The Best Bed To Help Poodle Puppies Manage Anxiety

Baby poodle looking at camera

Baby poodle looking at camera

The best bed to help poodle puppies manage stress and fear are those with soft, fluffy, and soothing materials that make your poodles feel secure and protected.

Poodles are one of the most eager and athletic dog breeds, but anxiety can disrupt their loving nature. Stress can take a toll on poodles, affecting their mental and physical health and rendering them less affectionate. When your poodle exhibits anxiety, you may notice a change in his usual response to you and other family members. Some of the emotional symptoms you may see include mood swings, increased aggression, and hyperactivity.

Anxiety can also affect your poodle's physical well-being, causing increased urination, more skittishness, and increased licking of themselves. So naturally, a pet owner will become worried but never fear. There are options to help control anxiety in poodles.

One solution is an anti-anxiety dog bed designed to help poodles relax. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to choose the right one for your poodle with so many on the market. So, what's the best calming bed to help poodle puppies manage anxiety? The best beds are those that make the puppy feel calm, relaxed, and safe. Calming beds have been compared to weighted vests and provide the coziness and warmth needed to make poodle puppies feel safe and secure. Let's learn more about the best dog beds for poodles.

What is an Anxiety Dog Bed?

For humans, a bed helps you relax and sleep better and brings rejuvenation at the end of a long day. Similarly, an anti-anxiety dog bed offers poodles enhanced comfort, which prevents anxiety. The bed serves as a safe location for anxious dogs to calm down. It's a safety net for scared and nervous poodles, especially when their owner isn't at home.

Anti-anxiety beds are different from regular dog beds. They're specifically designed with soft, cuddly materials to comfort your poodle anytime they take a break from play or become stressed. The texture of the fabric will allow poodle puppies to burrow in until they feel calm. The beds come in different sizes and colors, which can calm and stimulate poodles' moods. In addition, the beds induce positive and calming hormones, resulting in relaxation. What materials are available in anti-anxiety beds? Why do poodle owners need them? Read on for additional information.

The designers of anti-anxiety beds have your poodle's best interests at heart. These beds feature a unique design and materials that offer poodle puppies maximum comfort and serenity. The bed has a moderate amount of foam and a deep footbed, providing comfort. In addition, the beds encourage a reclining position, which helps reduce feelings of weakness for those animals with joint issues. Anti-anxiety beds also instill a sense of well-being and are warm and comforting, especially in cold weather. In addition, if a thunderstorm or the sound of fireworks or other loud noises should occur while you're away from home, the bed will provide comfort during these stressful situations.

In addition, anti-anxiety dog beds can provide heat in cool weather since dogs usually rest with their heads and paws tucked into their bodies. Thankfully, a quality dog bed can give poodles the necessary heat to stay warm and comfortable. Anti-anxiety dog beds come in different shapes and sizes, and the doughnut shape is an excellent choice for poodles. In addition, these plush beds are ideal for poodle puppies since they like to curl up and get cozy.

Usually, when poodles cling to their owners, they are seeking comfort and affection. The materials used in making anti-anxiety beds are gentle on the skin, which mimics the softness of a puppy's mother. An anxiety bed provides a safe place to hide out when your poodle feels threatened. Burying their face and body into the bed offers a feeling of security. They feel sheltered and hidden from whatever danger they've witnessed. Anti-anxiety beds are available in so many options that there's something to suit every owner's decor and even the pickiest of dogs.

Materials Used in Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds

There are many different types of anti-anxiety dog beds for poodles puppies. These include raised, cushioned, indoor, and furniture-like beds. Of course, your choice of an anti-anxiety dog bed should depend on the size of your poodle and the style you find attractive. Following is a list of materials and fabrics that are great options for anti-anxiety dog beds.

Faux Fur Bed

Faux fur is one of the most popular dog bed materials. It's super-comfortable, featuring soft fur-like material that's soft to the touch. It provides maximum warmth and comfort, which helps poodles feel secure. This material will make poodle puppies feel cuddled up with one of their siblings. Also, it makes them feel at peace.


Polyester dog beds are reliable and sturdy for dogs prone to chewing on items other than toys. So, if your dog likes to carry your socks around, this type of bed may be a good fit. In addition, its plush material provides enough warmth to fight off the winter chill. Polyester is also a comfortable material and will feel good to those poodles experiencing joint problems. That's because polyester fabric tends to trap heat, providing relief from any joint pain poodles may feel.


Dog beds made from microfiber materials are durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. In addition, this material is cool enough that your dog can sleep comfortably at night without overheating. Microfiber also catches tiny microbes, making it easy to clean.

Faux Leather Beds

Faux leather doesn't collect dog hair like other dog beds. Instead, it's quite smooth and stylish and may match your leather furniture quite well. Also, it is durable and suitable for hyperactive puppies who scratch a lot. So, if you're looking for a bed that's durable and aesthetically appealing, this may be the one for you.


When it comes to aesthetics, suede material looks great. However, it can be hard to clean off stains like drool, food, and so on. The material is quite durable but may not be the best choice for messy dogs or those that drool.


Like suede dog beds, microsuede is smooth and attractive but difficult to clean. It's best to go for a darker color, as a lighter color can accentuate stains and dirt. However, keep in mind that a darker color may show signs of slobber once it dries.


Vinyl is a suitable material for outdoor dog beds because it's durable and wicks off moisture. In addition, vinyl beds may have a mesh design in the center to allow water to drain.

Now that you know the difference between dog bed materials, let's check some of the best beds to help poodle puppies manage anxiety. Before choosing the bed to help your poodle control anxiety, you should consider his age, size, coat, and habits. These criteria will help in selecting the best structure and materials for your pup.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the design of the bed. The height and depth of the bed must be easy to climb into and exit. In order to relieve stress, the bed should be the correct size and should feel like a safety zone. Poodles like to curl up, so the bed should support this trait. In essence, the best beds for anxious poodle puppies offer excellent bolster and a cozy cave-like feel.


Bolsters are great for supporting the head and outstretched legs of poodles. Since poodle puppies like to curl up when they sleep, any bed that offers a bolster will be an excellent choice. Besides, poodle puppies feel safer, more protected, and more secure as they lean against a bed with a bolster.


This bed style is dense and makes it easy for poodle puppies to burrow when they feel pressured. The materials used for this bed are soft, smooth, and soothing for anxious poodles. They are more like sleeping bags that pop in or out. Anxious dogs will find them stress-relieving.

Let's talk about some of the best dog anti-anxiety beds to relieve poodle puppies of stress:

Calming Cuddle Bed

If your dog experiences separation anxiety or appears to constantly feel overwhelmed, this Calming Cuddle Bed is an excellent option for you. You won't need to worry about your poodle experiencing stress, anxiety, or fear when you run out on a quick errand. And, there are so many options to choose from, there's a color to match any room or furniture in your home.

This Calming Cuddle bed offers maximum security, protection, and coziness to help poodle puppies keep their temperaments under check. Specific colors can stimulate dogs' moods, and the Calming Cuddle Bed has some great colors to help calm your poodle. In addition, the covers are easily removable for washing, with recommended laundering in your watching machine on the gentle cycle.

The non-skid pad feature of the Calming Cuddle Bed ensures that the beds of poodle puppies bed stay in place even if it rolls over it in play many times. Poodles with aching joints will thank you for the stability it provides when they climb inside without it scooting across your floor. With this bed, both and adult poodle and poodle puppies will have a cozy companion until you arrive home from work.

To improve your poodle's mental and physical well-being, you should consider getting a Cuddle Blanket. These blankets can be folded over into a pad or used as a blanket. The Cuddle Blanket contains a calming insert featuring a signature blend of essential oils such as valerian oil, vetiver, sweet basil, and clary sage.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic dog beds sometimes come in the form of a sofa, which features a firm memory foam mattress. The mattress is dense and easy for poodle puppies and other puppies to enter. This bed also provides coziness for poodle puppies who have been scared by loud noises. Older dogs battling joint problems and aching muscles can also benefit from the firm feel of this bed.

The well-cushioned bolster provides enhanced support for poodle puppies to rest their head, legs, or chin. Orthopedic beds come in suede or microsuede materials, which are scratch-resistant, making them last longer. In addition, an orthopedic bed will prevent the irritation of pressure joints in poodles.

Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

While most dog beds use a one-pad mattress, this type of bed uses shredded memory foam. Shredded material will conform to and balance the body of your poodle, easing the pressure on joints. Besides, the bed is lightweight and easy to move around in our home, which will help you when it's time to clean or vacuum your floors. Despite their shredded foam features, the beds are durable and washable. Even poodle puppies will find it comfortable enough to climb in and exit with no problems.

Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed

Layer orthopedic dog beds are different from other beds due to their structure. They are larger and appropriate for older dogs, but poodle puppies can also use them. The memory foam base of this bed contains soothing, cooling gel to massage your poodle's body. In addition, it offers a waterproof liner and is designed to repel odor.

Faux Fur Dog Bed

As stated earlier, faux fur beds are good for burrowing when poodle puppies feel threatened or scared. These beds usually come in an oversize structure resembling a coat and will feel like the skin and cuddles of a mother dog. For this reason, poodles will feel safe and secure when you leave them home alone. The faux fur dog bed's softness provides comfort, and its rigidness offers support and keeps the bed in place. These beds may not be suitable for larger dogs as their weight may cause them to sink into the bed, preventing needed support.

Bolster Bed

Bolster beds for anxious dogs can offer enhanced comfort for poodles. They are designed with bolsters on different sides of the bed for poodles to lean against whenever they feel tension. It's also easy to climb in as one side is open. There are many different fabrics and interiors to choose from, including memory foam, orthopedic foam, and cool gel foam. Your poodle puppy will love this bed because the cooling gel will cool them down after playing.

Baby poodle

Why Do Poodle Puppies Experience Anxiety?

There is no concrete evidence to explain the reasons for separation anxiety in poodles. However, poodles from shelter homes are more prone to anxiety than puppies that spend their entire lives in one family. Also, stress can ensue when an important person in your poodle's life, often someone he is fond of, suddenly dies or leaves. Poodles can feel anxious about many things, including but not limited to change, separation, and the physical changes of aging.


The fear of certain things can trigger anxiety in poodle puppies. For instance, thunderstorms, fireworks, generators, and the sounds of washing machine buzzers and vacuum cleaners can trigger anxiety. Similarly, if your poodle sees a stranger, it may bark, run, or hide. It's essential to observe how and when your poodle shows signs of anxiety in order to help your dog decrease these symptoms.


Separation anxiety is a common cause of tension in poodle puppies. This condition is triggered when poodles are left home alone, resulting in fear, boredom, or loneliness. The effects of separation anxiety for poodle puppies may include panting, pacing, biting, or destructive behaviors.

When you notice these behaviors, there are options to help with managing them. Aside from calming beds, calming chews and calming spray can help reduce the signs of separation anxiety. You can also employ stimulating toys to keep your poodle puppy distracted when you're about to leave the house.

Symptoms of Anxiety in Your Poodle Puppies

Some signs of separation anxiety include the following symptoms or behaviors: panting, pacing, repetitive behavior, self-mutilation, urinating and defecating, whining, trembling, barking, howling, chewing, digging, aggression, and escaping. All is not lost, though. The options mentioned above will aid you greatly in helping your both adult poodles and poodle puppies through these trying times.


Anxiety can disrupt your poodle's mental, social, and physical well-being. Stress can result in once calm and loving dogs becoming hyperactive and aggressive. That can be devastating for pet owners, especially when their poodles start showing signs of stress, such as digging, panting, pacing, barking and howling excessively, and defecating.

Thankfully, pet owners can help their poodles manage anxiety symptoms through dog calming and anti-anxiety products. The best anti-anti-anxiety beds for poodle puppies are soft, soothing, comforting, and make them feel safe. They feel like a mother next to poodle puppies and provide enough warmth to help them rest and sleep better.

Calming chews and sprays can help alleviate anxiety, fear, and stress. This means owners can leave their homes knowing their poodle will be safe, calm, and well behaved.

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