The Spark That Started It All

When one of our founders was faced with the difficult situation of having to leave his apartment due to his dog's persistent barking, he realized that there must be a better solution to help dogs cope with anxiety and stress. This experience inspired the creation of Calming Dog, a company dedicated to providing effective, safe, and reliable products to help dogs and their owners live harmoniously.

Rigorous Testing for Effective Solutions

Our commitment to finding the best calming products for dogs led us to conduct extensive research and testing in collaboration with veterinarians, dog behaviorists, and pet owners. By carefully evaluating each product's effectiveness, safety, and ease of use, we have curated a selection of items that truly make a difference in the lives of dogs and their families, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

Pioneering the Calming Dog Bed

In our quest to create the ultimate solution for dog anxiety, we developed the first-ever Calming Dog Bed, thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for your pet. What sets our bed apart is the innovative integration of a scientifically proven natural scent that promotes calm and eases stress. This unique combination of a cozy, supportive bed and a soothing aroma creates an unparalleled calming haven for your furry friend, ensuring they feel safe and at ease in their environment.

Giving Back

At Calming Dog, our mission goes beyond providing top-quality products. We are passionate about giving back to the dog community and supporting organizations that help dogs in need. Through partnerships, donations, and community outreach, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their owners, creating a brighter future for our beloved furry friends. A portion of each sale is donated to North Shore Animal League America, the worlds largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization.

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