What To Look For in a Bed To Keep Cavapoo Puppies Calm

Cavapoo puppy

Cavapoo puppy

General Information About Cavapoo Puppies

The Cavapoo pup, also known as Cavoodle, is one of the most popular mixed dog breeds made in Australia in the 1990s. It is a cross of the famous Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a miniature Poodle. The Cavapoo puppies have their parents’ calm, charming, and intelligent characteristics.

Are you hypersensitive to animal fur? The Cavapoo puppies are the ultimate pets for you. These stunning pups shed little dander, making them more recommended and famous because they are less likely to induce allergic reactions among their owners.

Like other dogs, the Cavapoo puppies are social and enjoy being around their owners. They also love being the center of your attention and sitting right next to you on the couch. Moreover, they are intelligent and kind like the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. You don’t have to worry about other pets’ welfare while you’re away because these pups are gentle.

However, the Cavapoo puppies have the athletic nature of the Poodle. Therefore, they require a lot of play and exercise. You can play puzzle games or tug of war with your pet when you’re at home.

The Cavapoo dog is a small breed. The pups grow up to 9-14 inches and weigh about 20 pounds. Your pups may come in different colors depending on the dominant parental genes. The most common coat colors are a mix of white, cream, gold, and beige hues. However, some dogs may have a pure brown pigment.

Besides, the Cavapoo puppies have round, chocolate eyes that give you a warm welcome home. The black button-like nose that sits perfectly on its short stout gives its face a perfect finish. Their ears may be short or long (extending beyond the cheekbone), depending on the leading genetic makeup). Finally, the pets’ fur can be long and wavy or short and curly.

One of the questions asked by people who would like to own Cavapoo puppies is, “do I need some special care for the dogs?” Yes, like any other pet, there are some precautions that you should take to make your pup comfortable. Firstly, since small dogs are prone to tooth decay, ensure you regularly brush your pet’s teeth.

Secondly, ensure that the pups do not stay outdoors during a hot day. The Cavapoo puppies are sensitive to heat. Thus, leaving them in the sun may cause severe dehydration. Their hair also requires constant grooming. Moreover, ensure you trim the hair on the belly and the dog’s rear. It prevents them from stinking due to urine and feces that stick to their coat. Furthermore, pay attention below their lower eyelids for stains. Their claws also grow rapidly hence necessitating constant trimming.

Finally, like any animal, inactivity causes weight gain and possible heart diseases in this pet. If it remains dormant, fats build up in the body, causing health problems. Ensure that your dog gets between thirty minutes to one hour of daily physical activity to maintain weight.  Furthermore, feed your dogs with a high-calorie meal at a regular interval. If Cavapoo puppies are taken care of properly, they can live up to 14 years.

What are the advantages of owning Cavapoo puppies? There are various benefits of having Cavapoo pups. Firstly, the pets’ small size makes it easier to live with them in an apartment. Unlike giant dog breeds that require plenty of space, the Cavapoo dogs occupy a small room.

Secondly, its playing energy and gentleness make it a perfect companion for children and other pets. Additionally, this pet is easy to train and please. So, one does not need to spend thousands of dollars trying to gratify the Cavapoo or take it to the dog trainers.

Finally, this breed is ideal for owners allergic to animal dander because its low-allergen fur is less likely to induce an allergic reaction.

Other people as “are there any medical conditions that commonly affect the Cavapoo puppies?” Yes, some health problems are common to the Cavapoos. These include arthritis, epilepsy, retinal atrophy, luxation of the patella, and congenital heart deformities.

Like humans, Cavapoo puppies also experience stress and anxiety. Therefore, understanding the causes of your pups’ distress helps you provide the appropriate solutions.

Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Cavapoo Puppies

There are various causes of stress and anxiety in the Cavapoo puppies. According to a study conducted by Miller Salonen, 32% of 13,715 domesticated dogs analyzed were suffering from noise-induced anxiety. Dogs have a more profound sense of hearing than humans. Therefore, the noises that we perceive as medium volume may sound too loud to them. Moreover, bangs make dogs feel unsafe.

Additionally, loneliness causes separation anxiety in pets. Since the Cavapoo puppies are social creatures, isolation and abandonment make them anxious and depressed.

One of the most asked questions is, “are Cavapoo puppies habitual animals?” Yes, Cavapoo puppies are habitual creatures, and any change in routine also negatively affects their emotions. You should be aware that even if the modifications are of the puppies’ benefit, they will feel distressed because it might take a couple of days or weeks for them to acquit themselves.

Lack of play or physical exercise may dull your pet’s day. Like humans, dogs also need some workouts to brighten their day. Therefore, lying dormant in a room may stress your puppy.

Changes in the dogs’ environment also cause distress. Such changes may be relocation to a new house which may also come with climatic changes, change of the dogs’ ownership, loss of a family member, or introduction of a baby to the family.

Finally, harsh punishments make your Cavapoo puppies feel guilty always. Such treatments, including whipping pets, cause physical and emotional torture. When the Cavapoo puppies experience punitive treatments, they lose a sense of love and belonging.

Cavapoo puppy

Signs That Your Cavapoo Puppies Are Stressed or Anxious

Various signs hint that your pets are depressed. First, if your dog is usually active and cheerful but suddenly turns gloomy and isolates itself, it may be stressed or anxious. Additionally, anxious pups may hide, disobey commands, or find an escape route to flee from their owners.

Furthermore, anxiety changes the Cavapoo puppies’ toileting habits. They may poo or pee more frequently than usual. However, you should note that dogs customarily pee to mark their territories. Be keen to note the difference.

Normally, Cavapoos stand on their four limbs. However, when anxious or stressed, they sit on their hind legs with their tails tucked. Besides, they pin hears onto the skull and retract their lips.

When your Cavapoo puppies develop a destructive behavior like chewing on your valuables, they may be experiencing separation anxiety. Chewing soothes them when they are anxious and uncertain of your return. Moreover, your items might have your scent.

It is usual for a dog to pant during a hot day or after a workout. However, it is unusual for the pet to pant in cold weather without any physical exertion. Thus, if you notice this behavior in your Cavapoo puppies, find out the possible cause because they might be distressed.

Unusual barking and howling is also a sign of distress in dogs. The Cavapoo puppies will bark for a long time when anxious and feel insecure. Additionally, you must have noticed that your pet walks around the room aimlessly when you’re in the vet clinic. Your dog does so because it feels threatened in the new environment.

Unusually more extended sleep periods and lethargy are also one indicator for an anxious pup. If your pet is usually an early riser and energetic but suddenly turns sleepy and tired without any disease, it is likely depressed. The Cavapoos are generally active. Therefore, any deviation is an indicator of underlying distress that needs your attention.

Items Used To Calm Cavapoo Puppies

There are different ways you can calm Cavapoo puppies. First, there are various items sold on Calming Dog that will help you relax your pups. All the products focus on helping your dog live a calm life. Moreover, Calming Dog understands all your dogs’ needs and provides the best quality solutions. This US-based shop was created by dog owners who want to ensure that all canines live a stress-free lifestyle.

You may ask, “why should I choose Calming Dog?” This shop is the ultimate place to buy dog items because, firstly, it produces top-quality goods. Secondly, the goods are 100% US-made. You can also find them anywhere in the US. Finally, the shop donates one dollar from every purchase you make to a no-kill shelter.

What are some of the items available at Calming Dog? One of the items offered is the calming cuddle bed plus. Are you planning to leave your pups alone? This cuddle bed will give them the comfort that you give them when you’re at home. The warm cozy bed helps the pets feel secure and comfortable that they won’t long for your return soon. Besides, there are various ideal cuddle beds in Calming Dog that you’ll be spoilt for choices.

What To Look For in a Bed To Keep Cavapoo Puppies Calm

When you’re buying your puppies a bed, there are factors that you should consider. Here are some of them:


Cavapoo puppies sleep in different positions. The pets can curl themselves, stretch out their legs, sleep on their bellies, or roll on their backs. Therefore, when purchasing a dog’s bed, ensure that it can accommodate all the sleeping styles. You should get a large bed if you have more than one pet to avoid conflicts. Additionally, consider gifting your pets with beds that can serve them when they are older.


Your Cavapoo puppies’ beds should have enough pads to give them the ultimate comfort. Moreover, the material should be easily washable so that you can always keep it clean. The waterproof material is best for camping. Nonetheless, since dogs sometimes chew on items, it is critical to ensure that the material is hard so that the pets do not swallow it. Alternatively, the material should not be harmful to the dog.


Choose a dog bed according to your pups’ needs. Since the Cavapoo puppies are heat sensitive, a cooling dog bed is the best. Ensure that you have this bed for your pup during summer. Moreover, consider getting a special orthopedic bed for a fractured puppy.


When traveling with your Cavapoo puppies, consider taking a travel bed with you. The bed is easy to fold and doesn’t occupy a large space compared to a routine one.


Ensure that you’re pleased with the bed’s pigment. Choose your favorite color and ensure that it doesn’t get visibly dirty quickly. Your Cavapoo puppies bed should also match your house’s interior colors.


Cavapoo puppies tend to chew on items because of the painful teething process. Furthermore, they do so to strengthen their jaws. Thus, when buying them a bed, ensure that they can withstand constant chewing by the puppies.


Choose a pocket-friendly dog bed. Also, ensure that the quality of the product matches its price. Beware of the expensive yet poorly made beds because they will break after a short period, making you spend unbudgeted money.

You can also use other products like Calming Cuddle blankets Plus with the bed to calm your Cavapoo puppies. Blankets provide your canines with a sense of refuge while cuddling. When feeling secure, your pets won’t constantly worry about your return.

What Are the Other Ways of Calming Your Dog?

You may ask, “apart from beds, are there other ways of calming your dog? Yes, there are various alternatives to calm your Cavapoo puppies. For example, taking your dog for a walk helps reduce its tension. Taking the pup away from the stressor helps them relax. Additionally, you can engage in indoor exercises or puzzle games to disrupt your anxious puppy.

Furthermore, massaging your dog reduces its strain. Cavapoo puppies have a positive response to touch. Research also shows that massage reinforces your bond with the canine. Work from the top body and proceed downwards, paying attention to tensed muscles and avoiding places that the dog seems uncomfortable. Additionally, Calming Spray calms anxious pup’s nerves. The essential oils in the spray help pets relax and cool down.

Minimize altering the pets’ daily activities, including sleep, play, feeding, and rest. Maintaining a routine reduces the stress of adjusting to constant changes. Moreover, ensure that no activity in the daily schedule remains undone.

Music therapy has proven effective in calming anxious dogs. Research indicates that, like humans, dogs also have melody preferences. An experimental study revealed that most dogs preferred rock and reggae music. Apart from calming the pups’ nerves, music also blocks loud noises from the street. However, remember to play a tune with the correct sound volume to prevent it from being a nuisance to your dog.

When leaving the Cavapoo puppies at home alone, ensure that they do not go hungry or thirsty when you’re away. Leave enough food on their bowls that will sustain them until you’re back. The water-holding  Calming Fountain Plus helps keep your puppies’ water filtered and flowing so that you don’t have to worry about your pets’ hydration.

Like our loved ones, we should always create time for your Cavapoo puppies. These social animals need your time. Take some time to cuddle them or play with them. They will feel that they are cared for and loved. Moreover, take your pet while traveling whenever possible, and there’s no one to care for them. It helps minimize the chances of your pup being lonely and anxious.

Puppy treats like Calming Zen Chews help comfort your dog when distressed.  Like babies, dogs get relieved from their anxiety when orally stimulated. Moreover, chews distract dogs and prevent the destructive behaviors that Cavapoo puppies exhibit when stressed. Therefore, treats become a chewing alternative to your precious items and a solution to your puppies’ worries.

If you don’t resolve your pets’ anxieties and stress, they may compromise their health due to the decreased resistance to infections. Nevertheless, they may take a long time to recover from injuries or illnesses due to the buildup of cortisol and adrenaline hormones in the body.

Furthermore, changes in their eating habits cause calorie deficiency and eventual weight loss. Finally, constant diarrhea may lead to shock and death.


We all deserve a conducive living and working environment and a comfortable bed to rest on when we’re tired. The same applies to our pets. An uncomfortable dog life will also affect us negatively because we won’t find the warm welcome home from a depressed pet. Therefore, it is our mandate to help them live to their best.

Choosing the correct pup bed can provide your Cavapoo puppies the calm and long life they deserve.

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