right size for the type of dog you have. If you have a large, muscular dog, a bed that is too small will put them in a vulnerable position and cause them to injure themselves as they try to get comfortable. If you have a small dog, don’t get them a large bed or the bed will be too big for them. In the same way, if you have a dog that is on the heavy side, a bed that is too large for them may cause their legs to hurt and become painful. Look at your dog and see if they are comfortable with the size of the bed you buy them. While the bed may be the most important part of your merle frenchie’s home, it is also one of the most overlooked.

Dog’s Age

The age of your merle frenchie will also play a large role in your bed choice. If you are getting your friend at a later stage in life, look at how they move and lay. With older dogs, you notice that they may have problems with their hips, legs or spine. These conditions could make it difficult to step over the lip of the bed and get comfortable. In these situations, consider getting a calming blanket that you can lay flat on the floor. This may be a solution that will keep your merle frenchie warm and comfortable.

Bed Materials

You will also need to consider what materials they should make your bed from. A bed made of high-quality, durable materials will last for years. If you have an older dog, the bed you get them will probably have to last them for several years because they will most likely use the bed for quite some time. If you have a younger dog, they may get a bed that is more affordable to get them right away. Either way, make sure the bed you get is one that is going to be able to last for years.

Dog’s Needs

Each dog is different and they will all have special needs or specific traits that will make choosing a bed a challenge in some situations. If your merle frenchie likes to lay their head on the edge of the bed, get one with higher or lower sides, depending on their needs. You will also look at any allergies and skin conditions they may have. If your merle frenchie has an allergy to synthetics or even different colored dyes, it needs to be taken into consideration. Look at how the beds supposed to be washed. If you use a specific laundry soap or fabric softener, these could cause issues with your merle frenchie.

Talk to other owners of this breed and see what they recommend. If they don’t have any, consider having them go to Calming Dog and give you their opinions. 

Your Budget

When looking for a bed for your merle frenchie make sure you have a higher than normal budget. This doesn’t mean to get them the most expensive bed on the market, filled with bling and a massaging vibration or warming options. It does, however, mean that you get the perfect bed that fits them and don’t worry about the price. If you are on a tight budget, consider cutting back on other items such as toys or goodies. Putting your budget into the purchase of your bed will ensure you get one that will last for years and be a place your merle frenchie will enjoy spending their time.

Merle Bulldog sitting

Sleep Patterns

There is nothing worse than not getting a good night’s sleep. If the bed for your merle frenchie isn’t working for them, they might toss and turning all night, getting up and wondering the house looking for a comfortable spot to lay their head and being angry or stressed due to lack of sleep.

You want to watch the sleep patterns of your merle frenchie from the moment you get them their bed. In the beginning, it may seem that everything is okay and they are enjoying the bed. However, after a few nights, padding may sag, they will create a wear pattern and their perfect nights’ sleep will change.

With each new bed, there will be a period of change for your merle frenchie to go through. This is normal and should be expected. After a week, two at the most, if you see that your merle frenchie is not taking to their bed, discover why and make the adjustment.

Other Sleeping Options

You will want to remove other sleeping options from your dog’s space. This means couches, chairs and hidey holes you don’t want them in or on. There are many times owners will come downstairs only to see their merle frenchie jumping off the couch and running to their bed, knowing they were about to get caught.

Monitor Stress and Anxiety Levels

The bed you choose for your merle frenchie should help reduce stress, anxiety and other emotional and physical issues. Loud noises, high levels of activity and even a new environment can cause stress for your dog. Your best bet is to find a bed that is quiet and comfortable for your dog. If your merle frenchie continues to show signs of stress and won’t leave their bed, look for triggers and specific patterns of behavior in your dog that could explain these. Once you find these triggers, address them as quickly as possible to ensure that your merle frenchie gets a good night’s rest.

Putting the Bed in Your Room

During the adjustment period, dog owners may want to have their dog in the bedroom with them. If this is the space you have available, then put them there. However, if you don’t give your merle frenchie space outside of your presence, they'll develop separation anxieties and other stress conditions when you are not around. A good idea is to have your bed placed on the other side of the house. Similar to the rooms for human children, parents want their space away from their children. The same goes for your merle frenchie. You may love them and they are your heart and soul, however, you just need some alone time here and there.

The Connection Between a Dog Bed and Separation Anxiety

A large bed would also help to ease the anxiety when your dogs are left alone for long periods of time. If your dog enjoys spending time and relaxing on his bed while you’re away, he’ll feel less stressed when is alone. That’s how he will get the connection he wants with you if you just come into his room. Besides this, a dog bed is also an inexpensive way for your pooch to get a safe place for sleeping. It’s a great way to give your dog a snuggle-up feeling when you’re out. 

To add a little more comfort to your merle frenchie, consider wrapping up a water bottle in a shirt and placing it in the bed. This will help with separation anxieties by making it feel as if you are in the bed with them. The scent from your shirt will comfort them and reduce stress. 

Calming Spray

Scents and familiar odors are great to associate your merle Frenchie with family and safety. When the family isn’t around, however, or you need a little extra help, consider using a calming spray. Calming sprays interact with the brain in a soothing way. Humans do the same thing with candles, lotions, and sprays. Scents like lavender have a natural calming effect on the mind, allowing your dog to relax along with you. When using these sprays, you want to associate good feelings and thoughts with your dog. Introducing these scents when they are in a good mood will help bring them back to a calm state when agitated. You’ll want to try several fresh scents and even consider combining scents to determine the best response from your pet.

Calming Dog offers a wide variety of these sprays. You want to locate where your dog typically lays their head and hit that area first. From there, try to have every area of the calming bed touched by the spray. Don’t go crazy at first when trying out these sprays. Some of these scents may work better than others and giving them a chance to work will go a long way in your efforts to giving your dog a good night’s rest.


A bed is the single most important thing to have in your home. A bad bed can make your dog miserable and a good bed can help them relax and sleep more comfortably. It’s also a great place to keep your dog safe when they are sleeping, as it keeps them from jumping off or running away. As you can see, there are many types of beds available and they can all be made for various purposes. Make sure that when you get to their bed, your dogs take to it quickly. Allow them to know that this is their space and no one else can use it.

Give them some commands that will guide them to their bed when it is time to rest, sleep our simply get out of the way. Keep your bed out of the line of traffic so it doesn’t get disturbed. Sprinkle the bed with some toys and treats from time to time. Don’t over saturate the bed with these items since it could take away from their comfort levels. 

Make purchasing your bed a fun family event. Let the kids pick out the bed, put it in the spot where your dog should sleep, and turn it into a full family project.

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