9 Outdoor Activities to Relieve Your Bernedoodle's Stress and Anxiety

9 Outdoor Activities to Relieve Your Bernedoodle's Stress and Anxiety - Calming Dog

Bernedoodle dogs are a mixed breed from the Bernese mountain dog and Poodle. Bernedoodle dogs come in various sizes based on the size of the Poodle parent dog. If a Bernedoodle comes from a miniature or toy Poodle parent, then the outcome will be a miniature Bernedoodle. Owners of Bernedoodles state that these dogs have a friendly, clever, gentle, and loyal temperament. Bernedoodles are also sometimes referred to as Bernese Mountain poos.

Bernedoodle Personalities

An average Berndedoodle dog can weigh anywhere from 10 to 90 pounds. A big reason for this large weight gap is how many kinds of Mini Bernedoodles there are. Because of tiny Bernedoodle dogs, the Bernedoodle hybrid dog breeds average height is anywhere from 10 to 29 in tall at the shoulder. A Standard Bernedoodle will be on the taller and heavier side of this scale compared to the Mini Bernedoodle. Standard Poodle dogs are large, and because of how big the Bernese Mountain dog breed can get, these pups can become large dogs.

On average, these dogs live between 12 and 18 years. However, Mini Bernedoodles tend to live longer than the Standard size.

Without a doubt, Bernedoodle dogs are companion dogs, and these dogs are charming, goofy, and calm Bernese mountain dog poodle mixes. Many Bernedoodle dogs enjoy spending their time with families and children alike. These dogs are playful and affectionate, happy to please their owners, and hard-working.

Though the Bernedoodle dog breed's personality is a large part of what makes them a fantastic dog, they're also an excellent breed thanks to their rare coats. Because the Bernedoodle is a Poodle-mix breed, these dogs tend to be more hypoallergenic, significantly benefiting any dog owner who suffers from allergies. Bernedoodle dogs can have curly coats, wavy coats, or straight coats that come in many different colors.

Bernedoodles are very adaptable and will do well in apartment housing as long as their owner is sure they can still provide adequate amounts of exercise and activity. However, smaller Bernedoodle dogs are better for apartment living than larger Bernedoodle dogs.

Bernedoodle Health Overview

Bernedoodle dogs tend to be healthier on average than either of their parent breeds. An old theory states mixed breeds of dogs are inherently healthier since they usually have a larger gene pool. While this theory sounds realistic, scientists debunked it. Proving this theory wrong does not mean that mixed dog breeds aren't healthy. It just means being a hybrid dog breed does not guarantee improved health overall.

However, Bernese Mountain dogs have rare cancer that affects many dogs in the breed. Bernedoodle dogs have been affected by this cancer significantly less than their Bernese Moutain dog counterparts.

It's safe to say that the Bernedoodle dog breed is an overall healthy hybrid breed, and there are a few conditions that these animals are predisposed to experiencing. Every breed of dog, hybrid and purebred alike, has a few health conditions they are genetically at risk of contracting. Those conditions include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and other skin issues. Other health conditions they might experience are eye problems, allergies, and hot spots.

Even though Berndeoodle dogs have their risks of developing health issues, many of these dogs live their entire lives without experiencing these conditions. Owners should always take their dogs to regular vet check-ups to ensure they're in their best health and have all of their vaccines.

anxiety dog beds

While Bernedoodles are at risk of some mild physical conditions, they are also at risk of experiencing a few mental health conditions. Many dogs experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives, which can happen for a large variety of reasons. Bernedoodle dogs are even more likely to experience stress and anxiety if they are rescued from an animals shelter or found on the street. Dogs that have experienced significant traumas are likely to have stress-related symptoms to anything that has scarred them.

Thankfully, many owners can help their Bernedoodle dogs through their anxieties by understanding how to notice signs of stress. Once owners become more informed on these topics, they'll be better prepared to help their dogs. There are many ways to tell if your dog is experiencing stress and how owners can help them through their conditions.

Stress and Anxiety

Many dogs will experience stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Some dogs can experience anxiety from thunderstorms, and some experience it from the mailman. Anxiety can result from being left alone for too long, a dog being bored, or simply a mental issue. Very anxious dogs might get stressed out around everyday household appliances like the washer, dryer, or dishwasher.

Dogs experience anxiety similarly to humans, and it's from associating something with a bad feeling. Dogs can develop anxious responses to almost anything they interact with, and every dog will have something that causes stress. Dogs aren't always nervous about the same thing, and sometimes a peculiar thing can cause it.

Some abused dogs have grown scared of dog toys because they have yet to get familiar with them as a fun thing. When a person holds up a rope to get their dog to play, owners can accidentally remind their dogs of something much worse. A dog might instead think of a time a person beat them with a stick, mistaking the rope for the stick that left them traumatized.

There are many ways to help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs. Often, dogs experience anxiety when they are scared or left alone for long periods. Many owners don't realize that many dogs experience anxiety daily because they don't get their average activity.

When dogs don't release their excess energy, it turns into anxiety and stress. It doesn't help them and can cause other health issues to arise, but typically a lack of exercise will leave your dog feeling anxious throughout the day. Stored-up energy bursts out as bad behavior such as barking, digging, or trying to escape the house.

When dogs ignore their owners or seem distressed or depressed, it's because they need some enrichment to relieve them of their stress and anxiety.

Stress & Anxiety Symptoms

When Bernedoodle puppies suffer from anxiety, they communicate their mood with their body language. Many dogs don't communicate vocally the same way humans do. Of course, dogs can whine, whimper, and bark, but most often, the first sign a dog will give when they are stressed out will be through their body movements. If a dog is holding its paw up and limping, owners immediately understand that their puppy is hurt.

When your Bernedoodle dog is stressed, it will show a change in its posture. Common symptoms a dog with stress might reveal are tucking their tails between their legs or cowering. Another sign your dog is stressed is if they pace, shake, cry, or bark. Occasionally a Bernedoodle puppy with stress might try to escape their home. Sometimes Benedoodle dogs rely on their owners to comfort them in times of stress and might hide behind their owner's legs or even nudge them from anxiety.

A common sign a dog is stressed is when they destroy the house. Some families find their dog tends to destroy their home while they're out, and this is because a dog has a panic attack. When they tear up the couch cushions and trash cans, they're trying to communicate their anxiety to their owners.

Dogs can develop anxiety when certain situations occur. For example, some dogs get very anxious when there are fireworks, loud sirens, or a thunderstorm present.

There are many options to help relieve your dog's stress and anxiety, and the best way to help an energetic dog relieve their stress is by providing enrichment. Enrichment is an exercise that involves interacting with your dog outdoors. These nine enrichment activities can help your dog de-stress.

Nine Enrichment Activities:


Hiking can provide your Bernedoodle dog with an excellent opportunity to rid themselves of their excess energy while also entertaining themselves with the many different smells and sights of the world. One of the best things for a dog to spend time doing is to explore the outside world and all it has to offer. These dogs can smell things from miles away and hear any animals outside too. Going outside into nature can allow your dogs to experience something they don't typically experience in their everyday lives.


The Bernedoodle dog is a relative of the Poodle, and the Poodle started as a swimming dog. The Poodle breed was born in Germany to hunt waterfowl which means any animals found in water. Because Poodles are excellent swimmers, the breed developed a natural affinity to swimming. Bernedoodles are likely to carry the same affinity for swimming as Poodles because of their genetic relation and breed personality traits.

Swimming is an excellent way for dogs to relieve their energy, and it's a great exercise. Also, suppose you have an anxious dog with tons of energy but joint issues. In that case, swimming is an excellent alternative to running or hiking because this is a way for them to get rid of their energy without putting any pressure on their joints.

Obedience Training

Some dogs lack the mental stimulation they require. When dogs don't get any mental stimulation, they can get bored and will often turn to destructive behavior and vices to distract them while they waste their day away.

Certain training sessions can help dogs mentally and physically at the same time. Obedience training, for example, can teach their pets basic commands while also helping them practice listening to their owners. Training can help make them more intelligent, attentive, and patient. It can also help increase the bond with your own with their owner as they should only experience positive reinforcement during training, especially in an attempt to calm their stress. Owners should never scold their dogs during training and only provide positive support and verbal praise when their dog completes their owner's commands.


Fetch is an excellent way for a dog to release a bunch of energy while their owners don't have to. Sometimes, owners don't have the energy to go on runs or hiking with their dogs. In this case, you should try to play games where you don't have to be very active, but your dog does. Fetch is such an excellent way to have your dog run their little hearts out while not having to do much physical activity yourself.

Teaching Names

Bernedoodle dogs are brilliant and can learn dozens of words in the human language. Owners can spend time outside teaching their dogs different words in their language. Owners can also try teaching their dogs the names of people in the house or names of certain items or toys to help make training more entertaining for their dogs. Teaching your dog the word "rope" can make training sessions more mentally challenging and fun. Advanced dogs can even learn to pick up their toys and put them away at their owner's command.

Hide and Seek

Although it might take a few practice rounds for a dog to understand, hide and seek is a natural game that dogs can play. The best way to initiate hide and seek with dogs is for owners to run their dogs, so the owner can then sprint away from the dog and hide.

When doing this outdoors, ensure you're in a fenced-in yard or provide your dog with a long leash. A 50 ft to 100 ft leash is plenty to play hide-and-seek. This game is an entertaining way for your dog to run around while also using its nose to try to sniff you out.

Treasure Hunt

Dogs that love to dig would love spending their energy on a treasure hunt. Owners can play this enrichment game with their dog by burying something in their yard like a toy, a treat, or something their dog wants and letting their dog try to figure out where it is and dig it out.

Owners need to find space they don't mind digging holes in before playing this game. The best thing to do is go to an open park or field so that way your dogs can dig up random places till they find their prize. For some dogs, digging a bunch of holes is the prize alone.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a popular game that dogs play with their owners. Doing this outside can allow dogs to have fun while still being stimulated by everything outside has to offer.

This game can get even crazier outside and could turn into an owner chasing their dog who won't release the rope.


Frisbee is another excellent choice for owners that want to play with their dog but don't have the energy to run around. Suppose older owners or people who don't want to run need to help their anxious Bernedoodle relieve stress through outside activity. In that case, frisbee is one of the ways they can do it without exerting much energy themselves.

Owners can easily teach their dogs to catch, retrieve, and release a frisbee. After teaching them, owners should take their dogs into a wide-open field and let them play frisbee either with a leash that's long enough for them to run or a fenced-in area so your dog could be off-leash.

An Anxious Bernedoodle Dog's Prognosis

Many Berndeoodle dogs suffer from anxiety and stress. These high-energy animals need a way to release their activity, or else they'll become anxious inside. An anxious Bernedoodle will lead to a destructive Bernadoodle.

Physical exercise and mental stimulation are critical parts of a dog's health, and not regularly providing activity for your dog can lead to a shorter life span. Keeping a dog fit and healthy is a great way to ensure your dog stays in shape and stress-free.

Ensuring your dog has some favorite chew toys or treats makes enrichment games easier. When dogs are adequately motivated, dog owners will see that their dog's attention is on them solely.


There are many ways owners can help their Bernedoodle dogs release stress and anxiety outdoors. Owners can run alongside their dogs or play games to make their dogs work out their energy themselves. If owners are older and don't have the energy to run alongside their dogs, they can choose less active outdoor methods such as frisbee or playing fetch. If owners want to provide their dogs with outdoor activities to release energy while also helping them become better-trained pets, then practicing obedience training outside is an excellent idea.

Pet parents will find that older dogs need less enrichment than adult dogs. An adult dog might run around much more than an older dog. Even though older dogs can still get anxious from a lack of exercise, they won't need as much activity to rid themselves of their anxiety. Dog owners should try to dedicate time to enrichment activities with their dogs in general, even if they aren't anxious. As long as dog owners are committed to helping their anxious dogs release their energy, they're sure to find a way that works best for their pets.

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