Why Do Dogs Lick You?

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Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Dogs do the strangest things. While a lot of these things can be downright adorable, some of them can be a little annoying. Persistent licking of anything, especially you, can probably be categorized as annoying. Read on to find out why your precious pooch can't stop licking you.

It's Instinct

Dogs lick everyone (and everything). The reason for this could be explained by your pup's ancestors' habits. Dogs instinctively lick and groom themselves. It comes naturally to them. Just like a doggo mom sees her puppies may be in need of a good cleaning, your dog may view you in the same light.

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You Taste Good

You just got back from the gym. Your pup is SO excited to see you! And he can't stop licking your face. While you may think that your doggo's lick-y behavior is due to the fact that you just arrived home and saved him from his loneliness, it may be because of the saltiness of your skin.

When we humans work out, we sweat. Sweat contains salt. Salt is yummy! Especially to dogs. So it's sort of a no-brainer that dogs will love to lick us after a nice sweat sesh.

Have you been using a new/different soap, perfume, or lotion? This could also be a reason why your doggy is licking you more than usual. Dogs are very explorative and will do things (such as lick!) to fulfill that curiosity.

Attention, Please!

While your pup may just be licking you because it's instinct or you taste really good, sometimes they just want your attention! Are you finding yourself distracted by your phone, television, significant other, or a work-at-home situation? Chances are your doggo is noticing, too. Behavior such as barking and licking may be indicative of your pup trying to gain your undivided attention. "More love and treats please!" says Fido.

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Honestly, They Just Love You

While dog licking can mostly be explained by various things, sometimes it just can't. It's in these moments where you should just give in to this simple and possible truth: your dog can't stop licking you because he can't stop loving you!

Studies have shown that licking releases endorphins in a dog's brain. This makes them feel more calm and relaxed. As a dog owner, your main goal and responsibility should be to make sure your pup is living his or her best life. This includes making sure your doggo is both calm and relaxed - something that endorphins can definitely help do. Licking their best friend (you, duh!) should lead to ultimate, endorphin-releasing magic!

Dogs can easily pick up on behaviors and attitudes. They're smart creatures. So, exhibit caring behaviors and an easy-going attitude, and you should expect some tongue-licking loveliness. All that slobber is just an "I love you" declaration.  

When Too Much Licking Is Becoming A Problem

If your pup is exhibiting a behavior that you find destructive or problematic (such as excessive licking), consult your vet about this issue. They can recommend any potential products, training, or advice that can help your doggo maintain the loving while ditching the licking. Your vet knows best! 

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