Signs Your Shih Poo Might Suffer From Anxiety

sad Shih Poo laying down in dog bed

If you notice your Shih poo acting out of the ordinary, it may signify anxiety. Shih poos are very energetic dogs, and their energy can be mistaken for hyperactivity. However, if you feel your Shih poo is acting abnormally, they could be having a panic attack. Therefore, pay attention to symptoms like panting, hyperventilating, shaking, or trembling.

Moreover, if your Shih poo is constantly chewing on things and has a habit of clawing at the door when you leave, they might be suffering from anxiety. It's not uncommon. You've got an adorable little squish who loves you so much they can't stand to be apart from you for even a second, but then, you must leave. The fear of not seeing their owner frightens them and induces intolerable behavior.

So what do they do? They chew up all of your shoes to make them feel better about themselves, and they scratch at the door until their paws are bleeding so that you will return home sooner.

The Shih Poo is a cross between two breeds of dog. They are a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle and are popular as cuddly and hypoallergenic pets. These dogs inherited some of their parent breeds' greatest characteristics. Shih-poo dogs are wonderful companions for many families, but they thrive in single-person households where they can receive plenty of love and affection. These dogs get along well with senior people because they like being spoiled. They are highly adaptable and can flourish in nearly any environment. Shih-poo pups thrive in various settings, including bustling flats, small townhouses, and large farmhouses.

Shih Poo Puppy’s Personality


These canines are smart, clever, and devoted. Of course, these exceptional characteristics are inherited from the Poodle and Shih Tzu dog breeds. Surprisingly, both Poodles and Shih Tzus were adored by royalty. Even though neither breed was born in those nations, the French monarchy adored Poodles, and the Chinese nobility adored Shih Tzus. Thus, it's obvious why Shih-poo pups are in such high demand. 

Mixed dog breeds seldom include equal percentages of parent breeds and generally favor one breed over the other. Shih Poo dogs can be obstinate and independent but can also be readily trained. These dogs are kind, attentive, and adorable. Most dogs of this breed are lively, but they can be more independent and uncompromising if they are more like their Shih Tzu parent breed ancestors. Also, these dogs may not be eager to learn new tasks, but they may become well-trained creatures with the proper encouragement and enough rewards.

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Shih Poo’s Health Overview

Shih Poo dogs may weigh between 8 and 18 pounds. These dogs range in height from 8 to 18 inches at the shoulders. Shih Poo pups can live for 13 to 17 years, but they can live much longer if they are healthy. They often live to reach 16 years old when they are in excellent condition. The Shih Poo’s mixed breed status does not automatically imply that they are healthier than either of their parent breeds. Many hybrid breeds have better health than their parent breeds but might inherit additional problems because they have two distinct parent breeds.

Some physical and mental health issues are associated with the Shih Poo dog breed. Patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and ocular problems are possible in these dogs. In addition, many tiny canine and toy breeds, such as the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle, are susceptible to entropion, cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy. Shih Poo pups are also vulnerable to these diseases.

Even though Shih Poo pups are susceptible to some of these disorders, most dogs will live their entire lives without being harmed by them. And the few canines afflicted by these health issues are more likely to have mild issues than major ones.

Small dogs experience anxiety more frequently than bigger canines. Many toy breeds are companion dogs rather than hunters or guards. The Toy Poodle and Shih Tzu breeds were lavished with attention. As a result, Shih Poo pups frequently suffer from anxiety and can get especially agitated when exposed to loud noises or when left alone. Dogs rescued from shelters or discovered on the street are more likely to exhibit severe anxiety symptoms. While it may seem frightening, dogs are naturally nervous and anxious. However, numerous solutions are available for owners who want to alleviate their dog's symptoms. There are several indicators that your dog is stressed or anxious.

Anxiety Causes


Shih Poo pups may experience anxiety if left alone for an extended period. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety but can also experience anxiety from other sources.

Certain conditions that surprise Shih Poo puppies may cause them to develop anxiety. Dogs afraid of loud noises will get extremely worried, such as police sirens blasting or fireworks exploding. Apart from that, some dogs become quite anxious when the weather changes, particularly near thunderstorms. Dogs can detect changes in air pressure just before it rains, and the loud cracking boom of thunder might frighten them. They can also develop association anxiety when certain things remind them of a terrible occurrence. 

Sad Shih Poo laying in blankets

Dogs picked up by the pound may get nervous near huge vans. Some canines prefer one gender over another because they had unpleasant occurrences with one gender in the past and now link traumatic memories with that group. Moreover, when some dogs have a lot of pent-up energy, they might become quite agitated. Even though Shih Poo puppies are little, they can become highly stressed out canines if they do not get enough daily movement. Some canines may not receive enough mental stimulation and react to boredom with anxiety. Shih Poo pups that are anxious might exhibit symptoms in various ways. The owners need not be concerned because there are several ways to give comfort during a puppy's anxious period.

Symptoms of Anxiety


Dogs do not speak verbally as people do since they primarily communicate via body language. When dogs are experiencing strong emotions, their bodies are the first to alert their owners that something isn't quite right. When a dog holds its paw up and limps, owners quickly recognize that their puppy is in pain. When Shih Poo pups are anxious, they may disrupt their environment. 

When certain dogs are left alone at home, they have a dreadful propensity to damage their owners' homes. Some owners are annoyed when their dogs do this, but owners should remember that dogs do this out of worry and fear! When dogs have panic or anxiety attacks, they react by projecting their emotions onto their environment. For example, when Shih Poo pups are nervous, they may respond this way and even urinate on the furniture.

Common symptoms of anxiety are that the puppy loves to chew on everything it sees. It has trouble sleeping or wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. It gets nervous when you leave the house and takes longer than usual to settle down after you get back.

Shih Poo watching owner in the bathroom

Other symptoms of anxiety include panting excessively, especially when it's not hot or humid outside, and shaking or trembling due to excitement or fear. Moreover, the dog may be cowering or whining excessively when you attempt to approach them, eating less than normal and showing signs of depression, and having low energy and unwillingness to run around. If you leave them alone for too long, they get anxious. They need their people! They tend toward separation anxiety, so if you leave them alone for too long and don't return quickly enough, they'll start acting out—barking, and chewing things up, basically acting like a mini-wolf in sheep's clothing!

There are several indications that dogs exhibit when they are anxious. Some anxious dogs frequently whine, whimper, and bark. Some dogs get so afraid that they attempt to flee their owners' homes. Anxious dogs may exhibit lethargy, sadness, excessive panting, or pacing. When anxious, Shih Poo pups typically pace and may even get yappy. Shih Poo pups pace in part because they don't feel like they can relax. Constant movement makes it easier for them to relieve their stress and overcome their fear. There are several strategies for owners to assist their stressed-out, pacing Shih Poo puppies.

Owners Have the Ability To Act


There are a few steps owners may take to assist their pets in stopping pacing. The first step for owners is to identify what is causing their dog discomfort. For example, canines that are nervous due to separation anxiety will require more assistance than dogs who are stressed due to loud noises.

Some owners have found that giving their pets a security sweater, plush animal, or blanket is beneficial. When your dog is nervous, you may divert them while also consoling them by giving them these items.

Additionally, creating safe zones for their worried dogs is beneficial. Shih Poo pups who frequently pace may benefit from a separate safe area. A peaceful place with a dog bed (you can find comfortable and high-quality dog beds at Calming Dog) soft blankets or cushions, and water can serve as a canine safe space. Maintaining these protected zones away from loud portions of the house or areas where people wander a lot is critical.

sad Shih Poo laying down in dog bed

Distracting an anxious dog with exercise or training classes is another excellent approach to help a pet relax. Sometimes all dogs need to do is burn off some energy to relieve their anxiety symptoms. Shih Poo owners may educate their dogs to enjoy themselves with cognitively engaging dog toys. For example, after learning how to solve puzzle toys, some dogs enjoy them. The dog grows to like receiving small goodies at the end. Other dogs, though, are uninterested in them. It all depends on the dog in question. In times of stress, a few owners find it beneficial to offer their anxious Shih Poo their favorite food.

If owners can provide fantastic snacks for their Shih Poo, such as cream cheese, a raw diet meal, or their dog's favorite canned food, their dog will likely be distracted by the food after their human departs. This strategy is most effective with dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Your dog will almost certainly be upset that you are gone. However, because dogs are natural optimists, they will most likely try to enjoy their reward while you are gone.

Dog owners may give their pets relaxing treats, CBD treats, or CBD oil. Only CBD made expressly for dogs can be given to pets by their owners. If Shih Poo puppies are unable to divert themselves from their anxiety, parents might consider giving them soothing vitamins. Several supplements are available to help pets in coping with stress. When pet owners discover that their Shih Poo is suffering from acute anxiety, they consult with their veterinarian regarding treatment. After consulting with their veterinarian, owners can determine whether anti-anxiety medicine is appropriate for their dog.

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Furthermore, dogs with higher anxiety levels will have a more difficult time diverting themselves from their tension. Owners will discover that even the most delectable goodies will not stop their Shih Poo from pacing. In these cases, you should employ more long-term anti-anxiety measures. Owners should think about training their dogs. Some dog behaviorists can teach a dog counterconditioning to help them overcome their nervousness. These behaviorists are specialists who understand how to work with nervous dogs and assist them in releasing their tension till they are no longer anxious about whatever their previous trigger was.

An Anxious Shih Poo Dog's Prognosis


A dog with anxiety will not live any less time than one without. Anxiety is a mental disorder that does not reduce your dog's life but might increase stress in his everyday existence. Some owners give their pets snug sweaters that feel like a hug to help them relax during stressful situations. Even though anxiety is a mild illness, if your dog exhibits significant symptoms, additional expert therapy may be required. If your dog is apprehensive about a new toy, person, or item, more intense counterconditioning treatment will be necessary to assist these animals to overcome their fear. Although often dog owners may not be able to determine the actual source of the anxiety, they should find a suitable technique to train their dog to unlearn old stress tendencies and replace them with more positive, correct tendencies if they have more severe anxiety.

Owners must remember not to spoil their anxious pets. Many owners overcompensate in an attempt to make their dogs feel secure by hanging over them, constantly staring at, cuddling, and petting them. Some nervous dogs may react negatively to this and become even more stressed. Some pet owners may attempt a couple of these strategies and discover that they are insufficient for their pets. Dog owners should know that there are several techniques to calm an anxious dog and that these methods may be combined. Many of these treatments are intended to help a dog deal with anxiety and are not intended to be a long-term solution to that health problem.

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Final Thoughts


Shih Poo pups are prone to anxiety in some form or another. All dog owners will experience this at some point, and the best way to assist their pets is to be aware of the indications of anxiety and to know how to comfort their animals in their time of need. The prognosis of an anxious Shih Poo dog is determined by the treatment's degree. If your dog suffers from less severe anxiety, owners may be able to assist their pets in adjusting to whatever is causing them discomfort. Poorly socialized Shih Poo puppies, for example, may become overly apprehensive around other animals or new humans. Owners might bring friends over to meet their dogs and offer them treats to help them become acclimated to socialization.

Owners often forget that they may reward their dogs for excellent conduct as well as scold them for poor behavior. Dogs with anxiety usually respond better to rewards for good conduct than punishment for their anxiety outbursts. If your dog is pacing around the house, knocking things over, or making you frightened, shouting at them will not make them stop. Instead, it will make them more upset and may lead to more destructive behavior. The key point is that dogs do not destroy the home on purpose. Dogs communicate with their owners by body language and movement, so if a strange recurring activity occurs, owners should pay heed because it implies something.

Shih Poo owners can also feel free to contact their veterinarians since veterinarians will have excellent ideas for dealing with stressed animals. People who spend a lot of time away from home at work might consider obtaining a less dependent dog breed. Shih Poo pups will rely on someone who can be with them most of the time, and they aren't the sort of dogs that will hesitate when it comes to worrying. Shih Poo dog owners, on the other hand, should feel relieved that they may assist their dogs in growing more comfortable at home in various ways. Buying a dog bed, blanket, or CBD snacks may significantly impact the lives of these small pups.

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