Why Your Cavapoo Dog Experiences Stress and Anxiety

Cavapoo Dog

Cavapoo Dog

All creatures undergo distress at some point in their lives. One of the causes of unhappiness in our families is a stressed pet. Since dogs are noble companions, we ought to care for them because they won’t give us the warm affection we need when they are unhappy.

General Information About a Cavapoo Dog

The Cavapoo dog is one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs. It was bred in Australia in the 1990s. Moreover, it has a high demand due to its low fur-shedding rate, making it less likely to induce allergic reactions in its owners. This pup is a crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the Poodle. Its breeders sought to get an intelligent pet like the Poodle with the calm temperament of a spaniel.  

Additionally, Cavapoo is one of the stunning dogs that love being around people all the time. It is also loving and gentle to other pets and children. Therefore, you don't have to worry about leaving other pups with your Cavapoo dog. It's curious and outgoing characteristics are typical of its parents'.

Cavapoo dog is a small pet that grows approximately 9-14 inches tall and weighs around 24 pounds. Its long, fluffy, and curly fur is pleasant to touch. Additionally, the coat has mixed colors, including cream, gold, white, and beige hues; however, some Cavapoos have a solid brown color.

To top it all off, its chocolate and round eyes are warm and inviting. It also has a short snout with a black button-like nose at its tip. Cavapoo’s ears are long, extending slightly below the mandible and are floppy. The tufted fur around this pet’s mouth give it a small mustache, so cute!

Basic maintenance for this dog include paying attention to the pet’s long and thick fur around the ears. Inspect for parasites and debris regularly, and regularly clean and brush your Cavapoo. Also, give your dog medium-quantity high-calorie food regularly.

The Cavapoo dog is susceptible to weight gain and cardiac complications if it remains still. Therefore, your pet should have physical activity of about 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to maintain its health. If you take care of the Cavapoo dog properly, it will live up to 14 years.

You may be wondering what common health problems affect the Cavapoo dog breed. Inborn heart malformations, age-related retinal atrophy, and arthritis are among the leading health concerns for this pet.

Along with physical ailments, many people ask, “Do dogs suffer stress and anxiety?” Yes, dogs experience stress and anxiety. Like kids, dogs become anxious and depressed when they are isolated or left alone. Since pups are social creatures, they like being around their guardians or family members.

A study conducted by Finland’s Helsinki University to determine the prevalence of anxiety in dogs revealed that approximately 72.5% of dogs studied suffered anxiety. Understanding the causes of stress on your Cavapoo dog helps you find solutions to this problem.

What Are the Causes of Stress and Anxiety in a Cavapoo Dog?

Like humans, dogs have emotions. If you do not treat your Cavapoo dog well, it will develop stress, and its quality of life may deteriorate. There are various causes of stress and anxiety in your dog you should be aware of.

First, Cavapoo dog owners should know that the pup is noise phobic. One of the leading environmental causes of stress in dogs is loud sounds. Research shows a dog’s hearing is far more sensitive than ours. Thus, even sounds we may perceive as medium-volume may be loud to them. Moreover, according to the American Animal Hospital experiments, approximately 40% of dogs exposed to noise experience stress and anxiety, and lengthy exposure to high-frequency sounds damages the canines’ inner ear resulting in hearing loss. Playing loud noise in your house may stress your Cavapoo. Other sounds that the pet dislikes include sirens, thunderstorm roars, gunshots, and crying babies.

Sudden changes in your home environment also cause stress and anxiety in the Cavapoo dog. Relocating to a new home triggers stress in your dog. The climatic conditions might also be unbearable. Additionally, the introduction of a new pet or a family member may make your dog feel insecure. Other pups do not like road trips because the car looks different from a house, and car motion can cause anxiety. Even so, you should not worry much because after several days the pet will probably adapt to the altered home environment.

Another cause of anxiety and stress is isolation. Most dogs are naturally social; therefore, they need to be around others. When left alone or locked off in an isolated chamber, the pup experiences separation anxiety.

Another culprit of stress and anxiety is pet mistreatment. The Cavapoo dog is a gentle pet that loves being around kind people. Harsh treatment impacts the pet’s life negatively. Harshly handled pups develop aggressive behavior to protect themselves. Use gentle punishments to correct your Cavapoo’s behavior. Some of the treatments dogs find harsh include beating, cold baths, and starvation.

Finally, changes in your Cavapoo’s daily routine may stress it. Dogs are habitual creatures and do not fancy abrupt changes. Thus, an alteration in their daily activities makes them struggle to cope. Routines such as sleep, play, exercise, or eating should remain constant if possible to avoid unnecessary stress on the Cavapoo dog.

You may ask, “Can I tell when my Cavapoo dog is experiencing stress or anxiety?” Yes, owners know their pup is stressed by looking at some of the behavioral changes it exhibits. Here are some of the signs:

Hiding and Avoidance

Dogs are social animals. Therefore, if you notice your Cavapoo unusually distances itself from you, it may be feeling insecure. Moreover, when a puppy experiences an unpleasant situation, it will always have an escape habit. They also hide when feeling threatened.

Postural Changes and Body language

When a canine is anxious, they become rigid and tuck their tail. The pets retract their eyelids and lips and may also pin its ears on its head. When you look at their pupils, you’ll notice they dilate, and the dog blinks more frequently than a calm pet. Most dogs exhibit such features after a harsh punishment or if they feel you may hurt them. These behaviors could also appear when they encounter a new person and aren’t sure about their intentions.


Dogs pant during hot weather or after physical activity. Panting is one of the ways that helps them lose heat. However, if panting occurs without any exercise or during cold weather, the owner should suspect their pet is stressed.

Destructive Behavior and Aggression

If your Cavapoo develops unexplained hostility and destructive behavior, he likely has post-traumatic stress disorder. An average of 5-17% of dogs suffers from PTSD. The habit develops from the dog’s encounter. Furthermore, the behavior may stem from a perceived threat in the environment, and aggression is a self-defense mechanism. The damaging actions include chewing on your valuables and biting other pets or children.

Prolonged Sleep and Tiredness

Like humans, when dogs feel depressed, they feel lethargic and tend to sleep for unusually extensive periods. They may barely get out of their sleeping area and yawn more frequently. However, other health problems like kidney failure and heart diseases also manifest with the same signs.

Excessive Barking

The only way puppies communicate is through barking. However, excessive barking shows a perceived danger. Dogs bark when they are anxious. They may do so if another canine or a stranger intrudes on its territory. Other signs that accompany this behavior can include whining, erect ears, and pacing.

Physiological Changes

Generally, canines pee more frequently when they are marking their territory. The same behavior occurs when these animals are stressed or anxious. However, the latter comes with other accompaniments like excessive defecation, refusal to feed, and drooling. 

Cavapoo Dog

Ways of Solving Your Cavapoo Dog’s stress and Anxiety

It is crucial to have a trusted partner in helping your Cavapoo dog deal with distress. You get to be their partner and learn how to identify the cause of stress, so you can help offer the ultimate solution.

Once you have identified what causes your Cavapoo dog’s distress, another question pops out; “Are there ways to solve my dog’s stress and anxiety?” Yes, there are several modifications one can use to alleviate the Cavapoo dog breed problems.

First, there are calming products available at Calming Dog. This online shop is one of the top US-based sellers dealing with items that help your Cavapoo dog live a stress-free life. The shop is a group of dog lovers who came up with the idea of helping pups suffering from stress and anxiety to lead a better life.

Why should you choose this company? Calming Dog understands your pet and aims to provide the best quality calming products. Moreover, the items sold in the shop are US products, and customers can find them all over the US.

Additionally, you can pick from an assortment of these items according to your preference. Finally, the shop donates one dollar from each purchase that you make to a no-kill shelter found in the US.

Some of the products available for your dog include a calming fountain plus. It always ensures your dog remains refreshed and hydrated while you are away. The fountain filters the water, so your Cavapoo quenches his thirst with pure water.

Your dog also needs a calming cuddle blanket plus. When insecure, the Cavapoo dog breed requires refuge. This blanket provides the haven your dog requires to be calm.

Furthermore, calming cuddle bed is all your Cavapoo dog needs for comfort while you’re away. Do not allow your puppy to become lonely when you’re attending to job matters. The bed cuddles your pet on your behalf!

Calming zen chews soothe your dog when anxious or depressed. A survey showed that 3.6% of dogs taken to the vet had problems after ingesting an inedible product. Oral stimulation is scientifically known for reducing anxiety in puppies. However, the Cavapoo dog should chew on a digestible item to avoid trouble. Calming Zen chews are natural products that are safe for your dog’s consumption.

If you’re preparing to go on a road trip with your Cavapoo dog, you need to find a calming spray. This product gives your companion tranquility and makes you enjoy your ride because you do not have to worry about the puppy’s restlessness.

Pet owners ask, “Are there other ways of calming an anxious or stressed dog?” Yes, there are other alternatives you can use to ensure your dog is stress-free. One way of calming your dog is exercise. Dogs are passionate about exercise. So to keep your pup’s psychology healthy, make sure you schedule a daily workout.

Secondly, always avoid unnecessary Cavapoo dog isolations. Since the canines are naturally social, loneliness can stress them. If you are leaving the house for a couple of days, ensure you find a companion for the pet. Besides, spending time with your pet strengthens your bond. Dogs are affectionate, and they find pleasure being close to their owners and a center of attention. Alternatively, always travel with your dog whenever possible.

An easy way to diminish stress and anxiety is by avoiding harsh punishments. Cruelty towards your pet makes it aggressive and depressed. Behavior modification methods such as whipping a Cavapoo dog should never be used. In contrast, while stressed or anxious, the pet calms down when massaged. Pups are responsive to a gentle touch because they feel secure.

Always ensure your pup is in a calm environment. Since noise makes dogs anxious, it is crucial to keep music volumes at the lowest level. Soundproof houses also help shield bangs like thunder or trucks from reaching your Cavapoo dog.

Like youngsters, pups need play. Playing games with your dog distracts its mind and shifts its attention to the puzzle. Besides, play makes a dog active and burns some calories. Thus, it is essential for general health. You can also buy toys to keep your pet preoccupied while you’re away to prevent it from feeling lonely.

Planning your pup’s daily activities minimizes the chances of omitting some routine tasks. Ensure that you adjust your work schedule to suit your puppy’s, so you don’t miss some essential activities like exercise and bath.

Music therapy is also known to calm anxious or stressed dogs. Experimental research conducted by Professor Neil Evans revealed dogs have a preference like humans. He revealed that most canines love rock and reggae music, and it calms their nerves. Apart from soothing the pets, melodies also block external noise from reaching the pup.

Effects of Stress and Anxiety on Cavapoo Dog

Most people ask, “Does stress and anxiety affect my pet’s life?” Yes, stress and anxiety affect your pup’s life. If distress doesn’t get an immediate and correct intervention, its outcome becomes fatal. There are various ways depression decreases the quality of your Cavapoo’s life. Firstly, during a stressful event, the puppy’s body produces a hormone called cortisol. The hormone helps the body to survive a stressful situation. However, if the presence of the hormone persists, it suppresses immunity and makes it challenging to fight diseases. Nonetheless, a stressed dog has delayed healing compared to a healthy dog.

Secondly, when the Cavapoo dog breed is distressed, it may change its eating behavior by refusing to feed or chewing non-edible items for comfort. Since it doesn’t feed sufficiently, its body loses weight and weakens. In worst cases, the indigestible items cause intestinal blockage that may require a surgical intervention.

Sudden weight loss is also a consequence of stress and anxiety. When a Cavapoo dog is subjected to a stressor, its body responds by producing cortisol and adrenaline hormones. These are chemicals that increase your metabolic rate and decrease appetite. Eventually, a metabolic deficit sets in, leading to the loss of body fats and fluids. If the shortage is not compensated, the dog may end up in shock and die.

Moreover, stress and anxiety raise the dog’s blood pressure. The adrenaline hormone released during tense situations increases the heart’s pumping capacity. Prolonged high blood pressure damages the pet’s heart, and the blood vessels in your brain burst. Bleeding into the brain causes paralysis and eventual death.

Lastly, the adrenaline hormone released when your pup is anxious usually decreases the blood flow to the intestines. As a result, the dog may have diarrhea. If not managed well, the water in your Cavapoo’s body reduces, and the dog might die from dehydration.


Understanding your pet is key to the provision of a stress-free life. Moreover, curbing the stressor is the ultimate solution to your friend’s problems. After going through all the possible solutions to stress and anxiety in your Cavapoo dog, you’re now likely to offer the pup a comfortable stay.

Always remember to keep your Cavapoo dog happy because our pets are the source of our happiness, and they make us feel loved.

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