Science Behind Calming Dog Beds: How They Benefit Your Large Canine

Science Behind Calming Dog Beds: How They Benefit Your Large Canine

Key Points

  • A calming dog bed gives your dog a sense of security.

  • Roomy dog beds give your large breed relaxation.

  • Better dog sleep equals better dog health.

Are you tired of the nighttime whining and pacing? Falling asleep may be difficult for your large breed dog, so give your pup much-deserved R&R. With a calming dog bed, your pup feels less anxious and can get the sleep they need. As a bonus, you get a good night's sleep too. Whether you're a large breed dog or the owner of one, both of you get better sleep with a calming dog bed.

If your dog experiences hip and joint issues, consider a calming bed that provides orthopedic support with memory foam. Invest in your pup's health with a bed fit for a king -- or a "king-sized" dog. Big beds for big dogs aren't always gauche. There are plenty of chic options to maximize your feng shui while providing your dog the sleep support they need.

Find out all the ways these beds benefit your large canine.

Improved Comfort

Achieve dog comfort improvement with a calming dog bed. The fluffy and inviting faux fur lining gives your dog a more restful sleep. The donut design with the soft center allows your dog to sink into it while held by the raised sides.

Dog sitting on dog bed

Give your dog comfort improvement while also improving their sleep. You want your dog to feel at ease in their environment from the people surrounding them, their outdoor space, and where they sleep.

A calming dog bed provides comfort internally with relaxation and peace and externally against the body. It's like a gentle, reassuring hug.

Increased Security

A dog likes the sense of increased security without restriction. A calming dog bed gives them that feeling. Your dog sinks into the bed while the raised edges give security and gently hold them. They don't feel anxious because they still get up and move around if they choose.

Gentle pressure releases endorphins that promote calmness. This is the science behind the ThunderShirt. A ThunderShirt doesn't work for every dog. Getting the dog into it requires some effort, and they may not like wearing it. Some dogs even become frightened at the sound of the straps. If this is the case for your dog, try a calming bed.

Yorkshire Terrier laying on dog bed

A bed gives your dog more independence. Whenever they need it, your dog chooses to go to it themselves. During times you aren't around, your dog may become frightened. They go to their bed to get comfort from the plush material while the raised edges envelop them and provide a sense of security.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, a calming bed is there for them when you're away. Keep it in a permanent spot so they always know where to go when anxiety triggers appear. Thunderstorms or other loud noises pop up unexpectedly. Give them a bed they can access whenever they need it.

Better Sleep Quality

Have you ever gone camping and slept on the ground? Were you forced to sleep on the couch for a night? Don't worry, no one's asking why. Your sleep quality probably isn't the greatest in those situations. When you don't get the amount of sleep you need, your overall health suffers. This holds true for dogs too.

Rachel Kinsman et al. studied sleep behaviors and duration in dogs up to 12 months of age. In their article published in the National Library of Medicine in 2020, they found that "conditions affecting welfare may impact sleep quality and a deterioration in sleep quality may have a negative effect on animal welfare."

French Bulldog in dog bed

There's a circular relationship, meaning one may cause the other. If your dog suffers from conditions causing pain, they don't get good sleep. They don't sleep well in an uncomfortable bed or on the floor. Other environmental factors like noises loud or strange noises don't help either. This lack of quality sleep may affect their overall health.

Researchers say that sleep behaviors may reflect how well your dog adapts to their environment. Dogs who feel comfortable in their environment sleep better, knowing they're safe.

Use a calming spray on the bed for additional help providing better dog sleep. These sprays contain natural ingredients like lavender, hemp seed, or other essential oils or pheromones that induce relaxation.

If your dog currently sleeps in the bed with you, they probably don't let you get the quality of sleep you need. A dog with anxiety does better with a bed of their own. It fosters a sense of independence and reliance on self-soothing when they feel nervous.

Once they have their comfortable bed, your sleep improves too.

Older dog resting on dog bed

Relief From Joint Pain

Large breed dogs like Great Danes, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Saint Bernards, among others, commonly experience hip and joint issues. These painful ailments don't allow for a good night's sleep. Give your dog some joint pain relief.

A bed with memory foam conforms to your dog's body without putting pressure on their nerve endings. Ask your vet about pain relief medication if the pain is chronic or severe. Osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia may be irreversible, but at least make your dog more comfortable.

In a 2019 study published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice, researchers J. Caraty et al. compared different supports used in veterinary practices for pressure sore prevention. They compared blankets on the floor, a standard mattress, a veterinary memory foam mattress, and a human medicine memory foam mattress.

They assessed recurrent "risk zones" most commonly vulnerable to pressure sores. They found that the pressure-relieving mats led to lower pressures than the standard mat or the blankets on the floor.

If you have one of the large breed dogs experiencing hip and joint issues, get a calming dog bed with memory foam. There's proof that it helps. Even if your dog doesn't have these issues yet or may be prone to getting them in the future, prepare for the possibility that they need joint pain relief. It's still a comfortable bed either way.

Dog sleeping in dog bed

Room To Stretch Out

If your large breed dog likes to spread out when they sleep, choose a large dog bed that fits their needs. Measure your dog when they're in a normal sleeping position and choose one of the roomy dog beds that align with their large frame.

Calming dog beds come in many different styles, so there's sure to be one that's perfect for your pooch. Roomy dog beds allow your dog to spread out, but be sure to choose one that supports them too. They may get lost and not feel the intended calming effects if it's too big.

Most calming beds have a raised rim. If your dog moves around a lot in their sleep, this keeps them from rolling off.

Enhanced Decor

Your dog's bed doesn't have to be an obtrusive eyesore. With the world of calming dog beds growing, there are all kinds of styles and types. Choose colors to match your home's decor while still providing the functionality your dog needs.

Many donut dog cuddler beds look like large, fluffy floor pillows. These may even provide home decor enhancement. Get some human floor pillows to match your dog's and make it look like a stylistic choice.

Give Your Big Dog Big Relief

Whether your large dog suffers from anxiety, chronic pain, or neither, a calming dog bed becomes a great investment. Calming dog beds have many functions and benefits. These stylish dog beds are comfortable and give home decor enhancement, calm your anxious dog, and improve their overall health.

Lab sleeping on dog bed

A calming dog bed isn't a magic wand and may not work as a standalone solution for every dog. Use other calming solutions along with the large dog bed.

Ultimately, you get orthopedic support, better dog sleep, and better human sleep.

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