Why Crockett Doodles Experience Stress and Anxiety

Happy Crockett Doodle Dog

Happy Crockett Doodle Dog

Background Information on Crockett Doodles

Dr. Nathan Crockett's love for dogs inspired him to venture into the dog business. They always had a dog in this family, and his wife Abigail grew up having the yellow Labrador Retriever. After getting married, the couple had a pure breed with health issues and shed a lot. Since he failed to get a suitable dog, he decided to be the source for other families. After posting about the available puppies, 12 puppies got adopted in minutes which triggered their desire to increase the numbers. Hence, the Crockett family discovered the high demand with little supply and decided to have their family and friends on board in the home-raised puppy's venture.

Crockett Doodles aim to make families whole again by providing the puppies to their forever homes. The resources allocated help scrutinize puppy applicants, perform health tests, and market the mixed breed.

Crockett Doodles Traits and Personality

Little to No Shedding 

Many people like doodles because they shed very little. Thus, suitable for adoption by families with dog dander allergies. Not only are the doodles friendly, but they are also intelligent therefore easy to train. Most people comment that the doodles are too cute even to be real because they resemble teddy bears.

Few Health Issues

Due to the crossbreeding,  Crockett Doodles are among the healthiest dogs and typically have fewer health issues. The variety of doodles at Crockett Doodles get along well with kids and people. Therefore, doodles are the best fit for families seeking companions since they are bright and make great companions for cuddles.

Easy-going Personality

Crockett Doodles are famous for their easy-going nature and their bubbly personality. Additionally, they are very social, which makes them prone to separation anxiety.

Do Crockett Doodles experience stress and anxiety? Yes, since the crocket doodles are friendly and very social, separation anxiety can affect them. Crockett doodles have a solid bond and attachment to the family members caused by their affectionate nature, which triggers separation anxiety when people leave.

What Causes Stress and Anxiety in Crockett Doodles?

Pack Mentality

Crockett Doodles have an immense pack mentality. Thus, they are always comfortable with pack members. Therefore, if the dog is left alone, they experience separation anxiety; however, it differs from one breed to another.

Separation Anxiety

Crockett Doodles, a brilliant dog breed with high trainability and intelligence, are likely to experience separation anxiety. The same characteristics that make the doodles loveable as pets make them prone to anxiety and stress. Dogs can exhibit destructive behavior when left alone since they feel abandoned. Some Crockett doodles are afraid of being left alone due to the close association and companionship with the family members. Another cause for separation anxiety in doodles can be living in a shelter or adoption by a new family. An adopted puppy might experience anxiety and stress due to the new surroundings and people.

Changes in Daily Routines

Other triggers include changing your daily routine or schedule. Additionally, abrupt changes to the duration that Crockett doodles left alone can affect the dog. Thus, it is better to follow a routine and avoid drastic changes. Moving to a new house can trigger anxiety and stress due to the change in environment.

Household Changes

Change in the household members caused by departure to further education, a new job, or even death in the family can affect your Crockett doodles. They dislike being alone because they are social animals, and alterations in the family composition trouble them.

Old Age

A decline in cognitive understanding as a result of old age can cause separation anxiety. By the time the Crockett doodles mature, the adoptive parents might trigger anxiety and stress when they leave since they have created a strong bond. The level of stress in dogs might increase according to how long the owner takes to return home. Crockett Doodles might stress, and anxiety can be triggered by meeting new people, especially if the puppies lacked proper socialization or were in an abusive home before being adopted.

Physical Discomfort

Physical discomfort, which includes pain, illness, lack of food or water to drink, can cause stress and anxiety in Crockett doodles. Just like human beings, dogs experience stress and anxiety due to physical discomfort. Change in an environment like moving to a new home triggers anxiety due to unfamiliar scents, and even car rides can lead to stress due to changes in settings.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress in Crockett Doodles

Signs of anxiety and stress can differ in various breeds of dogs, but most exhibit common traits and behavior when stressed or anxious. A dog that's relaxed pants softly breathing through their nose. The tail will be at the same level as the body, and some love to wag their tail gently. Common signs of stress and anxiety are panting vigorously even when the dog has not played or exercised.


Crockett Doodles might shake since stress triggers result in a flight or fight reaction in the body. Thus, the adrenaline will lead to shaking all over the body. Additionally, if the dog can't stand still in one place, it could signify that the Crockett doodle is stressed or anxious. Just like humans, the inability to sit still is an indication of stress in dogs. Some dogs, however, might choose to hide or escape when faced with stress and anxiety. When the dog is anxious, it can reduce anxiety by chewing at the door or the kennel to get back to the pack.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior is common in stressed dogs or when anxious. The Crockett doodles often give warning through a soft growl to anyone who is approaching the dog. If the person ignores the warning, the dog might bite you since they are feeling threatened. Destructive behavior is another signal that the dog is anxious and facing a stressful condition. Scratching a door, chewing, and tearing a carpet are some of the common characteristics your dog is facing anxiety and stress. The dog can damage the window interiors when trying to escape.

Drooling and Licking

Crockett Doodles avoid stress and anxiety by licking or drooling. Excessive drooling can occur when the dog is anxious. In other circumstances, the dog salivates when there is no food. By drooling and licking, the dog is focusing on another thing rather than the situation causing anxiety. When a dog is relaxed, the lips appear soft, and it might seem to be smiling. A stressed dog lifts its lips and shows their teeth to warn that they are anxious and don't feel safe in that environment.

Pulling Ear Against The Head

If the dog is pulling their ear back against the head, it shows they are anxious. In addition, when the Crockett doodle pulls the eyelids back to the point you can see the whites of the eyes showing, it is a sign that they are anxious. If you notice the dog has an abnormal posture, like tucking in the tail between the legs, that means that the dog may be stressed. Some even lie low on the ground and become rigid while still standing, a position known as the fear of freezing.

Decreased Appetite

When faced with an uncomfortable situation causing stress, the dog's appetite will decrease. Although there are other reasons why a dog might refuse to feed, refusing to feed indicates they are anxious since they love food. Stressed dogs experience diarrhea which might contain stains of mucous or blood.

It is not clear why stress causes the large intestines to swell. In other cases, Crockett doodles trained on how to use the potty may begin to cause accidents in the house since dogs urinate when nervous, and in a horrifying situation, they lose control of their bowels.

Sitting Alone or Away From People

In stressful circumstances, the dog might choose to be alone and away from people. Seeing the Crockett doodles are very friendly and social, isolation is a cause for concern, and you can contact a veterinarian to diagnose the symptom. Other dogs might choose to sleep more than usual due to sickness, injury, or experiencing a traumatizing event. 


If you notice your dog is yawning when he is least tired or has not engaged in any energy-draining activity, it is a sign the dog is anxious or stressed. Also, the dog might be uncomfortable in that particular situation or place.

Digging and Escape

Anxious dogs scratch the ground, trying to find an enclosure to hide. Moreover, others feel uncomfortable in enclosed spaces and try to find an escape route. Do not lock away dogs that do not like closed spaces.

Happy Crockett Doodle Dog

Ways To Relieve Crockett Doodles from Stress and Anxiety

If you identify some of the signs of anxiety and stress in your doodles, you can use various means, both natural and medical, to help your doodle obtain relief.

Create A Safe Zone

One of the natural ways to help Crockett doodles lower stress and anxiety is to set up an area where the dog can escape the stressful situation. If possible, the safe zone should be near a window if you are leaving the house so that the dog can be visually stimulated, which will help lower the anxiety that you left.


To help the doodles feel comfortable and safe when in the safe zone, you can get the Calming Cuddle Bed from Calming Dog, which aids in providing comfort so that the dog can live their best life when you are away. The calming cuddle bed comes in various sizes and colors to match the décor and cater to Crockett doodles of all sizes. The cuddle bed makes the dog feel secure and cared for thus won't experience stress and anxiety. The good thing is that the blankets cover is washable in a machine and has a non-skip pad that ensures the bed doesn't move an inch from the safe zone you created. The calming cuddle bed from Calming Dog offers support, comfort, and care, which lowers the occurrence of destructive behaviors when you are away.

Increase Exercise

Increasing exercise for your Crockett doodles is an excellent way to decrease stress and anxiety. While exercising, the endorphins released help in providing relief from tension. Hence, to reduce the stress triggers, ensure your dog exercises often since Crockett doodles that lack exercises have low energy levels and fail to handle stressful situations resulting in aggressive behavior. You can offer training by exposing the dog to stress triggers with controlled and slow exposure to create happy moments and memories with the triggers. Thus, the dog will likely not be affected by the stimuli when they occur.

Provide Enough Water

Crockett Doodles require drinking water regularly. Hence, providing the dog with Calming Fountain Plus from Calming Dog can assist in alleviating anxiety and stress in your dog. The calming fountain provides triple filtration, ensuring that the dog gets fresh water every time. Therefore, the dog won't result in aggressive behavior because of thirst when you are away. The LED light makes it impossible for anyone to stumble on the calming fountain and cause chaos. The three suction cups are firmly placed underneath the base to ensure it doesn't move an inch. The calming fountain holds 2.4 l of water, so no matter the duration when you are away from your dog.

Use Sprays

To help your Crockett doodles get relief from stress and anxiety, you can use a plug-in diffuser or sprays like the Calming Spray, which helps your dog relax and improve the dog's quality of life. Mist the spray on the bed or blanket to ease the anxiety and stress from your dog. The calming spray aids your dog in coping with the tension of being at home alone. Since dogs may indulge in destructive behavior when left alone, anxious, or stressed, the essential oils in this product will make your pet feel relaxed, and you will get your house in order.

Natural Ways To Help Crockett Doodles Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Reduce Anxiety Triggers 

Crockett Doodles are intelligent and will pick up cues when you are about to leave the house. The anxiety sets in when you begin to show any sign of leaving the house, like picking up keys, getting dressed, or packing lunch. Hence, you can get dressed and sit back to spend time with your dog to avoid such triggers. You can also take the keys and leave for a short period to alleviate the going away signs anytime you leave. Alternatively, you can leave the house and come back minutes later to greet the dog with a snack. The act of bringing a snack will eliminate the sadness associated with leaving. In a matter of time, the dog will still be comfortable in his isolation. 

Offer Balanced Food

Provide high-quality dog food since it plays a vital role in the health of your dog. Properly balanced nutrition enhances the welfare of the Crockett doodles, which averts the occurrence of anxiety and stress triggers like physical discomfort and sickness.

Remove Anxiety and Stress Triggers

You can remove the stress trigger for the dog to get relief from stress. To enable the dog to calm down, look for a calm place to settle down. Since stress isn't a conscious reaction, the dog might not obey what you indicate until the stress level decrease. Hence, get the dog a safe zone and provide calming products to lower the anxiety level. However, avoid over comfort and behave normally since the extra treats can repeat the behavior. Help your dog get back to a conscious state by giving commands such as sit and reward them when they obey.

Avoid Changing Routines

Stick to sleeping, exercise, feeding, and play routines. A change in environment or practices triggers anxiety in dogs, and your Crockett doodles might result in aggressive behavior. Therefore, use the same routines when feeding and playing with your dog to prevent anxiety and stress triggers.


Like humans, pets also deserve to live a happy and stress-free life. Pet owners should constantly monitor their dogs for any signs of stress and anxiety and find the causes and solutions.

The earlier you notice why your Crockett doodles are experiencing anxiety and stress, the better. The revelation will help you take the necessary measures to eliminate the triggers and offer relief to your dog timely. If the stress reaction lasts longer, it could mean the dog's anxiety has turned into a phobia. To avoid such occurrences, ensure you know what dog sounds and looks signify when they are happy or relaxed and facing stressful situations. To limit the effects and occurrence of triggers, get Calming Dog products to assist your dog in getting comfort and remaining calm when you are away.

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