11 Outdoor Activities To Help Your Mudi Overcome Stress

mudi puppy standing in the park

There are many aspects of health that go into keeping your dog happy, which owners need to consider. Grooming, exercise, nutrition, and more go into the overall physical health of any dog. When it comes to mental health, this may commonly go overlooked. If your dog is physically healthy but has high-stress levels or other psychological health issues, it may not be as happy as it possibly could be.

Just like humans, dogs can experience anxiety and stress- including the Mudi dog breed. Some breeds are more prone to stress than others, and many Mudi dogs will experience this condition at least once in their lives. How often and how severe their stress is can vary greatly by the dog. To avoid Mudi stress and make sure your dog's mental health is as stable as possible, it's best to know various stress combative strategies. What works best for you and your dog make takes some time to figure out.

So, how do you know when your Mudi is feeling stressed? What is the best stress relief for your Mudi? How can you help improve their mood and keep them as calm and happy as possible? We'll go over Mudi stress basics, relief tactics, and 11 outdoor activities to help your Mudi overcome stress.

Mudi Breed History

The Mudi breed originated in Hungary during the nineteenth century, where sheepdogs were divided into two categories: large and small. The early history of the Mudi breed is very similar to the Pumi and Puli breeds. By the 1930s, the Mudi breed was given its official name and recognized as its breed. During WWII, many Hungarian dog breeds, including the Mudi, suffered horrific losses. In the 1960s, efforts were made by many individuals to rehabilitate this breed. In 1966, a new breed standard was written for the Mudi breed and restoration continued over the following decades. A new standard was written in 2000 and is still used today.

Common Mudi dogs today come in all different colors, including black, brown, gray, white, yellow, and gray-brown. Their markings are Merle, and they typically stand between 15 to 18 inches tall, weighing around 18 to 29 pounds. Mudis are known to be extremely affectionate with their family members and can live in homes with small children or other dogs.

Mudis are extremely playful and love to engage in different activities by themselves and with other humans or dogs. They are very protective, given their sheepdog nature, and can adapt to different types of homes and settings. The Mudi breed is highly trainable and very active, so be prepared to spend an abundance of time doing different activities by their side. They can be known for barking, but with training and practice barking can be minimized. Overall, the Mudi breed is known to be a loving, loyal family member in all different types of homes.

mudi dog standing in the woods barking

Mudi Stress Basics

The Mudi dog breed is known for its loyal, intelligent, active personalities. They love to be with their humans and are extremely aware of their surroundings. Because of this, they love to be engaged in a job or activity and can be prone to boredom- which can be a cause of stress. Intelligent dogs need a lot of mental stimulation, and without it, they may become stressed or anxious. To avoid this, we recommend having an abundance of activities to do that will keep them busy and prevent unwanted stress.

Stress can look different in all dogs. Some dogs may whine or bark when stressed, while others may refuse to eat or become lethargic. If you notice any changes in your dog's behavior, be sure to talk with your vet. What is causing their stress can vary, from loud noises to lack of routine and more. No matter what is causing your dog stress and what signs of stress they show, there is sure to be a way to help combat and minimize this experience.

11 Outdoor Activities to Help Your Mudi Overcome Stress

Once you know the signs of stress in your Mudi, it's best to find ways to lower their stress levels. Stress relief is the key to having a healthy, happy dog. From physical activity to relaxation, there are plenty of ways to reduce your Mudi's stress and help them live a happy and healthy life. We'll look at a few examples of how to manage your Mudi's stress while outdoors.

Neighborhood Walk

Walking your dog is likely part of your everyday routine. It helps keep them healthy, move their body, achieve exercise goals, and lets them get some energy out. While a walk around your neighborhood has plenty of physical health benefits for your dog, such as obesity prevention, it also has some mental health benefits to offer.

Neighborhood walks provide your dog with mental stimulation as they take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of their surrounding area. This process can help prevent boredom throughout the day and keep your dog from becoming stressed due to a lack of tasks to focus on. The next time your Mudi seems stressed, consider taking them for a walk around your neighborhood. You're sure to see a difference in their mood when you return home.

Trips To The Pet Store

When we think of the pet store, we likely think of pet supplies. Dog food, treats, leashes, dog beds, and more can be found at your local pet store, and it's likely a common destination for you to visit when you need to stock up on supplies. While the pet store is essential for many products, it can also be a good place to help your Mudi overcome stress.

Many dogs frequent their local pet store daily. Because of this, your pet store is full of dog scents for your Mudi to take in, as well as some potential friends to meet. Allowing your dog to smell where other dogs have gone before, as well as meet new dogs and people, is a great way to have them participate in socialization- key stress relieving factor. Socialization is not only a form of mental stimulation, but it also helps your dog overcome their fear of the unknown in a safe, comfortable manner. Doing so will help them to be less stressed about potential stress triggers in their everyday environment.

mudi dog standing in a field

Playing Fetch

The Mudi breed is known for being highly active- which makes them the perfect contenders for a game of fetch. For active breeds, a lack of exercise can be a cause of stress. They just don't know what to do with all that energy they have!

Keeping your Mudi active will help prevent unwanted behaviors that can stem from boredom and stress, such as digging and chewing. One of the easiest ways to make sure they are getting all of the daily exercises that they need is through a game of fetch. The next time you think your Mudi may be stressed, simply pick up a ball or frisbee for them to chase and have at it. This fun game will only take up a bit of your time and will help your Mudi relax when they're finished.

Puzzle Toys

Many dogs enjoy chewing a rawhide or other type of bone when they are outdoors. They get to listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, get some fresh air, and gnaw on a toy during the process. While traditional chew toys are great, puzzle toys offer additional mental stimulation and prevent stress, anxiety, and even other psychological conditions such as canine dementia.

Puzzle toys are dog toys that you can put food or treats inside of. Once inside, your dog will have to try different ways to reach the food. They will use the smell and slight taste of the food as motivation to conquer and solve the puzzle. During this process, they can feel engaged while deterring boredom that may cause stress. The next time your dog is hanging in the backyard, consider giving them a puzzle toy to play with. Consider using calming dog treats inside of the puzzle toy for extra stress relief

Obedience Training

As stated earlier, Mudis are very smart and active dogs who love to have a job to do. Having a job makes them feel like they have pleased their owner and can deter them from looking for a job- which may result in unwanted behaviors. to take advantage of this attitude, consider using obedience training to keep your Mudi busy and prevent stress.

Obedience training can be done almost anywhere- in your backyard, at a park, or even when running errands with your dog. It establishes a strong relationship between you and your dog and can help prevent stress. Obedience training usually uses treats for reward and motivation in the early level of the process. Consider using calming dog treats, such as Calming Dog's Calming Zen Chews, when practicing obedience. These treats will help prevent stress, and when combined with tasks such as obedience training, are sure to provide your dog with a good, calm mood.

mudi dog running through the grass

Sun Bathing

Ever notice that your dog loves laying in the sunspot on your kitchen floor? Dogs love to sunbathe, which can be a calming activity for them to do outdoors. During nice weather and a sunny afternoon, consider letting your dog into the backyard to warm themselves under the sun. Doing so can help lower their stress level and relax.

For added stress relief, consider providing your dog a calming dog bed to sunbathe on. Calming dog beds offer a sense of security and safety, as well as a comfortable place to rest, which can lower your dog's stress about the unknown and possible threats. Be sure to keep an eye on your Mudi while they sunbathe to ensure they don't overheat or become dehydrated.


Many dog breeds love to swim- whether it be at a pool, the beach, or even in a lake or river. Swimming can enhance joint health and is a great way for your dog to get some energy out. On top of that, swimming provides both mental and physical stimulation. Jumping into a body of water and going for a few laps is a great way to deter Mudi stress!

The next time you're headed off for a dip, consider taking your Mudi with you- provided that they are a strong swimmer. Mudi adults can spend a while in the pool or lake and are sure to get their exercise fixed during the process. Swimming is a great way for your dog to decompress and lower their stress levels. Plus, there's nothing better than getting outside and spending some quality time with your dog while doing something that you both love and enjoy.

Trips To The Dog Park

Most dogs love going to the dog park. It's a great place to get off-leash, run around, roughhouse with friends, and explore a new place. Going to the dog park can help your Mudi easily meet all of their exercise needs, and can also help them from becoming stressed or anxious.

The dog park provides your dog with plenty of mental stimulation as they interact with others and explore their environment. In addition, it's a great opportunity for socialization- which can also help prevent stress. Visiting the dog park with you allows your Mudi to overcome fears safely, leading them to become less triggered by the unknown noises, places, and things in their life. Going to the dog park regularly has a ton of benefits for both you and your dog.

mudi laying in the grass

Nature Hike

Nature is known to help both people and dogs overcome their stress. There are few things as relaxing and soothing as the sounds and sights of nature, and finding ways to engulf yourself in these can greatly help your dog's mental health. A nature hike is a great example of an outdoor stress reliever. It's the perfect way to get outside, get moving, and leave all of your troubles at home for a bit.

While nature is soothing and relaxing, the process of hiking can also help reduce stress in several ways. Walking and climbing for miles can help get your dog's energy out and prevent them from becoming stressed due to a lack of exercise. Plus, all of the new things they will encounter on their nature hike will provide them with plenty of stress-deterring mental stimulation. If you're looking for a way to prevent your dog from feeling stressed, consider taking them on a nature hike. There are few better ways to spend an afternoon than being outdoors with your beloved pup.

Agility Training

Mudis like to have a job and something to focus on. Without tasks to keep them busy, they can become stressed and anxious. To avoid this, we recommend regularly engaging them in some type of training. Aside from obedience training, agility training can be another fun and useful way to keep your Mudi active and prevent stress. Agility training can be done at a local dog park, an agility course, or even in your backyard if you choose to purchase agility obstacles.

When practicing agility training, your Mudi will be mentally and physically stimulated by focusing on the task at hand and overcoming various rigorous obstacles. When practicing agility training, consider using calming dog treats to enforce this stress prevention. Rewarding your dog for completing an agility task or course with a calming treat can help keep their stress levels at bay and provide them with a happy, healthy life.

mudi playing with a frisbee in the sand

Scent Games

Keeping your dog's mind and body busy to avoid stress can be quite the challenge- which is where scent games can come in handy. Scent games keep your dog engaged in the task of searching for treats that can be hidden around your backyard. They will spend time finding ways to reach these treats and looking for the next one.

To play a scent game, simply hide treats around your backyard in different places. They can be on or under patio chairs, near plants, really anywhere that your dog will have to look for them but won't have too hard of a time finding them. To help ease stress, even more, consider hiding calming dog treats for your dog to find. Doing so will make the game engaging and add some additional stress relief.

Wrapping Up

The Mudi dog breed is known for its charismatic, active personalities that love to be with their humans and try new things. They can be prone to stress, which is why having an abundance of things to keep them busy can help prevent this condition. Outdoor activities, such as the ones listed, are great ways to get your Mudi active and stimulated to help avoid stress. Consider trying different methods to see what works best for you and your dog. Some dogs may prefer different outdoor activities more than others. With some trial and error, your Mudi is sure to be living a happy and healthy life with minimal stress in no time.

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