Soothing Dog Beds for Senior Dogs: Providing Comfort and Support

Soothing Dog Beds for Senior Dogs: Providing Comfort and Support

Key Points

  • A calming bed relieves pressure on a dog's nerve endings.

  • Some senior dogs develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome, causing anxiety.

  • Most calming dog beds are machine-washable or at least have removable covers that are.

Growing old stinks! Gray hair and wrinkles appear, your skin begins to sag, and you suddenly have a double chin.

Dogs don't care about any of that. The things that affect them cause pain and anxiety, which is much more serious than a few gray hairs.

Soothing dog beds not only help canines with anxiety but also comfort those in pain.

Senior dogs often develop pain from bone disease. Anxiety may be a symptom of this pain or cognitive degeneration. A calming dog bed comforts senior dogs by addressing both issues.

Joint Support

Humans don't have a monopoly on joint pain. Senior dogs also feel the effects of aging in their old bones, making a joint support for dogs important.

Rottweilers, Bernese mountain dogs, Labradors, golden retrievers, German shepherds, and springer spaniels are some breeds prone to joint issues. Other dogs may also develop hip and joint issues as they age, so be alert for the signs.

An uncomfortable bed makes for a restless night's sleep. Soothing dog beds ease bone and joint pain. The Calming Cuddle Bed Plus contains memory foam to support dogs' joints comfortably and lessen their pain.

Melissa Smith, Michael Mendl, and Joanna C. Murrell were researchers at the Bristol Veterinary School, University of Bristol. A 2022 article published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science describes their study of associations between osteoarthritis and the duration and quality of night-time rest in dogs.

Senior dog on dog bed

Their research finds that "dogs with osteoarthritis may spend less time sleeping during the night than control dogs and may experience impaired sleep similar to that reported in human osteoarthritis patients, and with potentially negative implications for their welfare."

Quality of sleep is of utmost importance. Dogs with osteoarthritis suffer from joint pain, which prevents good sleep. A calming bed combats these conditions and offers joint support for dogs.

Pressure Relief

When your dog sleeps on a hard or flat surface, it puts pressure on their nerve endings and causes pain. The "egg carton" design of the calming dog bed's memory foam evenly distributes your dog's weight to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves.

The pressure relief dogs find with a calming bed promotes better sleep quality. It's difficult to sleep when you're in pain. If your older dog roams the hall at night, it could be because they have trouble sleeping.

The pressure relief from a calming bed also eases your dog's anxiety. A dog's bed is their retreat -- their "den" -- when they are uneasy or scared.

Senior dog on bed with back support

Improved Mobility

Mornings and evenings are the most difficult times for a senior dog with joint pain. Your dog moves around during the day and is worn out by nighttime. Their bones and joints need relief.

If your dog sleeps on an uncomfortable surface, they don't get much sleep. In the morning, they're stiff and achy. Getting up takes a lot of effort, and pain is a part of that effort.

A calming dog bed relieves their aching joints. It's amazing how a good night's rest makes moving around the house or yard so much easier.

When dogs move freely and react quickly, they are more confident and less anxious.

There's no cure or ability to reverse osteoarthritis, but an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure any day.

Weight management, joint supplements, and regular physical activity/conditioning may delay the onset of arthritic conditions.

Many dog owners report CBD and hemp seed oil improve their dog's mobility. Ask your vet for treatments that are right for your pet.

A dog's mobility improves when they feel less pain. They don't tire as easily on walks, climb stairs without as much effort, and may even be up for a game or two of fetch.

It's impossible to turn back time, but your dog feels younger with reduced pain and improved mobility with just a few preventive measures in place.

Old dog laying on mat

Temperature Regulation

If you have arthritis, you know how weather affects your pain level. Cold temperatures also increase pain and stiffness in your dog's joints.

In cold climates, temperature regulation is important to dogs like boxers, chihuahuas, and Great Danes. The design of the memory foam in some calming beds increases the dog's ability to breathe, which aids in temperature regulation.

Other calming beds use the dog's body heat to become self-warming. This feature is especially beneficial for short-haired breeds not bred for cold weather.

You may also put a warming pad under your dog's bed for cold nights or when they come in from a walk.

For extra warmth and security, give your dog a calming blanket. While its primary use is for bedtime, it's also convenient for car rides and other trips. It's a familiar comfort item that makes your dog more at ease when away from home.

They may also use the blanket in their bed to create a more den-like feel. They burrow under the blanket and nestle into their calming bed for a comforting atmosphere.

Sense of Security

A dog with anxiety is insecure. They may fear particular objects, noises, people, or other animals or have generalized anxiety. They don't understand why they are afraid -- and rationally explaining it to them isn't an option -- which adds to their uneasiness.

Senior dog sleeping

If your dog is over nine years old and suddenly develops anxiety, it may be due to a medical condition. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a common age-related disease affecting a dog's brain. CDS causes deterioration similar to Alzheimer's disease in humans. 

Dr. Aly Cohen is an extension veterinarian for Cornell University's Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center and a clinical instructor for Cornell’s Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program. In an article published by Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, Cohen says signs of CDS include anxiety, irritability, and aggression.

Other symptoms include disorientation, accidents, learning changes, and changes in interaction, activity level, and sleep patterns. Ask your vet to conduct a thorough physical exam to rule out other health conditions with similar symptoms.

CDS has no cure, but it is possible to reduce the symptoms. A senior dog with anxiety feels unsure and unsafe. A calming dog bed's raised edges support their body, make them feel protected, and provide a sense of security.

They feel held but not restricted.

Easy Access

A senior dog with hip or joint pain hurts when climbing stairs. Jumping up on the couch or your bed may also be a challenge.

Low-profile dog beds give them easy access. The raised edges of the bed support your dog's head and neck but are low enough for your dog to step over easily.

Senior dog sleeping in dog bed

Put your dog's calming bed, food, and water on the first-floor level. If your dog has arthritis pain, ensure they don't have to climb more stairs than necessary.

When a dog has bone and joint pain, they may tremble and slip on hard surfaces. Low-profile dog beds prevent dogs with unsure footing from slipping and falling. The dog easily accesses the faux fur-lined bed and sinks into the soft memory foam.

Easy Maintenance

Most calming dog beds are machine-washable. The large ones usually have removable covers for easy maintenance. This feature is essential for senior dogs with lower immune systems. You don't want them getting sick on top of their other issues.

Washability is a key feature if your senior dog occasionally has accidents.

Calming Dog's beds are eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced materials. Creating a hygienic sleeping environment puts you and your dog at ease.

Easy maintenance dog beds mean less hassle for you and more comfort for your dog.

Old dog asleep

Comfort and Support Your Senior Dog

Comforting senior dogs is not always easy. It's not possible to reverse the effects of CDS or dementia, but making them more comfortable is. Calming beds with memory foam support dogs' joints, relieve pain, provide a sense of security, and promote good sleep and overall health.

Creating a calm and hygienic sleeping environment when comforting senior dogs is crucial. You want to keep them around for as long as possible, so make them comfortable while they're part of your family.

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