How To Help Your Rottweiler Puppy Overcome Anxiety

Rottweiler Puppy

Your puppy Rottweiler may experience anxiety, but there are things you can do to help them overcome it. 

American Rottweilers stand 22 to 27 inches tall and weigh 80 to 135 lbs. Puppy Rottweilers are robust working dogs and make great watchdogs or guard dogs. If they are trained and socialized early, they should not have problems with aggression. Your Rottweiler puppy will become an imposing picture of strength that should be respected. American Rottweilers do make great family dogs with the proper care in training. 

The Rottweiler is one of the top ten dog breeds and is very recognizable with its black and tan markings. Some might say that Rottweilers have a bad reputation, but this dog is anything but bad when well trained. The Rottweiler descends from dogs used by the Romans to drive herds of cattle that fed the army. Being very muscular and large, these dogs are sometimes used in police work. They are often targets of laws banning dogs, and it can be challenging for some owners to get a home insurance policy if they own a Rottweiler. 

You can find Rottweilers that are friendly family dogs. They need to be socialized with children and other pets often to keep them as well-mannered family members. They can be seen as calm, quiet, and easy-going. If you are fair and firm with your Rottweiler, in return you will get love and respect. 

Can American Rottweilers Experience Anxiety? 

Just like humans, American Rottweilers can suffer from anxiety. This is often the case if your Rottweiler puppy was from the shelter. It is not completely understood why these dogs are more likely to suffer from anxiety, but to some extent, it is, because they lost someone in their lives that was important to them. It is also more likely if they were abused or subjected to cruel acts. However, any American Rottweiler can suffer from anxiety, not just shelter puppy Rottweilers. You'll need to give your Rottweiler puppy lots of love and attention to make sure they are well adjusted and not suffering from anxiety. You wouldn't want your puppy to suffer from stress simply because of its background. 

What Is the Difference Between Fear and Anxiety in Rottweiler Puppies?

When there is a perceived threat to your Rottweiler puppy, fear is a normal response. However, anxiety is a response when your American Rottweiler anticipates a threat. Phobia is an exaggerated fear response that is sudden and results in panic. There are similar signs of fear and anxiety, and they include avoidance, shaking, and trembling. We never want our pets to experience fear, and sometimes situation avoidance can help with this. If you know what is triggering your Rottweiler puppy, do your best to avoid it. 

Separation Anxiety in Rottweiler Puppies

Separation anxiety occurs when the dog owner leaves their Rottweiler puppy behind due to work or social commitments, and the dog is alone and in distress. This may result in destructive behavior, which can be frustrating for owners of American Rottweilers. Your puppy Rottweiler may chew up the couch, scratch up the floors and doors and chew up shoes. It can be very frustrating if you American Rottweiler is suffering from separation anxiety. It can also result in expensive repairs and replacements of items in the home. You know your dog is suffering, and you want to help, but you might be frustrated too.  However, there are things you can do if this is the case. 

Causes of Anxiety in Rottweiler Puppies

There are causes of anxiety in Rottweiler puppies. Here are a few. 

Not Having a Daily Routine

Your American Rottweiler needs consistency. They should know when they wake up, when they go to bed, and when to expect their next meal. They should know when it's time to go for a walk. They depend on you. If they don't have a daily routine, this can be a cause for anxiety. You'll need to stay consistent with your puppy for the long haul to make sure they are well adjusted. 


Do not yell at your Rottweiler puppy, as this will get them riled up more. Instead, if you want them to calm down, ignore them. Otherwise, you are reinforcing the overactive behavior in your Rottweiler puppy. If you often have erratic behavior, so will your dog. It is best to stay calm around them at all times. You wouldn't want to stress out your puppy. 

Confusing Commands

Try to make sure you are using clear and repetitive commands with your American Rottweiler. If you say "down" to lay down and "get down" to get off the furniture, this can be confusing for your Rottweiler puppy. They don't have the same grasp on language as we do as humans. So, keep it clear for them, or you may stress them out. You wouldn't want to cause anxiety simply by using confusing commands with your puppy.

Staring Directly at Your Rottweiler Puppy

Of course, your Rottweiler puppy is cute, and you want to look at him all the time! But try not to stare at your Rottweiler puppy straight on. This is threatening to dogs. Instead, look at your American Rottweiler from the side; this will help relax them. You wouldn't want to cause your Rottweiler puppy anxiety just by looking at them. It would be unfair to stress your puppy out that way. 

Unnecessary Punishment

You shouldn't punish your puppy Rottweiler for no reason or for just being a dog. If you leave food on the counter or your dog rolls in something, it is inconvenient, but it is normal puppy Rottweiler behavior. Instead, practice situation avoidance and don't let your puppy Rottweiler have the opportunity to do these things. You wouldn't want to stress them out and cause anxiety. Keep them on a leash, keep food off the counter, and stop things before they become a bigger problem. 

Telling Your American Rottweiler, "It's okay."

It may be easy to tell your puppy Rottweiler everything will be fine during thunderstorms and while at the veterinarian. It's instinctive to want to comfort your puppy Rottweiler. But your Rottweiler puppy may then connect these words with extreme anxiety. You wouldn't want to make your puppy Rottweiler more stressed! Instead, offer your puppy Rottweiler treats to calm them. This positive reinforcement will help with training. You wouldn't want to stress your puppy even further when you are just trying to comfort them. 

New Family

If you recently adopted your puppy Rottweiler from the shelter, and you leave the house, your Rottweiler puppy may not realize you are going to come home.  This is very stressful for your puppy Rottweiler. The Rottweiler puppy is new to the family and easily stressed out. This can cause anxiety in your puppy Rottweiler. You want to make sure they get used to their surroundings and family as quickly as possible. Be patient with your puppy. 

New Home

If you recently moved, this can stress out your puppy Rottweiler and cause anxiety. Your puppy Rottweiler is experiencing new sights and smells, and everything is unfamiliar. If you leave the house, your puppy Rottweiler may not know that you are coming back home. They may think you will get lost. This is confusing for your puppy Rottweiler and can cause your puppy Rottweiler anxiety. You wouldn't want to stress them out further. Make sure you show them the whole house and let them get comfortable with it. They are a member of the family, and you wouldn't want them to be stressed. 

Change in Family

Your Rottweiler puppy may be confused if someone has died or moved out. Your Rottweiler puppy doesn't understand why this special family member isn't returning home, and it can be very confusing for them. This can cause anxiety in your Rottweiler puppy. They don't know that your son or daughter went off to college or that Grandma or Grandpa passed away. It can be confusing for them. 

Signs Your Puppy Rottweiler Is Suffering From Anxiety

There are some signs that your puppy Rottweiler is suffering from anxiety. Here are a few. 


If your puppy Rottweiler is growling, you need to pay attention to what it is telling you. Growling is the first sign that a Rottweiler puppy might bite. If someone is standing too close to your Rottweiler puppy while eating or has never met this person before and the Rottweiler puppy is growling, give them some space. Do not punish for growling, or next time it may just be a bite from your Rottweiler puppy instead. You need to keep a watchful eye for growling as this is a direct sign something is wrong. Your puppy is stressed. 

Barking or Whining

If your Rottweiler puppy is barking or whining, it may be automatic behavior, but it could also be a sign that your Rottweiler puppy is experiencing anxiety. You'll need to keep an eye out and determine this for yourself, but if you catch the Rottweiler puppy in the act, you might know what is triggering the behavior. Always pay attention to what your dog is doing and why. 

Body Language

A lot of body language that a Rottweiler puppy can exhibit can be caused by anxiety. This can include a tucked-back tail or ears or showing the whites of their eyes, known as the whale eye. You need to know what your Rottweiler puppy is telling you, and they can easily show you if you pay attention. Keep watch for messages in body language from your puppy. 


When a Rottweiler puppy freezes, they are shutting down from anxiety. This is a bad sign, and a bite may be the next step. Pay attention if your Rottweiler puppy freezes because this could mean they are very upset and anxious. You wouldn't want them to become aggressive because they are upset. This is a sign of stress in your puppy. 


If your Rottweiler puppy is pacing back and forth, this could be somewhat normal behavior before a meal, or it could signal something more. Your Rottweiler puppy might be anxious. You'll have to watch them see if this is the case. You wouldn't want your puppy to be stressed out. 

What We Know About Managing Anxiety in Humans

We know that, in humans, regular sleep, good exercise, and good nutrition are some of the best ways to manage anxiety. There is also the use of vitamins and supplements, which include L-Theanine, among others. L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves. Wouldn't it be great if you could help your Rottweiler puppy with anxiety with treatment with this supplement? Well, the good news is that you can! You should try out Calming Zen Chews. They contain Chamomile, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan. They can help your Rottweiler puppy calm down. 

You should also know that not all stress is bad. Sometimes it is nature's answer to keeping us safe, and that includes your Rottweiler puppy. Stress might save them from a bad situation one day. 

Other Treatments for Anxiety in American Rottweiler Puppies

There are things you can do when your Rottweiler puppy is suffering from anxiety. Here are a few. 

Find the Trigger

You need to figure out what is stressing your dog. If he's freaking out because of the dog barking across the street, then the answer is obvious, it's the dog. However, sometimes it may not be so simple. Be diligent and look around carefully when your Rottweiler puppy is triggered. You want to know the cause of your puppy's anxiety. 

Remove the Trigger

In the beginning, the best bet is to remove the trigger until you can do more training. Otherwise, your Rottweiler puppy will become more anxious. Do the best you can in this situation with your puppy. 

Don't Force Your Rottweiler to Face Their Fears

Don't force your Rottweiler puppy to confront their fear head-on. This could result in aggression toward you or whatever is causing anxiety, whether a dog or another person. You wouldn't want your dog to bite someone. You can stress your dog out more by making them face their fear. 


You'll need to use positive reinforcement to get your dog to calm down. You might want to hire a trainer for your Rottweiler puppy. Be sure to do your research and make sure they are qualified to help you in this situation before you spend your money. You want to make sure you hire someone that will help you get results. 

Manage DIet

Feed high-quality dog food. A healthy dog is less likely to have anxiety. A hungry dog can also lash out. Make sure your dog. is well fed. 

Provide Exercise

This will help them stay in shape and focused. They will be healthy mentally as well and will be less likely to suffer from anxiety. You wouldn't want to stress your dog out by not having it be active enough. 

Help Provide Mental Stimulation

Consider taking your dog on new hikes and providing food puzzle toys. Keep your dog busy so they are less likely to be stressed out. You want to make sure they are stimulated to avoid anxiety. 


Introduce your dog to new people, places, and things. This will help your dog be more well-rounded. It will prevent a stress response when introduced to new things in the future. You will help avoid stress and anxiety in your dog. 

Use Treats

Use treats for positive reinforcement. You might want to try the Calming Zen Chews by Calming Dog. You'll be giving them a better way to cope with stressful situations. You'll be giving them something nutritious and effective. 

Read Body Language

There's a lot you can learn from your Rottweiler puppy's body language. Things like a tucked tail and tucked ears can mean your Rottweiler puppy is suffering from anxiety. You need to listen to what your dog is telling you with their body language. It could prevent a bite. You want to know if your dog is stressed. 

Situation Avoidance

While you don't want to change your whole life, there are things you can avoid if you know your Rottweiler puppy suffers from anxiety. Maybe don't go to the dog park if they are afraid of other dogs. You can make small changes that help your dog by not exposing them to the stimuli they fear. You can't change everything, but some things are in your control. 

Crate Training

Crate training can be good for Rottweiler puppies and help them cope with anxiety. They can feel that it is their safe space. You'll have to be careful, though, because in some Rottweiler puppies, crates can cause more anxiety. You'll need to watch their behavior to be sure as you wouldn't want them to be more stressed. If they are, you can use a baby gate instead to section them off to a room while you are gone. This will keep your dog from being able to do destructive behaviors. 

Giving Your Dog Jobs

You should give your dog jobs to do and to help them learn new things. Consider obedience training as some dogs thrive on that. Take them on walks to new places. Give them treats that challenge their mind. Make sure your dog is stimulated mentally. 


Rottweilers are great dogs. They are strong protectors and make loyal family dogs. You might find that your Rottweiler puppy is your new best friend. With that comes responsibility. You need to make sure that your dog is happy, healthy, and content. Unfortunately, Rottweiler puppies can suffer from anxiety. However, there are signs you can watch out for and things you can do to help. Hopefully this article has given you solutions if your Rottweiler puppy experiences anxiety. 

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