From the Calming Dog Community

I have three dogs who like to hog beds, one of them has high anxiety. He loves his new bed and feels calmer when he's in it. I get the Calming Inserts in Focus delivered monthly and it's really helping.

Sophie B.

I noticed a big difference in my dog each morning when he woke up after sleeping in this bed. I like their calming inserts because the scent helps him sleep all through the night and not get anxious over noises.

Joshua Q.

I really love the carrier I got for my dog Stella. She is a small yorkie and I love taking her on trips with me, but most carriers are cramped. This one expands so she can stretch and look around while we're waiting for our flights or in the car!

Kirsten L.

I bought the Calming Blanket because my dog loves sleeping on the couch when I watch movies. I put one of the inserts in them so he sleeps peacefully with no stress.

Carly M.

You can tell when a brand cares about the products they create. Stress and anxiety is so common in dogs and finding the right research-backed products is tough. So glad I found Calming Dog!

Taylor W.

My yellow lab, Toby, loves his bed. The memory foam bottom helps his joints, and the Calming Insert has helped reduce stress when I leave the house.

Patrick D.